Matvey Zubalevich: biography, personal life and education, filmography, photo

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Matvey Zubalevich: biography, personal life and education, filmography, photo
Matvey Zubalevich: biography, personal life and education, filmography, photo

Video: Matvey Zubalevich: biography, personal life and education, filmography, photo

Video: Matvey Zubalevich: biography, personal life and education, filmography, photo
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Matvey Zubalevich grew up in an incomplete family. He quickly matured, used to rely only on himself. This helped him quickly achieve success. The 30-year-old actor has bright roles in the series Physics or Chemistry, Youth, Ship, Angel or Demon, Time to Love.

Matvey Zubalevich in "Physics or Chemistry"
Matvey Zubalevich in "Physics or Chemistry"

Childhood of Matvey Zubalevich

The future actor and his twin sister were born on August 12, 1988 in Ufa. Matvey Zubalevich was only five years old when his parents' marriage broke up. Mother, an accountant by profession, had to raise three children alone (Matvey also has an older sister). The boy matured early, got used to independence. As a child, he collected and donated bottles. As a teenager, Matvey worked part-time washing cars and distributing flyers. The mother could not give her son pocket money, he had to take care of himself.

actor Matvey Zubalevich
actor Matvey Zubalevich

Zubalevich was athletic as a child. From the age of seven, Matvey attended the section of martial arts. He also skied and ran.

Choice of profession

After the ninth grade, Matvey Zubalevich entered the Ufa College of Statistics, Informatics and Computer Engineering. Even in the process of training, the guy realized that he had made a mistake. He was much more attracted by the scene. He wanted to receive the appropriate education not in Ufa, but in Moscow.

Matvey chose the Shchukin school. He managed to perform well in the preliminary audition, but then things went wrong. Zubalevich needed money, so he decided to earn some money on the Moscow-Kyiv train as a waiter. The train arrived late, and Matvey missed the entrance exams.

You're a movie star

In 2006, the MTV Russia channel presented the project “You Are a Movie Star” to the audience. Matvey Zubalevich was among its participants. Boys and girls from the "street" who do not have an acting education, played in a real film.

Matvey Zubalevich in "Daring Days"
Matvey Zubalevich in "Daring Days"

Matvey did a great job. The reward for him was the role of Micah (one of the main characters) in the comedy Daring Days. Events unfold in a resort town where everyone has fun as best they can. Parkour, motofreestyle, skateboarding - entertainment for every taste is at the service of vacationers. It is here that the love story of Ignat and Lina begins. At first, everything goes great, but then the girl becomes an accidental witness to the murder. The criminals kidnap her, and the young man rushes to save his beloved.

First roles

After the release of "Daring Days", Matvey Zubalevich forgot about what personal life is. Beginner actorbegan to pursue journalists and fans. The directors actively offered him roles in TV shows.

In the "Club" Matvey embodied the image of the paparazzi photographer Garik, in "The Silent Witness" he played a suspect in a crime. The role of Minkov went to him in "Daddy's Daughters", in "Glukhara" his hero was a street hooligan. Then the actor appeared in the series "Signs of Fate" and "Such an Ordinary Life", played a young Tolik in "Closed School".

Highest hour

In the series "Physics or Chemistry" the actor was supposed to play a guy named Alex, who is in love with his own teacher. This role was eventually received by another person, since Matvey was considered too brutal for her. Zubalevich was eventually selected for the role of Yuri Kharitonov. His character is the main school bully and bully.

Photo of Matvey Zubalevich as Yuri Kharitonov can be seen above. His hero not only keeps the whole school in fear. He also plays sports and takes care of Kira Kovaleva.

After the release of the series "Physics and Chemistry", the roles of "bad boys" became a kind of calling card of Matvey. He was offered to play mostly hooligans and egoists, most of his heroes are negative characters. It is interesting that Zubalevich himself dreams of the roles of romantic heroes. The actor wants to play a real feeling.

Bright roles

Matvey Zubalevich was able to play love in the military drama "Angels of War". His hero was a policeman who betrays his homeland during the Great Patriotic War. However, the image of his character was not strictly negative. The hero of Matvey encourages viewers to think about manythings, stop dividing everything into black and white.

Matvey Zubalevich in "Youth"
Matvey Zubalevich in "Youth"

The adventure drama "Ship" was a success, in which the actor embodied the image of one of the cadets. Then came the drama "Molodezhka", thanks to which Zubalevich was overwhelmed by another wave of people's love. He played Alexei Smirnov, who responds to the nickname "Smirny". Matvey's character is the defender of the Bears club. He again played a negative rather than a positive hero. However, the image created by Zubalevich captivated many with its ambiguity.

New items

From the recent achievements of Matvey, a key role in the sports drama "Groggy" can be noted. He played professional boxer Vyacheslav Kuznetsov. During the fight for the championship title, the hero accidentally killed an opponent in the ring. The deceased was a close friend of his. What happened shocks the athlete, forcing him to rethink his own life. Vyacheslav cannot understand whether he should leave boxing or continue to do it.

In the crime series "Team" Zubalevich reincarnated as police captain Andrei Kravets. The hero is so devoted to operational work that he does not devote time to his family at all. His wife, who is tired of putting up with her husband's constant employment, files for divorce.

Film and TV projects

There are other wonderful series and films by Matvey Zubalevich that are worth watching.

Matvey Zubalevich in the film "Once and For All"
Matvey Zubalevich in the film "Once and For All"
  • Forest Lake.
  • "Great Expectations".
  • “Moscow. Three stations.”
  • "Divisional".
  • War Angels.
  • GRO 4.
  • “Time to love.”
  • "Petrovich".
  • "Double life".
  • "Angel or Demon".
  • "Delta".
  • "Once and for all".
  • "Last Summer".
  • Hope.
  • The Art of Winning.
  • "Psycho".
  • Crossroads of Fate.
  • "Favorite teacher".
  • "Psychologists".

Matvey played the main role in the series "Contact". Explosive work is being carried out in the area where magnetic anomalies have been discovered. Three people are thrown into the blast zone and gain strange abilities as a result.

Behind the scenes

Where did Matvey Zubalevich and his wife meet, how long have they been together? The actor is currently focused on work. He believes that it is too early for him to marry, he does not feel ready for family life. Matvey promises that he will marry only the girl with whom he wants to go through his whole life. From his chosen one, he expects first of all fidelity. Zubalevich also does not hide the fact that he intends to have only one child. The actor really wants it to be a girl, as he dreams of a daughter.

Matvey Zubalevich with friend Philip Bledny
Matvey Zubalevich with friend Philip Bledny

Matvey has a best friend. With actor Philip Bledny, Zubalevich starred together in "Daddy's Daughters". The guys go to the same sports club, and also often relax together.

A personal account on Instagram will help you learn more about Matvey Zubalevich. More than 300 thousand people are already interested in the personal life of the actor, such is the number of his subscribers. The basis of Instagram is Matvey's professional photo shoots. Also a lot of everyday photos. The actor is a big selfie lover.