Howard Phillips Lovecraft: quotes from works, short biography

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Howard Phillips Lovecraft: quotes from works, short biography
Howard Phillips Lovecraft: quotes from works, short biography

Video: Howard Phillips Lovecraft: quotes from works, short biography

Video: Howard Phillips Lovecraft: quotes from works, short biography
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Any literary genre has its own founders. Turning to the genre of literary horror, one of the forefathers of horror in literature, without a doubt, can safely be called Howard Phillips Lovecraft. It was he who created the monstrous monster Cthulhu, which a couple of years ago was especially popular in the Internet space. Quotes from Lovecraft's books are still well known, especially among fans of the genre.

The writer's books are filled with a heavy nightmare. The situation in his stories is always oppressive, and the characters, as a rule, end sadly. But that makes Lovecraft's accurate and vivid quotes sound brighter against the backdrop of a gloomy setting.

Short biography

Young Howard Lovecraft
Young Howard Lovecraft

In many ways, his works were influenced by his own life. The author was born in 1890 in the notorious town of Providence, which is located in the state of Rhode Island, USA. His birth was on August 20th. New England served as the setting for his future writings. Born into the simplest family, Howard early began to show signs of a special mind: the boy grew upa child prodigy, although rather unsociable, unsociable and strange. Lovecraft began reciting poetry by heart at just two years old, and began writing his first stories at the age of six. Unfortunately, such old works of the author have not been preserved, so many valuable quotes from Lovecraft have sunk into oblivion.

From early childhood, the future writer began to have terrible nightmares, most of which served as the basis for his disturbing stories. This was largely influenced by the situation in the family: Howard's father and mother died in a psychiatric hospital, and his grandfather often "lulled" his grandson with nightmare stories and various horror stories. Lovecraft himself also did not have good he alth: because of his condition, he was never able to finish school, which he regretted for the rest of his life. After the boy had another terrible nightmare, he writes it down: this is how Dagon was born, which has become truly iconic.

Once Lovecraft got married, but the marriage turned out to be unsuccessful: communication with other people did not work out for him.


Howard Phillips Lovecraft
Howard Phillips Lovecraft

In many ways, the author's work was influenced by Robert Howard, who once wrote Conan the Barbarian. His suicide in 1936 was a big blow to Howard. It is possible that many of Lovecraft's quotes were a message specifically to the works of this legendary author.

He himself died in his hometown in 1937 - then Howard Lovecraft's quotes were not heard yet, so the author of terrible nightmares and mystical poet died in poverty.

The work of Howard Lovecraft is a lotinfluenced the formation of the style of another famous horror writer - Stephen King. He often looked into Lovecraft quotes, creating his masterpieces.

Howard Lovecraft, being an extremely original author, even designed his own horror world - the so-called Lovecraftian. It includes a special story, some of its own clichés, a pantheon of gods, monsters and other creatures, and many locations that add up to their own, special world.


monster from book
monster from book

Man can try to control the forces of nature, but only up to a certain limit; what you have created will sooner or later turn against you.

  1. If we even knew who we are, we would surely follow the example of Sir Arthur Jermyn, who once simply doused himself with oil and threw a burning match…
  2. The human brain is unable to understand its own essence: I think we should thank nature for her mercy.
  3. We inhabit a blissful island of ignorance among dark oceans of infinity that we are unlikely to cross.
  4. Stubbornly refusing to believe what looks completely unbelievable, as well as denying something beyond your understanding, is a sign of insanity.
  5. I would like to say with full confidence that the portraits will not be able to leave their frames.
  6. Fear is the most ancient and powerful of human feelings, and the most ancient and most powerful fear is the fear of the unknown.
  7. Death is merciful, for it is impossible to return from it. But the one who, having received the secretknowledge, will return from the hidden domains of darkness, will forever lose peace and tranquility.
  8. A human being in his depravity is somehow more terrible than any non-human.
  9. Many of the world's terrifying ancient mysteries should be left unsolved - nightmarish mysteries that have nothing to do with the human race and that can only be comprehended at the cost of one's own peace and reason; hidden nightmarish secrets, the knowledge of which will turn anyone into a stranger among people, dragging his way alone.