Management of Channel One: photos and interesting facts

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Management of Channel One: photos and interesting facts
Management of Channel One: photos and interesting facts

Video: Management of Channel One: photos and interesting facts

Video: Management of Channel One: photos and interesting facts
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The main television channel in Russia has been pleasing its work to a multi-million audience of viewers for many years now. During its existence, the First has undergone various changes and transformed in accordance with the trends in the development of society.

The leadership of Channel One has always done everything possible to ensure that the ratings of programs do not stop growing. Today, the First is headed by a reliable team of professionals working in the name of art and in the interests of the viewer.

first channel guide
first channel guide

From the times of ORT to the present day

The main channel of the country began its work more than twenty years ago. In the distant and difficult nineties, when the confusion and devastation in the country fell heavily on the shoulders of the Russians, the so-called Public Russian Television appeared. TV shows on the topic of the day, news programs, the first independent entertainment projects - that's what people could see on their TV screens throughout the post-Soviet space.

Working in those days was not easy: tight control by the state had ceased, but whatsomething new and interesting could and should have been offered to the viewer, was not yet fully understood. Enthusiast leaders and presenters started everything from scratch.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the channel was rebranded, a new name came: "First". Over time, the work has stabilized and reached a qualitatively new level. The ratings of the programs grew, new presenters appeared, with a new creative approach to broadcasting. The management of Channel One actively attracted new personnel and encouraged masters of their craft.

Several years ago there were changes in the technical characteristics of broadcasting. This made it possible to comply with all modern international standards.

Today, the main TV channel of the country has formed the backbone of professional managers, presenters, journalists and correspondents, cameramen, directors and other specialists. Sometimes making unthinkable rearrangements and introducing non-standard solutions, the management of the First Channel of Television never ceases to amaze the audience.

first channel guide
first channel guide


During the existence of the television team, the management structure has undergone changes. What famous people have come to Channel One for the entire period! Leadership today is represented by the following people:

  • Ernst Konstantin Lvovich. The main thought leader, a professional with a capital letter, holds the post of CEO.
  • Volnov Oleg Viktorovich. An experienced manager who has gone from newspaper editor to deputy director of public relationspolitical broadcasting.
  • Molchanov Denis. He was the image maker of the first president of independent Russia (B. Yeltsin), worked in politics, held a position in the field of culture, and is now Konstantin Ernst's deputy for interaction with government bodies.
  • Faiman Alexander. Having received a theater education, he worked as a director on TV, very successfully tried his hand at producing, and now holds the position of first deputy head of the country's main channel.
  • Kleymenov Kirill Alekseevich. Journalist with extensive work experience, including abroad. He acted as a presenter on radio and television, was a correspondent for one of the leading printed publications. At the moment, the peak of his career is the position of head of the directorate of information programs, as well as deputy chief director.
  • Andrei Pisarev - serves as chairman of the directorate of journalistic and social projects and is part of the leadership structure of Channel One.
  • Aksyuta Yuri. A cultural figure who has gone from a DJ and presenter to the main producer of entertainment and music programs. He was awarded the II degree medal "For Merit to the Fatherland".
  • Prokhorova Irina. Outstanding national cultural figure, Ernst's deputy in matters of strategic projects and corporate governance.
  • Efimov Alexey. A journalist who received his education at Moscow State University in the 70s. He worked on television since the late 80s, during which time he was a correspondent, editor-in-chief, presenter. Today he is one of the "pillars" on which the channel rests, the generaldirector of the international broadcasting subsidiary - Channel One: World Wide Web.
leadership of the first television channel
leadership of the first television channel

Shocking rearrangements on Pervyy

Management of the First channel for the last period has made a number of permutations that amazed and even upset some viewers. Decisions to stop the airing of old TV programs and the appearance of new TV programs were sometimes very controversial.

So, the "Wait for me" program, which has reunited thousands of people scattered around the world over the years of its existence, will no longer grace Channel One. The change of leadership is what influenced this event: the newly arrived managers did not find a replacement for the TV presenter who left the project. This move greatly upset the audience, who loved the kind and sentimental show so much.

It seemed that everything would be fine: the audience still understands that nothing in this world lasts forever. But this is not the only project that closed Channel One. The new management made another decision: to stop the release of the sensational show "Alone with Everyone" with the provocative presenter Yulia Menshova. The program has existed for more than four years, during which time Menshova interviewed many Russian pop stars. Sharp questions, playing on the most delicate strings of the soul - the style of the show was fundamentally different from most of the channel's programs and fell in love with millions of people in the country. Why the project was closed remains largely a mystery.

Another high-profile event was the transition of one of the main presenters to another channel. Andrey Malakhov, host of sever althe talk show, which had worked on the First for many years, decided to leave. There have been changes in the programs run by the journalist.

first channel new management
first channel new management

The sensational scandal of Channel One

In addition to the closure of some projects for so-called technical reasons and circumstances, the country was discouraged by a number of scandals that were associated with the brainchild of Ernst.

So, the program “So far, everyone is at home”, which has been on the air on weekends for 25 years (think about these numbers!) has ceased to exist. Different versions of the closing of the program were put forward, but an indisputable fact that attracted everyone's attention was a quarrel: the leadership of the First Channel of Television did not find a common language with the permanent host. In addition, it became generally known that Kizyakov (the author and presenter) was suspected of obtaining commercial benefits from speculating on the topic of orphans, which was touched upon in the program. Be that as it may, the show continued to exist on another channel, after the loud departure of the presenter and his team.

first channel leadership change
first channel leadership change

The situation escalates with a new TV show

It would seem that there have already been enough intrigues and controversial decisions affecting the First Channel. The management, however, decided otherwise, launching a new project called "Baby Riot" and calling the infamous Olga Buzova as one of the hosts.

Not so much the show itself, but the choice of the main character caused such a wide resonance, because the attitude towards the girl in society is ambiguous. On the one hand, having more than 11million subscribers, Buzova is very popular. On the other hand (rather, for subjective reasons), she is being persecuted by both haters among the audience and among colleagues. Demands were repeatedly put forward to close the program or change the host. How the issue will be resolved, only time will tell.

New interesting projects

As folk wisdom says, "a holy place is never empty." The closed projects were replaced by new ones, the departed presenters were replaced by fresh personnel.

The channel launched a new show called "Kings of Plywood". The host of the program - a young famous actor, a favorite of girls, who played the main role in the TV series "Major" and a number of other sensational masterpieces - definitely brought the First ratings with his very appearance. We are talking about Pavel Priluchny.

Another new project - the brainchild of the presenter Dmitry Shepelev - brings liars to clean water through the use of a polygraph. And the show is called "Actually".

An alternative to closed programs was Elena Letuchaya's TV show called "Flying Squad". In the project, the presenter encourages and tries to teach ordinary Russians to defend their rights, no matter what.

Whether viewers are always satisfied with the decisions of the leadership of the First is a rhetorical question. But the fact that the channel managed to survive in the competition, stay afloat, maintain ratings and continues to stir up interest in itself is an indisputable fact.