Alexander Vitalievich Gordon - a talent from the times of the USSR

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Alexander Vitalievich Gordon - a talent from the times of the USSR
Alexander Vitalievich Gordon - a talent from the times of the USSR

Video: Alexander Vitalievich Gordon - a talent from the times of the USSR

Video: Alexander Vitalievich Gordon - a talent from the times of the USSR
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Now you can hardly recognize the handsome director Alexander Vitalyevich Gordon in the 87-year-old old man. Only a clear and piercing look, seemingly seeing and noticing everything in the area, betrays a professional from a group of people.

Who is this person, what is famous, what is remembered for?

Alexander Vitalievich Gordon is a Russian director. It can rightly be called a long-liver. He made a great contribution to the development of domestic cinema. Along with directing, he was fond of writing.

young Gordon
young Gordon

Biography, career

Alexander Vitalievich Gordon is a native Muscovite. He was born on December 26, 1931 in a simple family. Since childhood, he saw himself in the ranks of the military, and therefore the beginning of his career was associated with the service. He stayed in the ranks of the mountain army for five years. But a fatal injury put everything in its place. Due to the inability to continue the service for he alth reasons, the young man decided to try his hand at the very oppositedirection - cinematography.

Years of study at VGIK (1954-1960) gave Alexander Vitalyevich Gordon unforgettable moments. On the same course with him, the same talented, and in the future accomplished actors and directors were engaged. Among them are the most famous Vasily Makarovich Shukshin, Alexander Naumovich Mitta, Andrey Arsenievich Tarkovsky. The guys learned shooting skills from each other, shared ideas.

The first audition as a director took place in 1954. Together with Tarkovsky, Gordon passed the first educational film project called "The Killers". This picture was the start for his further talented work.

Subsequent film projects in tandem with Tarkovsky did not wait for their implementation. But the work was in full swing, and soon, after marrying Alexander Vitalyevich in 1958, the director's work came out under the title "There will be no dismissal today." On this film, Gordon worked again with Tarkovsky, but this was the last attempt at a joint activity. The paths of talented young directors diverged. But they always maintained family ties (Gordon is married to Tarkovsky's sister).

Over the long years of his activity, Alexander tried himself both as a director and as a screenwriter. Showed excellent results in acting. But most of all he saw himself as a writer and devoted most of his life to this cause.


Modern films cannot compare to the insightful pictures of the past. Then life was perceived differently. There were more difficulties. Gordon entered the top ten best professionals of the Soviet era who were able toconvey the essence of life of those years. The famous director has a small selection of films to his credit, but they all have the signature of a professional in their field.

footage of Gordon
footage of Gordon

The work of this director makes you want to watch again and again. They clearly show the main idea.

The films of Alexander Vitalievich Gordon are relevant in modern times. Vital, insightful and disturbing, they cannot leave anyone indifferent from the audience.

You can verify this only by personally looking at his unique works:

  • "Last Night in Paradise" is a dramatic story of a Romanian family. Time of events - 1944, the liberation of the Romanian settlements from the invaders.
  • "Sergey Lazo" - the film tells about the activities of the hero of the civil war. Action - 1894-1920
  • "Fight in the Blizzard" is an action-packed film about the capture of a passenger bus by bandits.
  • "The Man Who Closed the City" - a detective film about the investigation of a fire in a holiday home.
  • "Stone kilometers" is a film about human betrayal. Based on the story of three geologists who got lost in the forest. Surviving is not easy, and it reveals the whole inner essence of people.
  • "Driving Korobkina" - popular science genre.
film by Gordon A. V
film by Gordon A. V

These pictures prove that Alexander Vitalyevich Gordon succeeded as a director. Despite the insight of his works, few people are familiar with them. They did not have stunning rentals, but if you wish, you can watch the recordings online. After allaccess to the director's works is open today.

Many who see Gordon's films for the first time wonder why television has overlooked such deep, interesting, life-like works.

Book Heritage

Gordon liked working on films, but he gravitated more toward writing. He has many non-fiction books to his credit. One of the most worthy works is "Unquenched Thirst", dedicated to the author's father-in-law. The book is filled with Gordon's respect and love for his relative. The genres in which the author works to this day are novels, short stories, scripts.

Despite his advanced age, a talented director, a brilliant writer, an insightful screenwriter, an interesting actor continues to work. After all, doing what you love prolongs life…

If you haven't seen Gordon A. V.'s films, we recommend them for mandatory viewing! Soviet cinema is undoubtedly worthy of the attention of the audience! Start your acquaintance with the first works of Gordon, and you will become another fan of this brilliant director.