The best quality of films: description, types of extensions

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The best quality of films: description, types of extensions
The best quality of films: description, types of extensions

Video: The best quality of films: description, types of extensions

Video: The best quality of films: description, types of extensions
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Finding the best quality movies at the moment is not easy. Although if we compare the state of affairs with 2000, the situation is much more favorable. Everyone loves to watch a movie, so the question is especially acute not only where to download a work of art, but also in what format to do it. After all, the best quality is presented only in cinemas, and films reach ordinary users only after a few months. Nevertheless, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the work, and how exactly, this is already a personal decision. But let's not delve into the discussion and immediately proceed to the main topic of our conversation. First, consider the importance of quality in cinema.

Is quality important in movies?

In this case, we are not talking about the skill of the director and cameraman, but about the format of the picture, which is able to convey sensations and focus on details. Agree, watching a film that has defects or has too little color reproduction is not as pleasant as admiring full quality. Yes, there are a lot of facts about what to get the original formatdifficult, sometimes you have to wait a long time, etc. But all this is just speculation, and it all depends on your personal desire. It is not so easy to get the best quality of films, we agree with this statement, but this is not important for every film enthusiast. One only needs a story, others love to enjoy the picture, in any case, you can please everyone. And we will begin the analysis of formats with the most accessible option.

Quality plays an important role in the film
Quality plays an important role in the film

Most affordable format

Those who are actively interested in cinema will immediately be able to answer about the best quality. But there are also those who don’t follow the industry much, so we have prepared a list of formats that are available for download and viewing almost on the day of the premiere:

  1. CAMRip is a favorite option for moviegoers, providing guaranteed viewing of the film on the day of release. All over the world there are people who are able to deftly film premieres in cinemas with hidden cameras. The quality leaves much to be desired, but the work of art quickly falls into the public domain, making it possible to view. Just don't expect good sound and picture. This is the lowest quality option available to users.
  2. PROPER - now you can often find this prefix in front of a movie. You should not relax, because it practically does not differ from CAMRip, except that there is a slight processing of the picture and sound, but, to be honest, this does not help. Therefore, the format can be safely sent to the treasury of low-grade options.
  3. TS - everything we have listedabove refers exclusively to world premieres in cinemas. And what about the serials? After all, they are not shown in such places, and they are distributed exclusively through special services. In this case, the most common format is TeleSync. It's slightly better than CAMRip and more of a TV quality.
  4. TC - There is another option called Telecine that is ready to give you a good picture and sound. True, sometimes it is difficult to find it, since rarely anyone is engaged in complete copying of the original tape of films.
Poor quality can spoil the experience
Poor quality can spoil the experience

As you can see, the best quality in cinema has a lot of fallacies in the form of availability and early release. It's hard to find a great version of a movie right after it's been released in theaters, unless it's in a very truncated form. But don't worry, there is a better solution that requires a short wait.

Common format

Now consider the most popular option for viewing works of art. This direction includes the following:

  1. DVD5 is the easiest option for watching medium quality movies.
  2. DVD9 is a better way to have fun. True, for a slightly improved picture, you will have to download twice as many GB.
  3. DVDRip - high-quality processing of the previous version, which slightly reduces the pleasantness of the picture, but greatly reduces the volume.
  4. SATRip - the best quality of thislist, however, which only applies to series and other content not available in theaters.
DVD is the most common format
DVD is the most common format

The specified list of formats appears a few weeks after the premiere. Processing, burning from discs and other activities require much more time. But the quality becomes more pleasant and acceptable for viewing. Therefore, if you see such marks next to the content, know that you can safely download it.

High quality format

And now let's take a look at the most pleasant topic related to the priority option for watching movies. The following is a list of the best quality formats in the world that are only available to users:

  1. HDTVRip is a universal recording option using digital services. As a rule, the picture is transmitted without compression, and as a result, users can get a high-quality movie to watch.
  2. HDDVDRip is a more advanced recording format that uses the original audio track. As a result, the user gets a high-quality picture and good sound.
  3. BDRip is the best option currently available. None of the listed options can compete with Blu-Ray yet. The fact is that this format is original and is not inferior in quality to films from cinemas. The only unpleasant moment is the incredibly large volume, which can sometimes reach 100 GB.
  4. Better to watch movies in maximum quality
    Better to watch movies in maximum quality

It remains only to determine your personal needs and start actively looking for the format that will definitely please you. I would like to note that regardless of whether you are waiting for "Samsam" in good quality or any other film, in order to get BDRip, you will have to wait several months after the movie's premiere.

Don't forget the voice acting

An important point is the sound. If the picture is pleasing to the eye, then bad voice acting can ruin everything. Therefore, when you decide which movie to download, be sure to pay attention to the audio item, which can be as follows:

  1. Dubbed is the best option available, assuming voice acting by professional actors.
  2. One voice - one person speaks for all.
  3. Voice-over - dubbed over the original foreign language version.
Voice acting is also an important element
Voice acting is also an important element

Try to choose the best option to get the most out of the movie. True, you should understand that not all films are accompanied by professional dubbing, so sometimes you have to be content with what you have.

Going to the movies

In conclusion, I would like to say that, despite all the high quality of available films, no format will succeed in interrupting the atmosphere and pleasure of going to the cinema. If you have the opportunity, be sure to visit the cinemas and you will get the most out of watching. It's great if you have IMAX in your city - the best that cinema can provide. True, we do not recommendto go to horror films, despite all the interest, the audience of viewers is not yet ready to adequately perceive such a genre and can sometimes spoil the impression.

Now you have useful information regarding the available formats for watching movies. You also received some interesting and important recommendations. Cinema has become a heritage of culture and is a great occasion to relax, so we recommend that you watch films and just have fun.