Cool proverbs. Modern funny proverbs and sayings
Cool proverbs. Modern funny proverbs and sayings

Video: Cool proverbs. Modern funny proverbs and sayings

Video: Cool proverbs. Modern funny proverbs and sayings
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Today, a huge number of cool proverbs have appeared, derived from those that were before. The creativity and sophistication of current thinking, mixed with a thirst for humor, makes individual advanced thinkers come up with more and more new methods of presenting the meaning of unshakable truths. And they do it well. And the meaning is more global, and you can laugh. Consider some of the current proverb variations that are most widely used.

The further into the forest…

About a tit and a duck
About a tit and a duck

Who doesn't know the ancient truth about the fact that the further you go deeper into the forest, the more firewood there is? Of course, everyone. And moreover, since the school bench. But individual "thinkers" of our time fundamentally disagree with what may be lurking in the depths of the forest. So they give out the following ideas, which are becoming popular among the people. Funny proverbs, in principle, are the same jokes, but only very short ones. So, the options forIt may also be in the depths of the forest. The further into the forest, the:

  • fatter partisans;
  • more partisans;
  • vicious partisans;
  • get out harder (here is a pun - "into the forest" should be pronounced as "climbed");
  • get out further.

There are even some kind of paradoxes, such as this cool proverb: "The farther into the forest - the more firewood, the more firewood - the less forest."

No matter how many wolves you feed…

Don't eat with a knife
Don't eat with a knife

The proverb that no matter how much you feed a wolf, but he still looks towards the forest, trying to escape, also turned out to be quite capacious. Here are some of the variations on this theme. No matter how much you feed a wolf, a:

  • he still wants to eat;
  • everything will die;
  • he looks anyway (very interesting observation);
  • the bear still has more.

Most interesting is the interpretation of the guests. This is truly a masterpiece funny proverb: "No matter how much you feed a guest, he will still get drunk." Just the crown of someone's powers of observation.

Jokes about work

Modern proverbs and sayings are also full of variations on the theme: "Work is not a wolf - it will not run away into the forest." Here are the top four from this "niche". Work is not a wolf:

  • and the product of force over distance (obviously, scientific minds were involved here);
  • no matter how much you feed, you still have to get up;
  • she's a woodpecker, she won't run away, she'll get so sick;
  • you can't run away from her into the forest.

There are other variations about the work. For example, tomodern proverbs about work can also be attributed to the following: “I did the job - it’s easier for the mare”, composed of “pure” parts of two Russian proverbs at once: “I did the job - walk boldly” and “A woman with a cart - it’s easier for the mare”. Although both of them have a huge number of their interpretations, which we will talk about below.

The main and most topical proverb today about work is someone's masterpiece: "You can't earn all the money, some will have to be stolen." Today, almost all officials of our time are guided by it. Ordinary citizens make do with the proverb: “I can’t stand while others are plowing. I'm going to lie down…" In general, the whole global meaning and truth is contained in the following innovative proverb about work: “No matter how hard you work, there will always be a bastard who, working less, gets more.”

Did the job…

The way the indisputable truth "Did the job - walk boldly" sounds, the mass of "remake" is also dissatisfied. Hence the huge number of cool proverbs with the same saying. So, did the job:

  • wash the body;
  • flush away;
  • get off your body.

A woman with a cart…

Grandma with a cart …
Grandma with a cart …

Now about the woman on the cart, which has always been a hindrance, both to the horse and to the peasant who sits at the reins. Here the people "heaped up" the following truths, also not without meaning. Woman with a cart:

  • have to go back;
  • fly out - you won’t catch (paired with the proverb “the word is not a sparrow, fly out - you won’t catch”);
  • mare in the know;
  • fun hour (coupled with the proverb"business time - fun hour");
  • a smaller mare;
  • and the wolves are full (paired with the saying "both the wolves are full and the sheep are safe").

One head…

One head is good, but two is better. Excellent statement. Only at the time when it was invented, there was no mutation, no radiation. Today's people really noticed that "one head is good, but two is a mutation." And here are other interpretations of the known truth. One head is good, a:

  • body is better;
  • brains are better;
  • two is not so beautiful anymore.

I came, I saw…

Two ways to argue with a woman
Two ways to argue with a woman

Modern people do not agree with the famous saying of Julius Caesar: Veni, vidi, vici, that is, translated into Russian, "I came, I saw, I conquered." As for “I came, I saw,” no one has any doubts. But with the word "won" there is a problem. According to many, there should be something different. I came, I saw:

  • shared;
  • whitened;
  • yelled;
  • step aside, let the others take a look;
  • and left.

More relevant and topical, of course, is "I came, I saw and I filmed." So now everyone does, who has a smartphone with them. And he, as you know, is with everyone now.

Good there…

Everyone still suspects that "it's good where we are not." As it turned out, this is far from the case. According to some people, it turns out that:

  • It's only good where we haven't been yet.
  • It's good where it's good, not where we're not.
  • Good where not here.

He laughs well…

It's bad when they cry over you
It's bad when they cry over you

There are so many funny proverbs on this topic that you can't count them all. We will select the most advanced thoughts on this matter. So, the one who laughs well who:

  • runs fast;
  • laughs like a horse;
  • shoots first.

Water does not flow under a lying stone…

No one doubts that. The proverb is almost always repeated in its unmodified form. But for some reason, many people like to make explanations for it. Let's see what the strong minds of this world want to bring us. Water does not flow under a lying stone:

  • and under the standing one too;
  • and under the rolling - does not have time;
  • and there is no walker;
  • and a man won't climb without a shovel.

Other "masterpieces" of folk thought

About an ordinary woman
About an ordinary woman

In conclusion, we want to publish a list of fresh folk truths that will appeal to every person with a good sense of humor.

  • Fight and seek, find and hide…
  • A fast horse will quickly run empty.
  • Debt is being paid naked.
  • Friends are known in food.
  • If you chase two hares, you will shoot from a gun.
  • Who got up earlier - that and slippers.
  • Milk is doubly funnier if after cucumbers.
  • He called himself a loader - show the documents.
  • Called yourself a loader - go to a psychiatric hospital.
  • Don't dig another hole, let him dig himself.
  • Don't stick your contribution in someone else's business.
  • Russian tanks are not as scary as their drunken crews.
  • Not caught -not a conscript.
  • A fish from a pond will die from labor.
  • While the fat one dries, the thin one will die.
  • Pioneer - fitting for all the boys.
  • Don't wave your fists after marriage.
  • Drunkenness - fight, and fight - girl.
  • Born to crawl doesn't shit on top.
  • The fisherman hates the fisherman for sure.
  • Own Natasha closer to the body.
  • Drink seven times, lay off once.
  • Fairy tales lie. On them - position
  • The old horse won't remember the furrow.
  • Fed horse is not on foot.
  • The wife has legs, and the husband has horns.
  • Eggs don't interfere with a good Faberge.
  • Good breasts can be seen from the back.
  • The bigger the cabinet, the louder it will fall.
  • What a sober man has in mind, a drunk has already done.
  • You shake what you dare.
  • A screw driven with a hammer holds tighter than a nail driven with a screwdriver.
  • Language will lead to a killer.

On this happy note, we end this article. All the best and good mood to you!