"Bryansk Province" - fresh news in every corner of the region

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"Bryansk Province" - fresh news in every corner of the region
"Bryansk Province" - fresh news in every corner of the region

Video: "Bryansk Province" - fresh news in every corner of the region

Video: "Bryansk Province" - fresh news in every corner of the region
Video: Russian hail of fire in Ukraine's battlefield as Putin vows to avenge Bryansk attack | Watch 2023, September

"Bryansk Province" is a local TV channel in the city of Bryansk. Its broadcasting area is limited to the territory of the Bryansk region. Every day, residents of settlements from Karachev to Krasnaya Gora learn the latest news, watch interesting TV shows and learn about new products from local manufacturers.

Bryansk Province

Bryansk first learned about the existence of this channel in 2009. The main activity of this mass media is to bring the latest news to the residents of the region. The channel broadcasts around the clock, so watching the latest news on it is extremely simple and convenient. Economic, sports, cultural news, as well as information about the weather channel "Bryansk Province" broadcasts every two hours. More than seven hundred thousand residents of the Bryansk region are daily viewers of the province. Despite the fact that "Bryansk Province" is primarily informational, here the viewer can find interesting programs, films and cartoons.

Bryanskprovince ethers
Bryanskprovince ethers

Unique programs

Ethers of "Bryansk Province" delight their viewers with a variety of programs. Among them:

  • "PRO dance" - about dance development in the Bryansk region.
  • "Safe City" - a program about the safety of Bryansk courtyards. Which is provided by modern intercom systems and high-quality video surveillance.
  • "Legends of the Bryansk Drama" - an interview with the most prominent theatergoers of the city. Such eminent characters as Marina Gavrilova, Valery Matsapura, Boris Borisov took part in the program.
  • "Let's stay" - a program that tells about the most beautiful, popular and high quality in the city.

Also in the list of popular programs of the "Bryansk Province" are "The Best Day", "Events of the Week", "Look Who Came", "The Bryansk Region".

bryansk province bryansk
bryansk province bryansk

Faces of "Province"

Every day the viewers of the channel see local presenters and correspondents on their screens. The list of the top TV presenters includes:

  • Artem Sukhomolkin - works in the programs "Here and Now", "Events of the Week".
  • Oksana Izmerova - her face flaunts in the largest number of programs. Among them are "Theatrical Bryansk", "Afisha", "Events" and others.
  • Dmitry Kuznetsov - presents information within the "Don't argue about sports" project.

The best correspondents of "BryanskProvinces":

  • Ekaterina Zoydina - interviewed in the TV show "There is such a profession".
  • Alexandra Sidacheva - goes to the fields to search for information for "Legends of the Bryansk Drama".
  • Kristina Pirtskhelova - looking for interesting events within the "Infogram".

The chief editor of the TV and radio company is Oksana Kostyuchenko. She is not a novice in the profession, so Bryansk Province has become even more successful with her. At one time, Oksana gained experience on such channels as "60", "Svoe TV". She also worked for various radio stations in the city.

Among other things, "Bryansk Guberniya" employs many film editors, cameramen, editors, designers.

channel bryansk province
channel bryansk province


Besides the TV channel, the TV and radio company "Bryansk Province" includes the LOVE radio station. Live messages are received twice a day. The first broadcast runs from 12:00 to 13:00, the second starts at 19:00 and also lasts one hour. At this time, any resident of the city can call the radio station and send their regards. Also presenters send text messages from those who want to get on the air. As for regional news, they are broadcast four times on weekdays (at 8, 12, 16, 19 hours) and twice on weekends (at 12 and 16 hours). LOVE radio hosts in Bryansk are Michel Monich and Igor Nikolaenko.

TV and radio company Bryansk province
TV and radio company Bryansk province


In order to watch the TV channel "Bryansk province", you must be a subscriber of one of the following telecom operators:

  • "NTV plus".
  • "Dom.ru BCS".
  • "Beeline".
  • Rostelecom.
  • Cable TV.

It is worth noting that NTV plus has the largest coverage. Rostelecom also catches the Bryansk Province channel in almost all regions of the Bryansk region, except for Klintsy.


During its broadcasting, the TV and radio company "Bryansk Province" has repeatedly received various awards.

The list of the most significant awards should include:

  1. Diploma for winning the "Best TV program" nomination.
  2. Diploma for the first place in the regional journalistic competition "Economic revival of Russia".
  3. Diploma for participation in the cycle of programs "Territory of Nature".

In addition to these awards, "Bryansk Province" has a huge number of letters of thanks.