Actor Gennady Vengerov: biography, photos and interesting facts

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Actor Gennady Vengerov: biography, photos and interesting facts
Actor Gennady Vengerov: biography, photos and interesting facts

Video: Actor Gennady Vengerov: biography, photos and interesting facts

Video: Actor Gennady Vengerov: biography, photos and interesting facts
Video: В гостях у BigBilet TV актер театра и кино Геннадий Венгеров 2023, October

Goodbye my friend, goodbye. My dear, you are in my chest. The intended parting promises a meeting ahead,”the famous Russian poet Sergei Yesenin said goodbye to his readers. But I would like to quote these lines, remembering the famous Russian actor Gennady Vengerov. This man knew how to decorate the stage and leave it beautifully.

About life and work

The biography of actor Gennady Vengerov begins in Belarus on August 27, 1959.

Although he received a diploma from an architectural college, this did not prevent the future artist from doing his favorite thing. After graduation, he plays roles in the People's Theater of the House of Culture. In 1980 he worked at the Belarusian Drama Theatre.

Gennady Vengerov
Gennady Vengerov

After that, Gennady Vengerov leaves for the army. After serving his term, he goes to Moscow to the studio-school at the Moscow Art Theater to get an education as an actor.

In his fourth year, the artist created his own theater "Sovremennik-2" together with Mikhail Efremov. The co-author will become Gennady's best friend for the rest of his life.

After this period, the career begins to develop especially successfully: he worked inMayakovsky Theater, moved to Germany, was an announcer on the Deutsche Welle, worked at the Düsseldorf Theater.

Since 2004, he has been acting in Russian cinema, voicing various films, as well as advertising. Vengerov had already become a famous artist at that time, who was invited to shoot not only in Russia or Germany, but also in other countries.

Films with Gennady Vengerov were very popular, for example, "Fighter" or "Hour of Volkov". He has more than 120 films from different countries in his arsenal, including roles in Hollywood.

Gennady Vengerov biography
Gennady Vengerov biography

The actor died in 2015 in a German hospital from cancer.

Man of action

"Man of action" - that's what friends called the actor. He used to make spontaneous decisions, do unreasonable things and charge others with positive.

Gennady Vengerov always knew where he was going. He was a very courageous man who never complained. According to Svetlana Rumyantseva, until the end of his life he did not grumble at fate and fought the disease with all his might.

By the end of his life, the artist knew six languages, which were given to him with ease. Having left for Germany, Gennady was able to perfectly master the state language of this country in six months. As his wife notes, this man always completed the task assigned to him.

Gennady Vengerov photo
Gennady Vengerov photo

Despite his purposefulness and determination, Gennady Vengerov remained a boy. He liked to buzz with friends, he was very positive and cheerful, he liked to hooligan. He just enjoyedlife, every day. This attitude to life was not affected by the approach of death. The actor himself stated when he could no longer walk, spoke poorly and felt the approaching end: “I fall asleep thanks to the medicines, instantly, without thinking about anything. And the next day I open my eyes and rejoice in the sun, the sky, a new day, hoping that it is not the last and penultimate.”

He was an incredibly strong-willed man who lived proudly and accepted death. The roles of the actor Gennady Vengerov will appear on the screens for a long time…

The Four Musketeers

The list of closest people always includes friends. For the artist, this was no exception. Significant people in his life were: Mikhail Gorevoy, Sergei Shekhovtsov and Mikhail Efremov. All artists, all known since their student days, communicated until the end of their lives.

Mikhail Gorevoy said after the death of a friend that he did not believe Gennady's diagnosis at first. He took the news calmly, but was in a state of shock for a long time. I thought that they would treat my comrade, hold him in the hospital for a while, and then let him go home. Everything turned out to be much more tragic.

Gennady Vengerov movies
Gennady Vengerov movies

During the last conversation with Shekhovtsov, the artist almost could not speak, cancer seized the lungs.

During treatment, friends visited Gennady Vengerov. All three of us got together and came to visit him from Russia.

Sudden move

But how did the actor's family end up in Düsseldorf? It was another spontaneous act of a creative person. They went to Israel to shoot, the path ran through Germany. But on arriv althe actor decided to stay there, began working on the radio, bought a house and settled.

The most interesting thing is that at that moment his wife, daughter and a suitcase with things were next to him. There was nothing else.

It all started with the ankle

Ankle fracture revealed cancer. It was a shock to everyone. When rumors spread on social networks, many simply did not believe and considered it just PR. But the disease developed rapidly, it soon became known that the great actor was really dying.

The tumor did not respond to treatment. There are two assumptions. Either the doctors discovered the disease too late, or the inflammation had an aggressive stage. All attempts by doctors helped only slightly slow down the process of cancer development, but there was no hope of salvation.

In recent weeks, the actor was looking forward to the arrival of Boris Korchevnikov, but a couple of days before the plane called him and said: “Give the tickets, I won’t live to see the weekend.”

April 22, 2015 Gennady Vengerov's biography ends.

Live commemoration

"Live commemoration" - this is how the artist called the last meeting of best friends.

According to the memoirs of Gorevoy, Shekhovtsov and Efremov, their comrade was quite cheerful. He met them at the airport and began giving orders. This meeting was no different from the rest, the actors drank, recalled the past, joked, hooligans. Friends tried their best to cheer up Vengerov.

Gennady Vengerov filmography
Gennady Vengerov filmography

“We started with rum, then we drank vodka…”, the artist recalled in his last interview. Perall the time he never once showed his condition, even tried not to attach importance to the fact that he was sitting in a wheelchair. Although it was a farewell meeting, the patient did everything so that his friends would not feel it.

The comrades took Vengerov to the procedures, said goodbye to him and were sure that they would definitely meet more than once.

It was one of the best memories of the actor during his illness. It was very important to realize that there are close people who will remember you the way you really were.

Farewell to the audience

A couple of days after the visit of the guests, the Internet and television explodes the latest news, photos of Gennady Vengerov fill the front pages. He is filmed in an interview where he talks about imminent death. The artist understands that he will not live to see the summer, he wants to say goodbye to his audience.

Actor Gennady Vengerov biography
Actor Gennady Vengerov biography

His message startled everyone. A couple of days ago they were drinking rum, and now they hear that the death of a loved one is nearing.

However, even in his statement, Gennady retains pride, he does not complain, does not lament. This person accepts death with dignity and asks others to accept this event calmly.

Shooting in Moscow

The actor refuses to shoot in Moscow, but is tormented by remorse that he is letting a huge number of people down. After some time, the actor calls the director and says that he is ready to come and continue filming if he is provided with a stroller, a car with a large trunk and all the conditions for the flight. The director agrees and the patient goes toMoscow for shooting.

Even dying from cancer, the artist thinks about work. This is true professionalism. And in the filmography of Gennady Vengerov, a new line appears.

Sheath of Fear

No matter how strong this man was, he also had a tendency to be afraid. People he spoke to before he died said they saw this fear of the last day.

Actor Genadiy Vengerov roles
Actor Genadiy Vengerov roles

He thought and talked a lot about what awaits after death, but did not dare to share it with he althy people. Gennady loved people and understood what such conversations would mean for someone close.

However, he hid his fear very deep inside, trying not to show it. Despite the illness, the actor continued to enjoy life. This is a great example of strength of character that inspires people in the same situation.

Fear is normal, but not everyone can overcome it.

In conclusion, I would like to note that he was not just a good actor, but also an outstanding personality who fought to the last for the right to life. He was a positive, very delicate, courageous person who will remain in the hearts of the whole country.