Casino in Moscow: availability, reviews. Are there underground casinos in Moscow?
Casino in Moscow: availability, reviews. Are there underground casinos in Moscow?

Video: Casino in Moscow: availability, reviews. Are there underground casinos in Moscow?

Video: Casino in Moscow: availability, reviews. Are there underground casinos in Moscow?
Video: Casinos to close in Moscow with gambling confined to four special zones 2023, October

Residents of the capital are not averse to pampering themselves with unusual entertainment. Since the end of 2006, gambling has become one of the prohibited leisure options for Russian citizens. You can enjoy gambling (according to law No. 244-FZ of December 29, 2006) only in special zones, which do not include Moscow and the capital region. Casino in Moscow is available only in the online version.

Why can't we play in Moscow?

With the adoption of the law on gambling in the capital region, all major clubs have closed. None of those who officially carried out their activities on the territory of Russia began to resist the adopted legislation. But this does not apply to underground casinos. A series of revelations with scandals in the media haunts illegal bookmakers and casinos banned in the Russian Federation to this day. The majority of illegal clubs found in the capital region.

Since 2006, in the capital and most Russian regions, a player can only try his luck in a casino online. Play at the casinoMoscow via the Internet is possible without restrictions, since online activities are not regulated by the laws of the Russian Federation. But you should give preference only to trusted sites that are not blocked by Roskomnadzor.

casino in moscow
casino in moscow

More than 15% of Moscow's online players visit the website of the Vulkan gaming club every day. Pari Match casino is gaining popularity, it accounts for 6% of users.

Closest casinos to Moscow

Those who wanted to know all the delights of playing for money should not be upset: online versions of clubs can not only entertain, but also make you nervous. Fans of a classic casino can be advised to contact one of the gambling zones in the country.

volcano casino moscow
volcano casino moscow

The closest casinos to Moscow are the Krasnaya Polyana and Yantarnaya zones. The first is located in the resort of Sochi, the second - in the Kaliningrad region isolated from the whole country. Online casinos in Moscow ("Vulkan", for example) are round-the-clock and are not controlled by the executive authorities.

Which casino to choose?

"Krasnaya Polyana" is the most popular point of gambling in Russia. The casino has more than 550 slot machines, 10 poker tables and 70 slots. Gambling club "Sochi casino and resort" is ready to provide services to 2000 players at the same time.

"Amber" zone is just beginning to develop. It opened in 2016. On the basis of the club there are 150 machines. 2 years ago, the opening of a new hall - clubSobranie.

Remoteness of any of the casinos from Moscow, according to reviews, is very high. Therefore, the option of online games is preferred even for lovers of halls and luxurious evenings.

Are there underground casinos in the capital?

With the advent of the gambling law, those who did not want to accept the fate of casinos in Russia moved into the shadow sector. Underground casinos do exist in Moscow, but only a select few know about their location.

underground casino in moscow
underground casino in moscow

As a rule, clients with a high level of earnings are allowed into such clubs. The presence of a passion for gambling is also one of the main conditions for participation in the "secret club".

Every year about 5-10 underground clubs in the capital fail. Thus, the casino in Moscow is gradually ceasing to exist in its classical form. 99% of players are already used to the design and features of the game online. More than half of them will never return to the halls and will not pick up playing chips.

Chances of winning at online casinos

If it is not possible to play in person, players have to try to catch their luck in slots on their smartphone or laptop. Online versions are far superior to classic roulette and casino slots in terms of winning results. The difference lies in the requirements for online gambling clubs.

In order to be allowed to operate on the territory of the Russian Federation, and in Moscow in particular, an online casino must obtain a license. Not all casinos in Moscow available online can submit a permit. Without it, use the site,maybe it will work. But the player will not be able to defend his rights in case of unauthorized actions of an illegal club.

It will be easier for residents of Moscow and the regions to find the right site or slot: almost all offers of gambling clubs are available to them. You need to pay attention to the availability of a license, the quality of slot machines and player reviews.

Online Casinos: A List of the Best Options

Casino "Vulcan" in Moscow (Vulcan Casino) operates completely legally. The site is open around the clock. The administration responds to all customer complaints online quickly and solves problems.

casino volcano vulcan casino moscow
casino volcano vulcan casino moscow

Another trusted gambling provider is the Admiral Club. Popular slot machines Crazy Monkey, Fruit Cocktail, Book of Ra, Sharky, as well as novelties and great bonuses are available to Moscow residents without restrictions.

The new Azino777 casino is a hit with young people. The brand has become recognizable among the players, but the return in slots does not always correspond to the indicators stated in the advertisement. Users of the site have no complaints about the amount of winnings, as well as the speed of payments. 2-3 hours after the application, the money comes to the player's wallet or card.

Online Slots, Slots & Casino Tips for Players

Experienced players receive winnings at online casinos at least 4 times a week. Not everyone is in a hurry to share their secrets with others. But some still reveal their tricks.

First of all, players shouldn't go all-in often. This is fraught with constant "winning back" and the loss of the bank incasino.

casino in moscow
casino in moscow

Secondly, residents of the capital should not forget about other machines and applications. You should not play "until winning". Sometimes luck smiles as soon as the user has gone to another site or changed the machine.

Third, do not chase the results of other players. They are not always true.

Following simple rules, you can learn how to win at online casinos throughout the country, not just in the capital region.