Funky jokes about the Internet: current selection

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Funky jokes about the Internet: current selection
Funky jokes about the Internet: current selection

Video: Funky jokes about the Internet: current selection

Video: Funky jokes about the Internet: current selection
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Who could have imagined at least 3 decades ago that paper letters would be replaced by electronic ones, that friends could be found with one click of a computer mouse, to find out information by accessing the World Wide Web. And now there is unlimited access everywhere, people hang out on social pages, and jokes about the Internet are gaining popularity.

On the message web

Friends of "VKontakte":

- Mishan! Long time no see! Great!

- I'm sorry, but I won't give money.

- I see…

Internet jokes
Internet jokes

Stormy correspondence on a dating site:

- Do you like me?

- Not at all!

- You want me too.

- Our interests aligned! How about a meeting?

"Do you need firewood?" every girl is interested in Pinocchio while meeting on the social network.

- Hello! Where have you been?

- You won't believe it! In real life!

Plunge and forget

Humorists have not bypassed situations when one of the family members plunges into the World Wide Web and gets stuck until he forgetsabout all the real worries, and even faces. Funny jokes about the Internet will especially cheer you up, even when you don’t feel like smiling.

Spouses dialogue:

- So hot. Can you tell me the recipe for ice tea?

- Easier than ever! You pour hot tea, hang out on the Internet for a while - that's the whole secret.

Polling people on the street:

- Why don't you like social media?

- Because all my culinary endeavors turn into embers!

Funny jokes about electricity
Funny jokes about electricity

Five-year-old daughter asks her mother:

- Mom, what kind of scary and dirty uncle lives in our house? Is that Barmaley?

- No! It's your dad, honey! Just stuck on the Internet for a long time.

The radio broadcasts: "Today the weather is expected to be clear in the republic, the air temperature is 30 degrees above zero." A frequenter of "Odnoklassniki" with a happy exclamation "Hurrah! Summer has finally come!" moved with a laptop to an open window.

Funny jokes about the Internet
Funny jokes about the Internet

Finds drunk husband's wife at the computer:

- Got drunk again?

- What are you, honey! It's all advertising on the Internet: "Don't forget to celebrate 70 years of Porsche!". No matter how many times I close it, it still pops up. So I noted…

Recipe for insomnia.

"First, clear your conscience thoroughly. Then put a comfortable pillow on the crib and turn off the modem. It will take off your insomnia."

Modern New Year

"Dear friends! The year 2030 has come! Under the chiming clock, please everyone update their pages and send champagne emoticons! Hooray!".

New Year's meeting of friends:

- What are you planning for the New Year?

- I don't know… What do you suggest?

- This is what I wanted to clarify, actually…

- Then you can celebrate sparingly… VKontakte…

A little about electricity

There is no smoke without fire. The internet doesn't run on air. It’s scary even to imagine for a moment the faces of visitors to social networks during an unexpected blackout in the room… And how many emotions and spicy words will fly to electricians… Therefore, jokes about the Internet and electricity are becoming popular, painfully relevant.

- Without me, you are nothing! - boasted the Internet.

- With the help of me you can find absolutely everything! - Yandex exclaimed.

-Speak some more…- Electricity hissed maliciously.

The conductor on the train says:

- Dear passengers! I have amazing news for you! Starting tomorrow, unlimited internet access will be connected to our train!

Confused man:

- Well, where will they connect it? There are no outlets…

Before you open a page with jokes about the Internet, you need to make sure that not a single dish is cooked on the stove and all taps are turned off, otherwise coals and floating boots cannot be avoided.