How to become a poet: recommendations

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How to become a poet: recommendations
How to become a poet: recommendations

Video: How to become a poet: recommendations

Video: How to become a poet: recommendations
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What is a person? This is a being who can do everything, and the only one who does not believe in it is himself. Yes, sometimes geniuses are really born who have the ability to do something, but behind any genius there is a titanic work. They say that poets are born, not made. It is not true. To become a poet, you just need to work hard on yourself, and then the dream will turn into reality.

First go

So, how to become a poet? This, of course, is hard to believe, but to become a poet, you just need to learn one simple principle. Creativity, like any other activity, has its own laws. Today, many moves and techniques have been studied, sorted and recorded in the relevant literature. What is there to talk about, even if the rules of versification are studied in the school curriculum.

how to become a great poet
how to become a great poet

In fact, a person is given special knowledge from an early age to become a poet. How he will use them is another question.

But back to the current question. What is a simple verse? Four feet with two syllables. 4x2 - that's itall arithmetic. One has only to recall that it is undesirable to use rhymes on the same parts of speech, in the same form. First of all, it concerns verbs. For example:

Happy birthday congratulations, happiness, joy.

So-so rhyme, it definitely won't pull on art.


Become a poet, as already mentioned, anyone can. There would be a desire. Mastering the technique of versification is not difficult. Even when a person is just walking, he can practice writing poems about anything.

how to become a famous poet
how to become a famous poet

Don't think too much about the meaning at first. The main thing is to respect the size and rhymes. Gradually, the process will go faster and faster, and after that it will become a habit.

First is not always best

Beginning poets very often make the same mistake. Trying to fit something, as it seems to them, important and irreplaceable in the form of a verse, they come up with rhymes for this word, which, as they say, are neither in the village nor in the city.

The second mistake - the author stops looking for an alternative. As soon as the line is somehow formed, he proceeds to compose the next one, without even thinking that more suitable and colorful words could be found.

open book
open book

So, how to become a poet? Master the form and rhyme. The proposed exercise just does this. After constant training, unexpected poetic twists and intricacies of words will become natural.

A good poet and just a poet

One more small nuance. It is important to understand the difference between a poet and a good poet. After a major emotional upheaval, most people try to express their experiences in prose or poetry. Yes, indeed, in some cases, real masterpieces come out from the pen of a beginner. But this phenomenon is temporary until the emotions burn out.

A poet is a person who tries to squeeze his thoughts into rhyming lines, and a good poet is an author who is prompted by rhyme to develop thoughts. That's how to become a good poet. But that's not all.

how to become a poet
how to become a poet

Besides rhyme and form, there is also content. It would seem that poetry should be easily predictable, because the lines are known in advance, as they rhyme with the previous ones. But poetry is the most unexpected kind of speech. Here, for example, there is a line: "I have been living in the world for a long time." Ordinary poets can usually supplement it with such banal things as:

  • "I'm over sixty."
  • "I've seen a lot in my life."
  • "I know too much", etc.

It's important to remember that the first rhyme that comes to mind is not always the best one. In fact, the second line is: "I am already seventeen years old." On the one hand, it contradicts the first one, but on the other hand, it really is a long time. And unexpectedly, and not to object - everything is logical.

General recommendations

For those who have not yet given up the idea of becoming a great poet, there are some general useful recommendations:

  1. You need to decide what kind of poem you would like to write.
  2. When the topic and idea are chosen, it is necessaryfind a source of inspiration. Usually it can be nature, strong emotions, beautiful images. Even a crisis period in life can be a source of inspiration if it is seen as a rewarding experience, not the end of the world.
  3. Word and theme. The chosen topic must be described in one word and write out all the related words and phrases that come to mind.
  4. Not only emotions. Don't just write about emotions. The reader will get tired of reading this. It is necessary to talk about what you did, saw or remembered. For a stronger effect - make a comparison with nature, the world, politics, after all.
  5. Strong images. Here, for example, while walking in nature, you saw how a chick fell out of the nest and unsuccessfully tries to take off. You can describe this situation and add that it resembles your own life.
  6. Thesaurus. The more words you know, the easier it will be for you. In poetry, few words should be used, but they should be appropriate and precise.
  7. Editing. To become a good poet, one draft is not enough. Re-read everything written, remove the repetitions, move the parts and see which option is better.

Helpful tips

If you can't think of a name, you can leave it as it is. There are many good poems without a title. It is worth remembering that poetry is an emotional and psychological work, so it is extremely important to gain experience from everything that happens.

notebook and coffee
notebook and coffee

For a start, you can try to imitate the style of your favorite poet. Over time, you will have your own. Andyou can’t hide your works, otherwise you won’t become a famous poet.

On the road to glory

So, what needs to be done to learn how to write poetry is already clear, but how to become a famous poet - this question is still open. Creativity is good, but you also need to eat. It's good that in the modern world, there is no longer a need to beat the thresholds of publishing houses, break into newspapers, magazines and constantly hear the ridicule of people who are far from creativity.

Today, every poet can create his own website or start a blog, gather like-minded people and be constantly in the spotlight. Yes, there is a lot of competition in this segment, but if the poet is good, he will definitely be appreciated and noticed. Don't forget about literary competitions. Many of them are also held online, so you don’t even have to leave your home to participate. It is enough to fill out an application and send your poem. In case of victory, the author not only receives a prize, but it is published in an almanac, newspaper or other periodical.

books, inkwell and pen
books, inkwell and pen

Cicero once said that poets are born, but speakers are made. In this, the great thinker was mistaken - poets become day by day. Maybe something is laid from childhood, but nothing can be achieved without desire. 99% perseverance and 1% talent - these are all the components of successful activity. No need to think that if something is not given by nature, then it should be abandoned. If you want - try it! And if it doesn't work, then try again. Learning, experimenting and improving - this must be done around the clock. Only then is meaninglessfloundering will bear fruit, because there are no peaks that cannot be taken.