How to entertain yourself and friends

How to entertain yourself and friends
How to entertain yourself and friends

Video: How to entertain yourself and friends

Video: How to entertain yourself and friends
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In moments of sadness and sadness, or simply out of boredom, many simply do not know how to entertain themselves. In this age of information technology, most likely, you will want to "untie" at the computer. And for good reason - there are many ways to get rid of boredom.

  1. Write a letter to the near future (and if you want, to the next century, to your descendants). After a while, it will be interesting to read it.
  2. Compose a song and choose music for it. Develop your talents!
  3. You can remember your youth, so to speak, and "hack" into the prefix - "Sega", "Dandy" or "Sonka". It is not very difficult to connect them to new TVs, only adapters are needed. And many Sony Play Stations already have a USB output.
  4. How to entertain yourself? Learn to speak to the "public", and be the listener yourself. Turn on your camera and talk like you're a celebrity or share an experience. Believe me, you can learn something new. Speaking, a person sees this or that situation more objectively.
  5. It may not be exactly fun, but you will be satisfied in the end, that's for sure! Get some sleep, it's usually not enough!
  6. The network is fullvarious panoramas, and the “journey” through them is very exciting! You can consider the Milky Way, Earth, Mars and other planets. And you can also "wander" around Moscow, St. Petersburg and cities of other countries. It's a mesmerizing sight!

And so it is clear that you can find a lot of entertainment at the computer. Even taking into account such familiar pleasures as movies, TV series, toys, radio, etc. But how to get rid of boredom in a circle of friends? What to do when the pause is prolonged? How to entertain yourself and guests?

  1. Various games. Eternal and beloved by everyone: “Crocodile” (consists in the fact that the participant must show the hidden word, and the rest of the players must guess it), “Stickers” (each player writes a well-known name to the neighbor on the sticker, after which the participants stick them on their foreheads, the essence is to understand who you are) and "Mafia" (a card game that needs no introduction).
  2. If you are close friends, you can dream up and come up with your own slang. What nonsense you can come up with all together will surprise you and, of course, amuse you!
  3. How to entertain yourself and guests? Throw a party. Themed holidays are very popular now. And preparing for them is a pleasure: you need to think through everything, create an entourage, change clothes according to the theme.
  4. how to entertain yourself
    how to entertain yourself
  5. If the weather is nice outside, you can go for a walk. This is great outdoor fun. You can watch people, nature (and it is so beautiful, you just have to look closely!), Sunset or sunrise.
  6. Sports games. Great entertainmentfor clear weather. Volleyball, table tennis… Have a competition!
  7. how to entertain yourself
    how to entertain yourself
  8. How to entertain yourself and friends? Go on a picnic. Take a twister, badminton with you and have a good rest! Of course, do not forget about food. Just the thought of a barbecue can make you want to go out into nature!
  9. how to entertain yourself
    how to entertain yourself
  10. Arrange a photo session. Here, too, you can come up with a specific theme. Fun guaranteed!

Now you have become more enlightened in the question of how to entertain yourself and you will definitely not make yourself, your friends and loved ones bored!