Cinema (Krasnodar) "Red Square"
Cinema (Krasnodar) "Red Square"

Video: Cinema (Krasnodar) "Red Square"

Video: Cinema (Krasnodar) "Red Square"
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What do many people associate with the city of Krasnodar? "Red Square", of course. This is the first megacenter in the Kuban. The area of the entire complex is 175,000 m2. And this is certainly not the limit, as the center is constantly expanding. The territory contains over 500 departments that sell clothes, baby supplies, shoes, furniture and everything that may be required by residents of the city and visiting guests.

Krasnodar Red Square
Krasnodar Red Square

All lovers of fashionable clothes visit Red Square, as only there they sell branded clothes of famous brands from Britain, Germany and other countries. Therefore, shopping in the Megacenter is a very interesting activity. The most famous tenants of premises on the territory of the complex are the hypermarkets "M. Video", "Home World" and "Sportmaster".

Red Square Cinemas

There is a cinema in the Red Square Megacenter. Krasnodar has only one such vast shopping and entertainment center, which contains two cinema centers. One is located on the secondfloor and another on the third. Both centers are exactly the same. They have everything you need for a good rest:

  • This is a cinema with 7 screens. Moreover, one of them is the first VIP-hall in the south of Russia.
  • Multiplex has a fashion store from Australia (Churinga) in Krasnodar.
  • The shopping center "Red Square" has a cozy restaurant area, which includes a coffee shop and an art cafe called Coctail.
  • Kinobar offers viewers indispensable popcorn while watching a movie.
  • The multiplex also has a gaming area where you can enjoy playing slot machines.

Number of seats in each cinema center

Each cinema center has 1044 seats. The hall is divided into four categories. These are Classik, VIP, Extreme and Love. The first cinema has 283 seats, the second - 194, the third - 209, the fourth and fifth - 109 each, and the sixth hall has 104 seats. The VIP hall will accommodate 36 spectators.

Red Square Cinema Krasnodar
Red Square Cinema Krasnodar

The cinema center on Red Square (Krasnodar) is equipped with the most comfortable hall for VIP clients. Guests will be able to watch the best novelties of world cinema and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of cinema reality. Pictures are shown on ultra-modern film projection equipment. The visitor is provided with an exclusive service and a variety of bar content.

36 Viewers can enjoy watching the movie on exclusive transforming chairs with electric drive. These armchairsare manufactured in the USA. The cost of one piece of equipment is $1,000. Next to each seat there is a table on which there is a button. With it, you can call the waiter and ask for a drink from the bar.

All the benefits of a VIP lounge

It is noteworthy that even the sound equipment in the VIP room is made using the most modern technologies. Cinema on the "Red Square" (Krasnodar) can be watched in the highest quality. The viewer will be able to feel the atmosphere of the movie and escape from everyday worries. The cost of one show is 200-550 rubles. The repertoire is mainly dominated by blockbusters and box office films from well-known film distributors.

cinema center on red square krasnodar
cinema center on red square krasnodar

Movies are shown six times a day. Spectators can visit the luxurious hall, which was designed by the designer of the city of Krasnodar Vladimir Velikanov, from 13.00 to 03.00. This is a truly beautiful stylish room, tastefully decorated. Sitting in comfortable chairs, you can feel like at home. Maybe that's why the hall is regularly visited by regular spectators and guests who came to Krasnodar. "Red Square" is a favorite place to relax here.

A bit of multiplex history

krasnodar shopping center red square
krasnodar shopping center red square

The first multiplex cinemas appeared in 1947 on December 31st. Then a resident of Canada, Nat Taylor, opened a second additional room in his Elgin cinema. The second hall allowed viewing two premieres at at the same time. This is not only convenient, but also a profitable option, which allows you to get twice as much profit. At first, the owners of cinemas began to equip a second room with a smaller screen.

Gradually, multiplexes began to appear, which is the "Red Square" (cinema). Krasnodar allows all movie lovers to find a movie to their liking, because the main purpose of such premises is to attract viewers with films of different genres. That is, at any convenient time, visitors can come and choose a picture to their liking. Along with the show, other pleasures are also offered. Some establishments equip a bar or cafe, others - billiards, bowling or slot machines.

The first complexes of the Red Square network

The first complex was opened in Krasnodar in 2003. At first, the area of the territory was 30,000 m2, then it doubled in three years. In 2006, the complex's holdings reached 105,000 m2. This is quite an impressive figure for a city like Krasnodar. "Red Square" is a complex that has reached an incredible scale. By that time, there were already about 100 stores with clothes of different brands.

The second complex was delivered in Novorossiysk in 2010. In 2011, the construction of the third Megacenter in Tuapse was completed. In Krasnodar, the area continued to expand to 175,000 m2, and the number of stores increased to 500. In 2012, the fourth shopping and entertainment center was opened in the resort city of Anapa, and in 2013 - in Armavir.

cinema on red square krasnodar
cinema on red square krasnodar

Full list of objects in the Krasnodar shopping center

3 floors of the Mega Center contain:

  • 516 trade and service enterprises;
  • entertainment complexes "Islands" and "Cosmic";
  • skating rink with free entry;
  • cinema center on "Red Square" (Krasnodar);
  • street "Old Europe";
  • several beauty salons;
  • power systems;
  • shops for household appliances, food, sporting goods, clothes, shoes, cosmetics and baby supplies;
  • multifunctional center, post office, bank, tourism companies, hotel, dry cleaning, maternity and child room.

Prospects and achievements

Many people know the city of Krasnodar. "Red Square" - a complex that has received the title of one of the best in Russia. The center has confirmed this nomination more than once. In addition, in 2012 it was named the winner in the retail real estate industry. In the same year, the Novorossiysk shopping center earned the same title as the Krasnodar one. This once again confirms that the shopping and entertainment center "Red Square" (Krasnodar, Anapa, Armavir, Novorossiysk, Tuapse) are modern establishments for trade and entertainment.

shopping mall red square krasnodar
shopping mall red square krasnodar

In the future development of the network "Red Square" is the construction of facilities in other cities. So far, it is known for sure that in 2016 Megacenters will be opened in Gelendzhik and Maykop. Each of them will expand trade in goods of higherquality. Local residents will be able to buy branded clothing from the world's leading manufacturers. At the moment, the largest object is the Krasnodar center. At the same time, new stores are still opening there, which offer favorable discounts to customers. Basically, the opportunity to buy goods at a reduced cost is provided on holidays, such as September 1, New Year, March 8, and so on. The city of Krasnodar ("Red Square", in particular) pampers its residents and guests with constant sales and discounts.