Rhyme to the name Alexander, Sasha, Shurik: we select, we are not shy

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Rhyme to the name Alexander, Sasha, Shurik: we select, we are not shy
Rhyme to the name Alexander, Sasha, Shurik: we select, we are not shy

Video: Rhyme to the name Alexander, Sasha, Shurik: we select, we are not shy

Video: Rhyme to the name Alexander, Sasha, Shurik: we select, we are not shy
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What can you think of for the name Alexander? Sasha is much easier. All sorts of "ours - yours - porridge - curdled milk" will always come to the rescue. And finding a rhyme for the name Alexander is quite difficult. Moreover, there are not so many of these rhymes. I remember a song about Alexandra and the city, whose fate it will become. We will not sing songs, but we will try to find a suitable rhyme.

Muse flew away
Muse flew away

Who is Alexander?

Before we start choosing a rhyme for the name Alexander, let's talk a little about this name. When you read the headline, you involuntarily think: who could Alexander be? An ordinary boy, of which there are many. If we consider the great Alexanders, then Nevsky and Macedonian come to mind.

Meanwhile, this is a very strong name. Translated from Greek as "protector". Alexander is the first defender of his friends, he is zealous about not offending the defenseless. It may well enter into a fight with the offenders of the weak. somehow scarybecomes from such a characteristic. Try to find a rhyme for this and tell him about it. Will beat more, what good.

Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great

No need to be afraid. Sasha usually has a good sense of humor. Friend Sasha would rather laugh at a fellow poet than get into a fight. Moreover, he himself will try to find a rhyme for the name Alexander. It's more fun to rhyme together.

Starting to invent

First, let's break our heads over how to "rhyme" Alexander. For picking up a rhyme for a shortened name - Sasha - is much easier. Let's start with a quatrain, as always.

Alexander, Alexander, I'll put a spacesuit on you.

Ladies have more food: sweets, biscuits.

And send me into space for the whole summer.

Of course, Alexander is unlikely to need sweets and biscuits in space. But the holidays will turn out to be good, and parents will have some kind of rest, but rest.

Go to Sasha

Sasha: The rhyme best suited for this name is quite simple. Let's experiment a bit and play with words.

Who is the goalkeeper in our team?

Today - Vova, tomorrow - Sasha.

How good our Sasha is!

There is no better guy in the world.

Let's go for a walk, Sasha?

My mother won't let me in.

Congratulations on your son, Dasha!

Name little Sasha.

Help me with my bag, Sasha!

The load is very heavy.

Hello, my dear Sasha!

How do you live without us? Same?

What kind of guy is this Sasha!

Scattered all the blotters!

Went for bread Sasha, He came back with the Grillage.

Don't touch the white bucket, Sasha!

Pork slop is poured into it.

Neighbour's son Sasha

He's still adorable.

Sit a little, Sasha.

I'll iron the laundry now.

At Sasha's school

Make concessions.

- Have you seen Sasha?

- He followed Masha.

Oh, and this Sasha is strange.

Why? He loves porridge.

These are the rhymes for the name Alexander, or rather Sasha, we picked up. Now let's move on to the female version of the name.

Alexandra: a little about the character

What is the girl with this wonderful name? Very purposeful since childhood. She has a good memory, she can quickly and clearly structure the material. Therefore, she studies quite well at school, although she is lazy.

Alexandra - protector
Alexandra - protector

In communication with peers, he does not give preference to one person. Friends with everyone. Real friends stay with the years. The rest are simply eliminated. A very strong personality. Able to pin an objectionable person to the wall with a glance.

And how to rhyme like that? Only choose beautiful rhymes for the name Alexander.

Rhyming Alexandra

Really beautiful rhyme comes to mind alone. And just below we present it to the readers.

You are a queen, Alexandra!

You deserve a diamond.

And now let's pick up funny rhymes for the name Alexander.

To our toilet, dear Alexandra, You can't enter without a suit.

- What happened, Alexandra?

- I ate coriander.

Our Alexandra fooled us

Police Lieutenant.

What are those screams? Alexandra

Caught a cultist just now.

What kind of horror is this? Answer Alexandra.

You don't understand. It's a salamander.

Alexandra left

No sofa and sideboard.

Excellent cynologist - Alexandra.

She trained as a helper.

As we can see, the rhyme for the name Alexander is similar to the rhyme for Alexandra. And now we will select a rhyme for the name Sasha.

This is our Sasha

What would you write about Sasha that is not offensive to girls with this name? Let's try to find simple and funny rhymes.

Beauty Sasha

I sat all covered in porridge.

Where did Sasha go?

Gone for a walk with dad.

Sasha went to the movies

With my friend Natasha.

Excellent student Sasha

Got to Chuvashia.

Sasha achieved yesterday

For brother arbitration.

I am your Sasha

So I will help.

Here are some short couplets about the girl Sasha we got. And how is Sasha-boyare you doing? Waiting for us to pick up offensive rhymes for the name Alexander.

Beauty Sasha
Beauty Sasha

Alexander - coriander

What can be offensive about Alexander? Let's make some quatrains with this name.

Alexander had a good walk yesterday, Don't approach him without a gas mask.

And he himself, like a gloomy ichthyander, Cuddle with the toilet all day.

- Do you hear me, Alexander?

Get your suit on soon.

We will fly into space now.

Let's see the world from there.

- Calm down already, Vanya.

Sit silently on the couch.

Little Sasha

Drank curdled milk.

The glass dropped and broke, I received a lot from my mother.

I love you to shiver.

Even though you didn't make a face.

Beloved Sasha anyway

The best. You are the most beautiful of all.

And we will dedicate quite a few lines to Shurik. A big request to Sasha - do not be offended.

What's the matter with you, Shurik?

Pale as a blind man's blind man

Student of the Faculty of Engineering Shurik

Seems so stupid.

He's actually smart.

Only eats like an elephant.

Oh, Shura-Shura, I'm such a fool.

Fell in love with you

That's the trouble.

Writing is great
Writing is great


The main purpose of the article is to help the reader find a rhyme for the names Alexander and Sasha. Not only for men, but also forfemale. What came out of our rhyming is for the readers to judge.

Besides the main task, funny rhymes were chosen for the name Shurik. We hope that men and women named Sasha will not be offended.