Marco Mengoni is number one in Italy

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Marco Mengoni is number one in Italy
Marco Mengoni is number one in Italy

Video: Marco Mengoni is number one in Italy

Video: Marco Mengoni is number one in Italy
Video: Marco Mengoni - Due Vite (LIVE) | Italy 🇮🇹 | Grand Final | Eurovision 2023 2023, September

The favorite of the Italian public, the representative of the modern musical world of Italy, an incredibly popular performer - Marco Mengoni. The gifted, charismatic handsome man became the winner of the Italian talent competition, and then the best European artist.

Unique artist, singer and composer
Unique artist, singer and composer


The singer was born in the Italian province of Viterbo, Ronciglion on December 25, 1988. The only child in the family from childhood showed interest in music and studied vocals at the Brela school with Barbara Giloni for many years. Staying at home alone, he liked to sing karaoke. Marco Mengoni began to sing professionally at the age of 14, and at 16 he already organized his cover band of 5 people, with whom he performed in clubs, at local concert venues.

At college, Marco studied industrial design, then entered the Faculty of Linguistics in Rome. During his studies, he composed his own songs and performed with his band in clubs, bars, weddings,I worked as a bartender for a while. A year later, dropping out of school, Mengoni takes a job as a music mixer and programmer.

Shortly after that, he meets musicians and producers who help organize and assemble his real team. After three years of rehearsals and performances, Marco Mengoni hones his professionalism and style and enters the start of X-Factor, Italy's main vocal competition.

Mengoni's compositions are easy to remember, melodic and full of romance, and the performer himself is called "the main pop sensation in Italy". The style of performance, the timbre of the voice, defined as soul with elements of pop rock, was called "meow" by some critics.

The singer himself describes his style as british black (black British). In addition, he has repeatedly stated that he loves British pop, and The Beatles, Renato Zero, Michael Jackson, David Bowie had the greatest influence on his work and inspiration.

In many interviews, the young man tries to avoid "intimate questions", says that this should remain understated. Probably the main secret of Marco Mengoni is his personal life, which remains hidden from prying eyes while the singer himself is a mega-popular media personality. Journalists would like to get any information, but the singer does not talk about personal things, and recently stated that he is inspired by such stars as Renato Zero, David Bowie, who built their careers on the secret of their personal lives. Maybe that's why Marco Mengoni and his girlfriend are the main mystery for the Italianpress.

Marco Mengoni - number 1
Marco Mengoni - number 1

Participation in X-Factor

At the age of 20, the young performer passed the audition, was selected to the Morgan team to participate in the third project to find talented Italian singers X-Factor. He fell into the 16 to 24 category with a cover of Eduardo de Crescenzo's Uomini semplici. Morgan chose Mengoni as one of his best members.

In the program, he sang many songs by famous artists, and in the final he sang a duet with Alex Britti. During his performances in the program, he came out with songs of various genres, received congratulations from the stars. His performing talent was noted by such popular singers as Mina, Adriano Celentano, Eliza, Georgia. In December 2009, Marco Mengoni reached the final and became the winner of the show project. As a prize, a contract was signed with the recording company Sony Music for 300 thousand euros, as well as the opportunity to participate in the 60th prestigious Sanremo Music Festival.

Besides the 5 songs performed during the project, there was the winning final single Dove si vola, which after that was played on the radio, and it debuted at number one on Italy's Top Digital Downloads chart. Immediately after the completion of the project, the first album with the same name of the track of the winner Dove si vola is released, which includes songs previously performed on the project and 2 new compositions written together with Massimo Calabrese, Piero, Stella Fabiani.

The album was 1 among the best sellers on iTunes. It became the first platinum album in Mengoni's career and soldover 80 thousand copies. Lightning popularity allowed to collect thousands of concert venues, and his 2010 tour of Italy included 56 concerts, each of which was an unforgettable performance for the public. Marco's constant improvisations, surprises and guest stars involved in the show made his show unforgettable.

San Remo Festival 2010

Winning the X-Factor gave Mengoni the opportunity to participate in the 60th Sanremo Festival in February 2010. Marco was one of the youngest participants and performed his song Credimi ancora. But according to the opinion of the public, critics and the decision of the jury, he took only third place. Then this song was included in his second album Re matto, and a week after the release he was on the first line of the ratings.

In May of the same year, a concert tour began, during which 28 concerts were held with the participation of the best designers and choreographers. In Genoa, May 8, 2010, the Man of the Year award goes to Marco Mengoni, the albums Dove si vola and Re matto go platinum and win the Wind Music Awards.

San Remo Festival
San Remo Festival

Victory in "San Remo" 2013 and "Eurovision"

The young performer in December 2012 confirmed his next participation in the San Remo festival. He performed with the songs Bellissimo and L'essenziale, and also performed the composition Ciao amore ciao by Luigi Tenco. His performance was highly acclaimed, and on February 16, 2013, he again receives the title of the winner of "San Remo".

After this triumph, Marco Mengoni was chosen as the representative of Italy for the Eurovision Song Contest, where he finished 7th. This was followed by the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, where he performed along with 25 other contestants. It was the first time in history that an Italian participant took part in such a concert.


Marco released his debut album Dove si vola at the end of 2009. It includes songs from X-Facror and two new compositions - Lontanissimi da te, Dove si vola. Literally a few months later, in February 2010, the singer released 2 albums - Re matto, then went on a grandiose concert tour in support of the album. Both albums were a resounding success.

September 2011 marked the release of the full length album Solo 2.0. Shortly thereafter, Marco recorded the song Meri Luis, performed in a duet with Lucio Dalla. After participation in "San Remo" and "Eurovision" in March 2013, the album Prontoacorrere appears, and then the single Guerriero (November 2014), preceding the next studio album Parole in circolo (January 2015), which consisted of 2 parts.

The second chapter of Le cose che non ho was published towards the end of the same year. And the final stage of this work was Marco Mengoni Live - a live album of 2016, which included 6 studio tracks, including the track with the English singer Paloma Faith Ad occhi chiusi and the single Sai Che.

In addition to acting, Mengoni in 2012 is engaged in voice acting and dubbing the character of Findkins in the animated film "The Lorax".


During the ten years of his meteoric career, Mengoni has won numerous awards:

  • 2010 - MTV TRL Awards Person of the Year;
  • 2010 - MTV Europe Music Awards: "Best Italian Artist", "Best European Artist" (ahead of Enrique Iglesias himself);
  • 2011 - three awards from the Wind Music Awards for platinum albums and a single;
  • 2012 - MTV TRL Awards: Super man (Best Look);
  • 2013 - Wind Music Awards: Super Man, Artist Saga; ESC Radio Awards: Best Male Artist; MTV Europe Music Awards: "Best Italian Artist", "Best Southern European Artist";
  • 2014 - Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (best performer); Music Awards; MTV Awards;
  • 2015 - Wind Music Awards: Platinum Album and Multi-Platinum Single Award; MTV Awards: "Best Performance", Artist Saga, Super Man;
  • 2016 - "Best Artist", Multi-Platinum Single Award, Multi-Platinum Disc, "Best Italian Singer".
Star of Italy
Star of Italy

During his career, Mengoni managed to receive not only a large number of awards, but also public recognition throughout Europe. Today, Marco is a success, but at the same time he strives to improve himself as a person, a poet, an artist.