A. B. Pugacheva: discography and biography
A. B. Pugacheva: discography and biography

Video: A. B. Pugacheva: discography and biography

Video: A. B. Pugacheva: discography and biography
Video: Алла Пугачёва - Лучшие песни @MELOMAN-MUSIC 2023, October

Alla Pugacheva is a world-famous Russian performer, actress, director and composer. She also tried her hand as a TV presenter. Today she is 69 years old, she is happily married. The husband of Alla Borisovna is the famous comedian and TV presenter Maxim Galkin. The growth of the Prima Donna is 162 cm. According to the sign of the zodiac, she is Aries. Pugacheva's discography is familiar to many who grew up on her songs, and is also simply a fan of her work. This woman has been insanely popular for more than 50 years and is very much discussed not only within the Russian Federation, but also far beyond its borders.

Pugacheva and Galkin
Pugacheva and Galkin

Short biography of Alla Borisovna

This talent was born on April 15, 1949 in Moscow (Russia). Her mother, Zinaida Arkhipovna Odegova, decided to name her daughter in honor of her favorite actress Alla Tarasova. Dad, Boris Mikhailovich Pugachev, was a strict and serious person, but he did not resist his wife's decision. Alla Borisovna became the second child in the family after her brother Gena. The Pugachev family lost him due to a terrible disease - diphtheria.

Introducing Music

Love forAlla was born into music even before the girl went to school. At the age of 5, she met a man who helped discover her talent for singing. So, Zinaida Arkhipovna brought a music teacher to the house. It was he who told the family that they were lucky. After all, they raise a real future star. After that, the life of little Alla Borisovna changed dramatically. She was enrolled in piano classes at a music school. Every day, the girl spent three hours playing a musical instrument. Despite such a successful start to her studies in the musical field, Alla knew that she would become a singer. In Pugacheva's dreams, the discography of the successful and world-famous artist was clearly visible.

Already after three months of training, the future star performed on stage with famous artists of the Soviet Union. So at the age of 5, Alla first tasted glory.

School years

In 1956, our heroine went to school. She had a fighting character and knew how to fend for herself. Despite this, Alla was an excellent student and even managed to help her peers in their studies. The teachers now and then made comments to her, but the parents were not upset. They knew that their daughter knew the edge and knew how to behave with dignity.

A music teacher in her school years prophesied to Alla Borisovna a great future for the famous pianist. But she resisted and believed in her dream of becoming a singer. Being an eighth-grader, the girl received a diploma from a music school and understood that she could not live without it.

After graduating from school, the future star applied to the Ipolitov-Ivanov school and wasas a second-year student when she was invited on a tour with Moscow pop artists.

Creativity of Alla Borisovna

Returning from the first tour, Pugacheva gave people the first composition called "Robot". It was first aired on the Good Morning show. After that, the girl was noticed, and the most famous producers began to invite her to cooperate. Despite the many already popular and famous people who surrounded her after her first success, Alla Borisovna preferred the composer Vladimir Shainsky. At that time, the man was just starting his career and was little known. It was he who continued a good start for the development and prosperity of such a talent as Primadonna. Shainsky replenished Pugacheva's discography with songs such as "Don't argue with me" and "No matter how I fall in love."

Agitation brigade "Youth" and difficulties in obtaining a diploma

Next, Alla Borisovna performed as part of the Yunost propaganda team. Together with the team, she traveled all over the Far North and the Arctic. I had to speak not only in front of large halls, but also in front of ordinary workers, as well as miners and drillers.

Despite the fact that Pugacheva's discography was gradually replenished with more and more new works, she had problems on the other front of science. Given the many gaps, the teaching staff decided not to allow the "truant" to the exams.

Alla Borisovna was punished for such behavior and went on an internship at one of the Moscow schools, where she worked for exactly six months. The students loved her, even though they called herAlkoy-shouter: she had a loud and caustic voice. After working off, Pugacheva was awarded a diploma. But before that, she was allowed to take state exams.

Alla Pugacheva smiles
Alla Pugacheva smiles

After receiving a diploma, Alla Pugacheva did not stop dreaming about the discography of a real star. It was for this reason that she did not look for a job in her speci alty. The girl immediately got a job in a circus variety school, with which she traveled as a soloist to many villages and small provincial towns.

red-haired Alla Borisovna
red-haired Alla Borisovna

An important role in the creation of Alla Pugacheva's early discography was played by the period when she became a soloist of the New Electron group, then Moskvich, and after that she was invited by the famous Cheerful Guys. Thanks to the latter, our heroine managed to win the first Grand Prix in her career for the song "Harlekino".

First large-scale festivals

Feeling by her own example what true glory is, Alla Borisovna performed at many international festivals in 1976. In Cannes, she visited the famous MIDEM fair. Then the aspiring artist went to Germany, where she recorded the first single Harlekino.

Pugacheva in his youth
Pugacheva in his youth

Also, Pugacheva took part in the Czechoslovakian festival called "Bratislava Lira", and in Poland she performed at the congress of world-class artists "Sopot-76".

Leaving the Merry Fellows

At the moment when Alla Pugacheva's discography began to rapidly replenish with new works, the restmembers of the group "Jolly Fellows" began to express their dissatisfaction. They considered this attitude of the girl towards them unfair and selfish. Alla herself did not share their opinion and came into conflict with the head of the ensemble. It was he who caused the rupture of all relations between these people.

The beginning of Pugacheva's solo career

To go on a solo voyage and create her own full-fledged discography, A. B. Pugacheva decided by the end of the busy 1976. Then she literally immediately received an offer to perform at the New Year's Light, beloved by many. At the concert, Alla Borisovna performed the composition “Very Good.”

Alla Borisovna Pugacheva
Alla Borisovna Pugacheva

A year later, our heroine gave her first large-scale solo concert at Luzhniki. After that, she was given permission to perform solo concerts not only in the USSR, but also abroad. At that time, Alla Borisovna appeared on television so brightly and effectively that she received an offer from the famous director to star in the legendary "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath".

Alla Pugacheva also starred in the film "The Woman Who Sings". It was thanks to this project that the artist received the title of best actress of the year. At that time, the main calling card of the Primadonna was a shapeless dress in the form of a hoodie. In it, Alla Borisovna appeared on the screens during concerts and filming.

Pugacheva's first solo album

In 1978, our heroine released her first solo album, which was called "Mirror of the Soul". over this project,in addition to Alla Borisovna and Alexander Zatsepin, such famous people as Boris Rachkov and Boris Gorbonos also worked. This record for the entire career of Pugacheva has become the most popular and sold not only in the Russian Federation.

Primadonna with blond hair
Primadonna with blond hair

The producer of the star decided, given the success, to translate the album into several languages and launch an export version abroad. This idea turned out to be no less successful, and the Primadonna gained worldwide fame. So, the biography in Pugacheva's discography was replenished with the first large and very successful project. The artist was crazy about happiness at such a beginning of her career. She worked tirelessly and did not plan to stop there.

Full version of Pugacheva's discography by years

  • Mirror of the Soul, 1978
  • Arlecchino and Others, 1979
  • “Whether there will be more…”, 1980
  • "Rise above the fuss!", 1980
  • "How unsettling this path", 1982
  • "New Year's Attraction - 1", 1983
  • Million Roses, 1983
  • "Alla Pugacheva in Stockholm", 1986
  • "…Happiness in my personal life!", 1986
  • Two Stars, 1986
  • "I came and I say", 1987
  • Outskirts, 1987
  • "Songs instead of letters", 1988
  • Hello, 1988
  • Alla, 1990
  • Christmas Encounters, 1991
  • "Don't Hurt Me Gentlemen", 1995.
  • Collection, 1996
  • "Surprise from Pugacheva", 1997
  • "Yes!", 1998
  • Invitation to Sunset, 2008


In 2009, Diva shocked everyone with the news that she was leaving the big stage and would no longer delight fans with her work. In parting, she went on a tour called "Dreams of Love." Her 37 concerts were a huge success, the halls were packed every time, and the audience listened with bated breath to every word of Alla Borisovna.

prima donna on stage
prima donna on stage

Today, Pugacheva often appears on screens as a guest on many television projects. She also searches for young talents, whom she helps to achieve new heights. In addition, Alla Borisovna, together with her husband Maxim Galkin, hosts the TV show Morning Mail.