Georgy Deliev: biography, personal life, family, creativity, photo

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Georgy Deliev: biography, personal life, family, creativity, photo
Georgy Deliev: biography, personal life, family, creativity, photo

Video: Georgy Deliev: biography, personal life, family, creativity, photo

Video: Georgy Deliev: biography, personal life, family, creativity, photo
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The generation of the post-Soviet space grew up on the legendary comic show "Masks". And now the comic series is very popular. The TV project cannot be imagined without the talented comedian Georgy Deliev. The actor himself admits that he can no longer imagine his life without the Mask Show. Interest in the work of a humorist does not fade away. And all because Georgy Deliev is a very versatile person. His work is not limited to comic projects: he acts in films, works as a director, draws pictures and is well versed in music.

george deliev show
george deliev show


Georgy Deliev admits that as a child he dreamed of becoming a captain and sailing to different countries. We can say that his dream came true half. Georgy became the captain, but not of a ship, but of the popular comedian group "Masks", and as part of it he went on tour in numerous countries and cities.

The future artist was born on 1960-01-01 in Kherson. Deliev Victor (father of the artist) and Delieva Galina (mother) worked as teachers in a boarding school where juvenile delinquents were reeducated. The boy has a paternalGreek roots. By the way, his family called him Yura at home. The family had a brother Leo (younger). An interesting fact is that the boy's great-grandfather was a priest - Archbishop George of Dnepropetrovsk.

As a child, Deliev was actively involved in sports. Among his hobbies were basketball, rowing, volleyball, athletics. He also attended an art studio, thanks to which he was well versed in painting.


In 1977 Georgy Deliev successfully entered the Faculty of Architecture of the Engineering and Construction Institute of Odessa. At this time, he begins to get involved in clowning, pantomime, attends a theater studio. George was very interested in comic art, therefore, after graduating from the institute, in 1982 he began to implement the idea of opening his own theater studios. And he successfully managed to do it. For 2 years of work as an architect, Deliev managed to create pantomime theaters in Pyatigorsk and Chisinau. In 1984, the comedian began his career at the Litsedei Theater, headed by Vyacheslav Polunin. In the same year, George was accepted into the masks pantomime and clowning ensemble, where he later became a director, lyricist, and artistic director. After 2 years, in 1986, the actor entered the State Institute of Theater Arts (stage direction). And already in 1989 he had a diploma of successful completion in his hands.

"Masks" - comic show

In 1984, at the Odessa Philharmonic, a clowning ensemble known to viewers of the post-Soviet space was created, which included Georgy Deliev. "Masks" - that's how it was originally called.

Georgy Delievmasks
Georgy Delievmasks

Besides Deliev, the ensemble included B. Barsky, V. Komarov and N. Buzko. A year later, they were able to perform with their first number, which was called "Mana-Mana". The audience immediately fell in love with the humor of talented actors, the young team began to rapidly gain popularity. The ensemble numbers were based on the humor of silent film comedians - Ch. Chaplin, M. Marceau, B. Keaton. It was based on the traditions of the theater of silent scenes and absurdities. The director of many humorous numbers was G. Deliev. The peak of the comic group's popularity came in 1992. It was then that the RTR channel began to broadcast the Mask Show. By this time, the actors managed to put on new episodes. They all had the same theme - comical silent skits or gags. The actors were able to shoot about 70 episodes of their show. Many viewers were impatiently waiting for Deliev, the romantic poet Barsky and the "sexy nurse" Blendas to appear on the screens.

In 2005 there was a new leap in the work of "Mask". Georgy Deliev's show has acquired a new direction - musical. Zhoryk Deliev shone on stage as a soloist of the Master Class group. Since 2003, members of the Masks comedy group have been performing at the private theater House of Clowns, which is located in Odessa.

Music activities

Early productions of "Mask Show" were presented in the form of clips. Among them are "Odessa-mother", "Verses of Mephistotle". Deliev's musical activity continued in 2005, when the Master Class group appeared. The clip "I'm bad" began to be played on TV. Georgy got into the taste so much that in a short time he was able to release 3 musicalalbum. Moreover, he himself was the author of songs and the creator of music. The clip "I'm bad" became very popular.

georgy deliev clips
georgy deliev clips

After a while Alena Vinnitskaya and Georgy Deliev sang a duet. For a comic artist, this was a real success. The joint musical work was included in the nomination "Song of the Year 2006". A joint project has also become popular - a parody of the domestic stage, which was invented by Alexei Bolshoy and Georgy Deliev. The clips were appreciated by viewers. Especially memorable was the video "Evil Clowns".


The talented comedian tried himself as a film actor more than once. But active shooting began in 2000. The artist in 2004 starred as Ostap Bender in the German film "12 Chairs". The film was directed by Ulrike Oettinger. In addition to Deliev, all the actors of the "Mask Show" played in the film. In the same year, Kira Muratova's new film "The Adjuster" appeared on television. The picture had an interesting plot. Talented actors played in it. The protagonist of the film - Deliev - an intelligent student was the favorite of a rich lady of advanced years. While working for her as a piano tuner, the young man developed a scam, with the help of which he managed to appropriate all the money of an elderly woman. The film has won several awards. And George himself was awarded for the best male role in the Stozhary-2005 nomination. Later, Deliev began to try himself as a director. Very soon he managed to shoot a short film about the war. Later, his work "Odessa Foundling" was published.

georgy deliev movies
georgy deliev movies

Georgy played in many filmsDeliev. Films featuring the legendary comedian:

  • "Eternal Return" (2012);
  • "Melody for barrel organ" (2009);
  • "Bone setter" (2011);
  • "Cool Tale" (2008);
  • "Adjuster" (2004);
  • "Two at War" (2007);
  • "Seven Days with a Russian Beauty" (1991);
  • "Chekhov's motives" (2002);
  • "Svetka" (2017).


Georgy loves his job and gives himself completely to it. He does not like to use the services of stuntmen. He tries to fulfill all his roles himself, no matter how dangerous they may be. For his long creative activity, Deliev rolled over in a car, broke a bottle on his head, jumped from a height. And his efforts were noticed. In 2005, the actor was awarded the title of Academician of the International Trick Academy.


Georgy Deliev can talk about painting for a long time. Interest in paints and brushes manifested in the artist in childhood. And only having realized himself as an actor of the comic genre, he was able to expand his hobby. Despite the fact that George calls painting only a hobby, this occupation brings him income. Collectors are interested in his paintings. One of his works was sold for more than 2,000 euros.

Georgy Deliev now
Georgy Deliev now

As a rule, art connoisseurs are interested in the artist's still lifes. But other paintings are in demand. Deliev admits that there are works in his collection that he does not put up for sale. These are nude images. On one of themthe ex-wife of the comedian is depicted. But George prefers to decorate his house with paintings of other famous people. The actor often acquires the work of street artists. George loves to draw in different techniques. Uses oil, watercolor, ink, acrylic, pastel. From 2004 to 2010 Deliev was able to organize exhibitions where he presented his work to the public. Galleries "White Moon", "Gardens of Victory", "Arena" were chosen as the venue for their holding. The first two are in Odessa, and the last one is in Kyiv. In 2017, the artist presented his new works to the world. The exhibition was held in Kyiv and was dedicated to the 33rd anniversary of the artist's career.

Private life

Personal issues talented comedian tries not to discuss. He likes to give interviews in which he talks about his creative life. But still, some facts of his personal life are known. In 2015, information flashed in the media - Georgy Deliev became a father again. The photo of his young wife quickly spread through the pages of glossy magazines. It turned out that George's beloved is 25 years younger than him. Her name is Ekaterina.

Deliev's family
Deliev's family

The couple has been married since 2014. Deliev met the young beauty at work during the filming of the clip "Coincidence". In the photos, the couple are happy. But not everyone knows that George experienced great grief - he buried his first wife Larisa, with whom he had been married for 33 years. In the first relationship, the comedian had a daughter, Yana. And in the new ones - the son of Nikolai. George really hopes that Catherine will heal his spiritual wounds, and the longing for his first wife will go away. The artist is looking forward to a strong marriage withnew wife - in 2015 the couple got married.

What is the actor doing now?

Georgy Deliev now devotes more time to his family. Priorities changed after the birth of a son. As for creativity, the artist continues to tour with concerts as part of the Masks comic group. Continues directing, acting in films. But in recent years, the actor has immersed himself in painting. Even going on tour, he takes brushes and paints with him. Several remarkable paintings were created by him in China between concerts. In Odessa, the artist has a large workshop where he creates. The whole third floor of the house, which Deliev personally built, is allotted for the workshop. The actor acted as the architect of his own cottage. In a few years, he turned a deserted area into a cozy nest, where there is a garden, a lake with reeds and a small vegetable garden.

Deliev Georgy
Deliev Georgy

The actor is not indifferent to the political life of his country. He always openly expresses his own opinion about current political events. Often his point of view does not coincide with the regime chosen by the government. Years earlier, Deliev wrote the song "Native Ukraine", in which he ridiculed the policy of Ukrainization of the people, carried out mostly by violent methods.

Awarded titles

He is so versatile - Georgy Deliev:

  • Honored Artist of Ukraine.
  • Member of the Ukrainian Unions of Cinematographers and Theater Workers.
  • In 2002 he was a member of the City Council in Odessa.
  • Academician of the international academy of tricks.
  • Head of the legendary mask show theater.

An interesting fact is that Deliev served as sexton in the church. The actor even received a church award for spiritual activity.