Interesting jokes: about mother-in-law, about blondes

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Interesting jokes: about mother-in-law, about blondes
Interesting jokes: about mother-in-law, about blondes

Video: Interesting jokes: about mother-in-law, about blondes

Video: Interesting jokes: about mother-in-law, about blondes
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Jokes are funny, funny phrases that can defuse the situation in many situations. Very often, a person who has a lot of interesting jokes in his stock becomes the soul of the company and the center of attention. It is always captivating, and some deliberately study fresh jokes and jokes in order to once again please the company in which, for example, a vacation is planned.

Which jokes are the most interesting?

The fashion for jokes very often, like the fashion for clothes, changes. And it depends on the generation, time, environment in which a person lives. But there have always been, are and will be popular such topics for interesting jokes and gags:

  1. Blondes. This topic is always relevant and interesting. Jokes are made up about blondes, and they are written from the real life of these women.
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  3. Mother-in-law. It is not known who, when and why came up with the first anecdote or joke about the mother-in-law, but the fact that they are loved even now is a fact. It is likely that the author of an interesting joke on this topic was one of the men who clearly hasrelationship with the mother of his beloved did not work out.
  4. Motorists. Jokes taken from the real life of drivers who spend most of their time at the steering wheel are really very popular. After all, what won’t happen on a long road, whom you won’t meet, and what won’t you see?!

Women's jokes

Women can often surprise and even make you laugh with their spontaneity. So, we made a selection of the most interesting jokes from the life of women:

  1. Two blondes stand at a public transport stop. One needs minibus number 7, the other is waiting for number 2. They are waiting, waiting, neither one nor the other is coming. And then minibus number 72 drives up. They look at each other, and one of them says: “Well, what?! Shall we go together?”.
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  3. A true woman can surprise her man by taking off her bra without taking off her T-shirt.
  4. The blonde asks the cuckoo how many more years will she be a virgin? The cuckoo immediately stopped screaming. The girl asked again, the cuckoo fell silent again. The third time the blonde repeated the question, and the bird again sat in silence. From that moment on, she decided that she would not go anywhere else alone.
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  6. One day a man saw a young girl sitting at the wheel of a cool BMW and washing her face with tears. He felt sorry for the poor woman, and he decided to ask what had happened. In the report, he heard: “I did not know that the car had three pedals. And then my legs are two-e-e-e-e-e … ".
  7. Dad says to his daughter: “Darling, when I asked you to come home as Cinderella, I meanton time: by 00:00. And you probably misunderstood me, since you came in one shoe and lost your dress somewhere!”

Mother-in-law jokes

Interesting jokes that just don't exist. And it seems to be ugly to joke about loved ones, but this probably does not concern the mother-in-law, as many sons-in-law believe. So, a selection of jokes about the mother-in-law:

  1. Recently, my wife and I decided to give her mother a phone, as hers broke. We bought her a brand new smartphone, the mother-in-law is happy, the wife too. But only everything is fine, if not for one "but". My mother-in-law doesn't use the phone book at all. At 65, she knows all the phone numbers by heart. She is even too lazy to scroll through the list of recent calls with her finger - she types every time in a new way. And once I decided to take my mother-in-law's smartphone and check how many rooms there are. Not to lie, at least 20 pieces. That's what a good memory and a man of the old school means!
  2. One day a man noticed that someone was fumbling in his pockets. Decided to put a mouse in there. Put it down and went to work. Upon arrival home, he took off his jacket and hung it on a hanger in the hallway. The wife comes, sees that her mother is lying in a swoon. She says to her husband: "Imagine, I come, and my mother is lying in a swoon at the doorstep. Husband: - Wow …. - By the way, we should put a mousetrap. Murka caught a mouse today."
  3. My beloved mother-in-law calls tea by two names - "so-so" and "that's what I understand-aa-a-a-a-yu tea." And the difference between them is that one is cheap tea in bags. And the second is the one that my wife and I like to pour into a jar for more convenient use.
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Joke about "beloved" mother-in-law

I'm going with my "beloved" mother-in-law in the car, I'm taking her home. She tells me everything:

- Times are hard now, money is scarce. My daughter, over there, thin, works, she does not see day or night. You try to help her. There, look, the car is being caught, if I slowed down - there is no extra penny.

I stop, a girl looks out the window and asks:

- Can't you give a lift to Pushkin for an intimate favor?

- No, we're not on our way.

Let's go, silence for about 15 minutes. And then the mother-in-law gives out:

- Such a time is now criminal, horror is simple. Money is stolen, taxi drivers are robbed and killed. Look, son, don't give anyone a lift.

This is how life is. Interesting jokes, yes! But they are all taken from life!