Boris Ryzhiy: biography, cause of death, photo
Boris Ryzhiy: biography, cause of death, photo

Video: Boris Ryzhiy: biography, cause of death, photo

Video: Boris Ryzhiy: biography, cause of death, photo
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The poet Ryzhiy Boris Borisovich captured with his work all the deepest experiences of the Russian nation during the collapse of the USSR. Called the last poet of the empire, Ryzhiy was born in 1974, on September 8th. During his short life, the poet wrote more than a thousand poems. Today, many have wondered who Boris Ryzhiy is. The biography, cause of death and creativity of this man excite the minds of his fans.

Boris Ryzhiy: biography

The poet's parents were intelligent people. Father, Boris Petrovich Ryzhiy, was a professor. He received his doctorate for geological and mineralogical research. The poet's mother, Margarita Mikhailovna, worked as an epidemiologist by profession.

boris red
boris red

In early 1980, Boris Petrovich Ryzhiy and Margarita Mikhailovna change their permanent place of residence and move from Chelyabinsk to Sverdlovsk. They settle at a new address: Vtorchermet district, st. Titova, 44. Their six-year-old son, Boris Ryzhiy, also came with them. The biography of a person will now be associated with the city of Sverdlovsk, which has become his new home, until the end of his life.

Poet's school hobbies

Boris starts his studies atschool on the outskirts of Sverdlovsk. For the first three years, Ryzhiy is passionately interested in aircraft modeling. As a primary school student, Boris Jr. often puts words into rhymes, jokingly and in a free form. My sister remembers those times when, before going to bed, Borya poured out all the energy accumulated in him with rhymes.

boris red biography cause of death
boris red biography cause of death

The future poet was a creative child. Passion for aircraft modeling was replaced by an interest in clay modeling. Unlike many of his friends, the boy was very interested in this kind of creativity.

At the age of 11, the aspiring poet Boris Ryzhiy went on a trip to Lake Itkul with his sister. During his time there, he learned to swim.

Injury due to curiosity

A few weeks later, Red constructed a homemade parachute and performed a test experiment by jumping from a tall tree. As a result, the young poet broke his arm and became interested in biology.

Journey to the homeland of ancestors

An important event in the formation of the poet's personality was a trip to the motherland of his ancestors. Boris Petrovich and Margarita Mikhailovna, together with their 12-year-old son, went to a village in the Oryol region called Skripovo.

boris red photo
boris red photo

In those very days, Boris Ryzhiy looked so deeply into his roots for the first time. Tales of the war and stories of great-grandfathers helped him better understand himself and his lineage. Then the poet first thought about the history of mankind. About where suffering begins and what beauty is.

Books the poet read

For the first 12 years of his life, Boris Ryzhiy always received his father's attention and care. This greatly affected his later work. Boris Petrovich often read to his son poems by such poets as:

  • A. Block.
  • B. Bryusov.
  • M. Lermontov.
  • S. Yesenin.
  • F. Tyutchev.
  • A. Pushkin.

Ryzhiy had a great interest in the literary work of Russian poets. The older sister read Nekrasov's fairy tales to him.

red-haired Boris Borisovich
red-haired Boris Borisovich

In 1987, Boris Ryzhiy and Olga paid great attention to Yesenin. They often read Vladimir Mayakovsky's poems aloud. Boris is immersed in reading M. Bulgakov's novel The Master and Margarita with great interest. For a long time he was under the impression of the idea of this work. In particular, he is fond of the image of Pontius Pilate.

In the same year, Boris becomes interested in the art of music. Ginger begins to listen to music and develops his ear. This experience inspires him so much that he decides to make his own attempts to record the song.

Reading Mayakovsky and first love

In 1988, Red Boris first saw the poems of Joseph Brodsky. A fourteen-year-old boy always read such authors as V. Mayakovsky and I. Brodsky with special rapture.

Almost at the same age, Boris met his first youthful love - a neighbor's girl Yulia.

Attitude towards death

By the end of the ninth grade, the poet Boris Ryzhiy was a fairly well-educated young man. He always experiencedgenuine interest in everything new. Unlike most of his peers, Boris was a well-rounded teenager. The zeal to comprehend the unknown was manifested in everything. Even the love of reading Russian literature did not prevent him from winning prizes in boxing, karate and judo competitions.

boris red cause of death
boris red cause of death

Boris was as open as brave people can be. In his life there is a turning point, a strong shock - a suicide jumped out of the window of a neighboring house. From such news, Boris experienced an unfamiliar anxiety before. Being a very smart and well-read young man, the young man had a considerable idea of the meaning of life and the frailty of being. Boris Ryzhiy cannot get such a heavy thought out of his head. Perhaps then he could not understand one thing: what, after all, courage or cowardice encourages a person to stop existing in this world?

Since then, the attitude of the young man towards death and the view of values has changed forever. It was at that moment that the aspiring poet Boris Ryzhiy began to describe in verse his view of the world and the meaninglessness of fear.

Voluntary Death Award

Boris Ryzhiy has come a long way from his first poem to recognition and reward. The poet has been abroad and seen the life of other people. It was strikingly different from life in Yekaterinburg. Boris got married, and soon his son Artyom was born in his family. He turned 7 in 2000.

In the last years of his life, Boris studied at the academy, wrote a lot, and his poems were repeatedly published. The unusual creativity of Ryzhy was to the taste of many. The lines of these poems made their way to the very bones, and Boris understood this.

Together with his friend and poet Roman Tyagunov, he decides to create something sensational. Young poets announce an All-Russian competition, which will determine the author of the best poem about eternity. Shortly after that, a special organizing committee was created to present the Marble Prize.

The guys were going to do a literary PR for Yekaterinburg. The idea was based on the opinion that the cherished desire of each author is a written book or recognition of his work during his lifetime, but in the form of a monument. With a little ingenuity, Roman came up with a proposal that could combine these two desires.

boris red cause of death
boris red cause of death

It was decided that the best lines about eternity would be rewarded with a marble monument in the form of a book, on the front side of which they would be carved.

In search of a sponsor, Boris and Roman turned to a company that makes marble tombstones. Of course, there were those who were suspicious of the superstitious undertaking. But the true poet, thinking about death, is absolutely not afraid of such concepts as superstition. As intended, the undertaker did his job.

Soon Roman Tyagunov died. Boris Ryzhiy experienced the strongest shock. The cause of his friend's death remains a mystery. The official version is suicide. Tyagunov jumped out of the window of his apartment. Many considered him a jumper, but there is a statement that that evening at Romanthere were guests - there were four unwashed mugs on the table.

Boris Ryzhiy experienced black depression at that time. Photos of Tyagunov screamed in wild silence. The poet then wrote these lines: “Pain goes through all the rooms, and alcohol does not help. Forever in my memory your features are distorted, but it is not you.”

Four months later, Boris Ryzhiy was found dead. His body was found hanging from the balcony door of his parents' apartment. Nearby lay a note, which soon disappeared. It was written: “I loved you all, no fools. Your Boris.”

Documentary about the poet

Boris Ryzhiy died on May 7, 2001. During his short life, he learned a lot and conveyed to us no less in his poems. In 2009, a short but rich life story of the Sverdlovsk poet interested a young director from the Netherlands, Alena van der Horst. Without thinking twice, she decides to make a documentary film in order to capture the environment in which the Russian poet B. Ryzhiy, recognized during his lifetime, was born, lived and died.

boris red biography
boris red biography

The film is called "Boris Ryzhiy". Biography, cause of death and creativity of the main character are shown as far as possible. This is because people who are asked questions in front of a video camera do not meet the film crew with warmth and cordiality. Unfortunately, even housemates are not all able to remember that such a wonderful person as Boris Ryzhiy lived with them.

Perhaps this is the only reason why the main idea of the film, sadly, was the footage from the lives of people, oncewho lived in a powerful and ideological power called the USSR. And now they all can't figure out what their values are. Young people drink alcohol and use drugs. Many men either serve prison sentences or die at a young age, never knowing anything about themselves and their abilities.