Chloe Neil and her Chicago Vampires

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Chloe Neil and her Chicago Vampires
Chloe Neil and her Chicago Vampires

Video: Chloe Neil and her Chicago Vampires

Video: Chloe Neil and her Chicago Vampires
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Vampire stories, especially in a romantic setting, have been popular over the years. The commercial success of such projects attracts more and more writers to this genre. Chloe Neil was no exception, "Chicago Vampires" which received considerable fame, recognition and love from connoisseurs of the genre all over the world. What attracts readers so much in her works? After all, it was "Chicago Vampires" that made Chloe Neil one of the best-selling authors in the urban fantasy genre. In the future, the cycle "Devil's Island" brought her the same fame.

Biography of Chloe Neil

The writer was born on May 15, 1975. She spent her entire childhood in the southern United States, and then moved to the Midwest, where she still lives. Among her hobbies are baking, watching TV series, walking with two dogs - Scout and Baxter. Chloe Neil is also proud to be a dedicated fan of the Cornell Big Red football team.

Chicago vampires
Chicago vampires

She is the author of three bigcycles - "Chicago Vampires", "Devil's Island" and "Dark Elite". The first two made her the best-selling author according to the New York Times and USA Today.

Chloe Neil is a member of two societies: The Novelists of America and the American Society of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers.

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The whole series of "Chicago Vampires" is written in the genre of romantic urban fantasy. The cycle tells about Merit, a graduate student from the department of literature at the University of Chicago, who turned into a vampire after an unsuccessful walk through the Windy City at night. From that moment on, a completely different and much more "dark" life begins for her.

Later, she learns that Chicago is not really such a harmless city, especially under the impenetrable cover of night. She meets both good and bad vampires. He learns that there are two "clans" in the city - the noble houses of Cadogan and Navarre. At the end of the first book, the whole city will learn about the existence of these mystical creatures. In addition to vampires, the plot contains magicians, witches, nymphs, fairies, angels and demons, who sometimes help the main character and her friends, and sometimes build insidious intrigues against them.

chloe neil books
chloe neil books

Of course, the love line in such books comes to the fore. And the main character will face a difficult task: to choose between two attractive vampires - Ethan Sullivan and Morgan Grier.

This cycle will definitely appeal to fansromantic stories about vampires and those who were once crazy about all parts of "Twilight".

Parts of the cycle

Total cycle "Chicago vampires" consists of 13 parts. The first book was written in 2008 and published in April 2009. The last part went on sale on April 25, 2017. In addition to the main thirteen volumes, the story of Merit was published outside the main cycle.

The main works in chronological order look like this:

  1. "Some girls bite" (2009).
  2. "Vampires of the Windy City" (2009).
  3. "Twice Bitten" (2010).
  4. "Bad Bitten" (2011).
  5. "Icebite" (2011).
  6. "Devastated" (2012).
  7. "House Rules" (2013).
  8. "Bad Bitten" (including "Battle for You", "High Bet") (2013).
  9. "Wildness" (2014).
  10. "Bloody Games" (including "Lucky Chance"), 2014.
  11. "Dark Debt" (2015).
  12. "Marked Midnight" (2016).
  13. "The Raised Blade" (2017).

Translations and editions

Most of Chloe Neil's books can only be found in amateur translation into Russian. Although in 2010 and 2011 the first two parts of the cycle were released. They were published by "Azbuka" in the series "LUX. After Twilight". In this series, books were published by other authors writing stories about the "fanged". But sinceinterest in the topic faded very quickly, the publishing house stopped translating and releasing the rest of the Chicago Vampires. Other publishers did not buy the rights to publish the series, so the fans had to translate it.

chloe nail chicago vampires
chloe nail chicago vampires

Despite such low interest in the Russian market, this series brought fame to the author in the US and beyond.