Film "Dogma": reviews prove that the viewer has long been tired of Hollywood clichés

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Film "Dogma": reviews prove that the viewer has long been tired of Hollywood clichés
Film "Dogma": reviews prove that the viewer has long been tired of Hollywood clichés

Video: Film "Dogma": reviews prove that the viewer has long been tired of Hollywood clichés

Video: Film "Dogma": reviews prove that the viewer has long been tired of Hollywood clichés
Video: Dogma 1999 2023, September

If you haven't seen the movie "Dogma", believe me - it's worth it! The ingenious creation of director Kevin Smith, which was released back in 1999, received mixed reviews from critics and a wide public outcry. Most viewers were delighted, but there were those whom the film offended to the core. But the main thing is that no one is indifferent, but isn't this the ultimate goal of the creators of any movie?

There are a lot of reviews about the film "Dogma". Let's find out the impressions of the audience and reveal the secret of the success of the sensational comedy.

How did it all start?

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith

Before the release of Dogma, director Kevin Smith was best known for his comedy-drama Chasing Amy. For this work, he received the Independent Spirit Award for Best Screenplay of 1998.

And "Dogma" was conceived much earlier, but the young director, who makes independent American films, simply did not have enough funds to implement the project until 1999.

Produced by View Askew Productions,founded by Smith himself and his friend Scott Monsier. At that time, the director was only 29 years old. The tape's budget was $10 million, and the box office in America alone exceeded $30.5 million.

This picture brought Kevin Smith worldwide fame and commercial success. And the first thing that the audience notice after watching the film "Dogma" in the reviews is how such a young director managed to realize such a grandiose plan?

Fantastic cast

Ben Affleck as Bartleby
Ben Affleck as Bartleby

In almost every review, people write that their favorite actors are the main reason that prompted them to watch this movie:

  1. Ben Affleck had already starred in "Armageddon" and "Shakespeare in Love", and here he perfectly played the role of the disgraced angel Bartleby.
  2. Matt Damon, along with Ben Affleck, played in the movie "Good Will Hunting", and in "Dogma" he starred as the second fallen angel - Loki.
  3. Salma Hayek has already made the whole world fall in love with her with a short but bright role in From Dusk Till Dawn. In the film "Dogma" she is a muse, and part-time and a stripper.
  4. Director himself Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) and Jason Mewes (Jay) are a very colorful pair of prophets.

Viewers also mention Alan Rickman and Jason Lee. And, of course, the star of "Dogma" was beloved by many Linda Fiorentino, who became famous after the painting "Men in Black". With such a cast, the film was doomed to success, but the plot was the reason for the attacks.

Brief aboutmain (no spoilers)

Judging by the reviews, the plot of the film is stunning and discouraging. No wonder: Kevin Smith turns literally everything on its head, which seriously undermines the authority of the Catholic Church and faith in general. But more on that later.

The main thing is that the director came up with a completely new idea. Neither before him nor after, no one dared to do this. Judge for yourself.

The disgraced angels Bartleby and Loki are cast down from heaven. But not to hell, that would be too mild a punishment for them, but to the state of Wisconsin, where they are forced to while away eternity, hanging around idle among mere mortals.

Bartleby and Loki. Shot from the film "Dogma"
Bartleby and Loki. Shot from the film "Dogma"

And they will remain there until the end of time, if not for the gross violation of church dogmas - the decision of the eccentric Cardinal Glick to forgive sins to everyone who on a certain day will pass through the arch of the church in New Jersey. But if the fallen angels manage to return to paradise, then God is not so omnipotent, and along with the loss of his infallibility, the entire universe will collapse.

The Catholic Bethany, the great-great-great-grandniece of Jesus Christ, who has lost her faith, should become the savior of mankind, as she learns from the archangel Metatron who appeared to her.

Sounds crazy, but judging by many reviews of the film "Dogma", religion here is just a background for revealing important human feelings, relationships, denouncing vices and prejudices. Unfortunately, not everyone noticed this, and the problems began even at the stage of filming the picture.

Machines of spiteful critics

Kevin Smith never kept his projects secretand became famous for active communication with fans.

Even before the release of Dogma in 1999, the director began receiving threatening letters. He was accused of blasphemy and anti-Catholicism, despite the fact that Kevin Smith himself is a Catholic. Then came the protests, and later attempts to disrupt the premiere of the film, organized by various religious groups.

But the wrong one was attacked. Kevin Smith is a man with a very specific sense of humor, so he himself took part in one of the boycotts, where he was seen in a crowd of protesters with a banner Dogma is Dogshit (we will not translate literally).

Despite everything, the film was successfully released, collected its millions, and by the end of 1999, video cassettes appeared in Russia, which were actively sold out and rewritten.

What people really liked

Frame from the film "Dogma". Apostle, muse, archangel
Frame from the film "Dogma". Apostle, muse, archangel

First of all, the audience is impressed by the new format of cinema, where the life of ordinary people and celestials is presented in a completely different, sometimes shocking light.

In the positive reviews about the film "Dogma", and they are the majority, people note:

  • amazing cast;
  • directing and acting;
  • unusual, original, amazing, absurd plot;
  • intrigue, dynamics and entertainment;
  • the eternal theme of the struggle between good and evil;
  • funny characters;
  • humor (including black), irony, sarcasm and dialogue;
  • soundtrack;
  • Russian translation;
  • final.

"There are no cons andit can't be" - this is the most frequent assessment of the film "Dogma" (1999). There are very few reviews with a negative connotation, but in fairness we will consider them.

What people absolutely didn't like

Jay and Silent Bob. Shot from the film "Dogma"
Jay and Silent Bob. Shot from the film "Dogma"

Even in positive reviews, viewers note that they would not recommend this movie to religious, deeply religious people, especially if they lack a sense of humor. Yes, the jokes here are nasty and often below the belt, although the plot is built on the theme of faith.

Of course, someone was disgusted, and the "vulgar, farcical comedy" is scolded for the following points:

  • profanity and obscene gestures;
  • this is a slap in the face for all believers;
  • too much black humor and vulgarity;
  • bloody scenes;
  • Golgofinian (Dermodemon) is clearly off topic;
  • Smoking promotion.

The only thing that enthusiastic and dissatisfied viewers agree on is that this movie is not for children. And they are absolutely right.

Be sure to watch the film "Dogma", and do not be too lazy to leave a review. Either you join the cult comedy fan camp, or you want to throw rotten tomatoes at them. There are no other options.