How to come up with a joke: tips and tricks. Good jokes

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How to come up with a joke: tips and tricks. Good jokes
How to come up with a joke: tips and tricks. Good jokes

Video: How to come up with a joke: tips and tricks. Good jokes

Video: How to come up with a joke: tips and tricks. Good jokes
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How to come up with a joke? This question is sometimes puzzled not only by members of student KVN teams, but also by people who are far from such activities. For example, creating a small humorous number may be required for a friendly theme party. Jokes are sometimes contained in wedding toasts-congratulations.

wedding toast
wedding toast

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of humor in ordinary, everyday life. It is much more pleasant to communicate with a cheerful, positive person than with an eternally gloomy subject.

How to be funny?

Some people think that artificially mastering the skill of creating good jokes is almost impossible. They talk about the need for a special gift that a person must be endowed with in order to become a successful humorist. To some extent, these people are right. A sense of humor, of course, must be present in someone who decides to make others laugh. Otherwise, this idea in itself is absurd.

However, it is worth mentioning that many famous comedians performing on the professional stage, as well as players of the highestKVN leagues often say that you can’t go far on some natural inclinations. To regularly come up with good jokes, you need a certain technique, knowledge of the structure of the numbers, and so on. They will be discussed in the following chapters.

Magic wand

Many articles on this topic compare the art of comedians to performances by magicians.

magician performance
magician performance

How are illusionist numbers usually built? As a rule, at first the artist distracts the attention of the audience, focusing it on some subject. In the meantime, he imperceptibly for the audience is preparing a surprise. What will happen in the next moment, the audience usually does not know. This is where surprise plays a huge role. Almost all good jokes are built on it. The listener does not know how the phrase will end. Or he thinks he knows the final part of the statement, but his assumptions turn out to be wrong.

Even if the essence of the joke is a parody of a famous person, anyway, his manner of speaking and moving turns out to be somewhat distorted, the characteristic features are always deliberately exaggerated in such cases. This turns out to be unexpected and creates a comic effect. Therefore, before you set out to figure out how to come up with a funny joke, you need to learn to think outside the box.

Children as a source of inspiration

Experienced actors say that it is very difficult to play children and animals because of their unpredictability. This quality does not interfere with learning from the younger generation and beginners.comedians. Examples of out-of-the-box thinking can be found in many children's sayings that make adults smile and are perceived as good jokes. Example: a little boy, seeing a river covered with ice in winter, asks his mother why it has dried up.

child laughing
child laughing

It is no coincidence that the heroes of many jokes are children. These characters, due to their peculiar perception of the world around them, express ideas and thoughts that are unexpected for an adult. Therefore, the question of how to come up with a joke can be answered as follows. It is necessary to learn to look at familiar phenomena from unusual points of view, through the eyes of other people, including children. An example of such humor is the following anecdote.

Composition of a first grader: “My dad can do everything in the world. He can jump with a parachute, conquer the highest peak, go on an expedition to the North Pole. But he doesn't because he doesn't have much free time: he helps his mom clean up.”

National mentality

Numerous jokes about communication between representatives of different nationalities are built on the same principle (unique thinking). For example: they ask the Chukchi why he bought a refrigerator for himself, because in his homeland it is already very cold in winter. A resident of the Far North replies: “It's -50 degrees outside. The fridge is ten degrees below zero. The Chukchi will warm themselves in it.

Chukchi in a hat
Chukchi in a hat

Great Russian Language

The effect of surprise can be created in another way. Russian language aboundsmany synonyms (words denoting the same concept). Therefore, considering various options for how to compose a joke, you can use this feature.

Readers will surely remember the episode from the famous Soviet film "Gentlemen of Fortune", where the hero Yevgeny Leonov teaches bandits to replace obscene words with literary analogues that sound strange in their mouths. This is a great example of how to come up with a joke using various expressive means of the Russian language.

One word - many meanings

Such a definition can be given to the lexical phenomenon of a homonym.

An example is the joke about how a Georgian asks the hotel administrator if he can sleep with the light on. When he was told that he had the right to do so, he said: “Sveta, I found out. Here you can. Come in.”

It has already been mentioned here that in any joke there must be an element of surprise. The first part of it is usually a phrase or a piece of text that does not go beyond logic and common sense. This is how jokes and short funny jokes are built.

How to come up with a joke for KVN?

This game has a part called "Warm Up". During this round, participants from different teams compete in composing a continuation for a given phrase. Their goal is precisely to come up with an unexpected, witty ending to an ordinary sentence or the same answer to a question.

This form is classic for almost all jokes. The difference between them is only in the design. The joke might bepresented as an anecdote, a humorous story or a short saying.

The first part can be called the introduction, the second - the climax. Many use the English terms setup and punchline.

Original technique

At the beginning of this article, it was said about the importance of such a quality as having a sense of humor. But even his absence can be the butt of jokes.

sad clown
sad clown

This feature of the human intellect is played up in the miniature "Avas" by Arkady Raikin, which depicts a dialogue between two people. One of the characters has a sense of humor, and the other does not.


This technique can also be used, including writing jokes for the company. It is always in some kind of inconsistency. For example, one of the crown numbers of Mikhail Zadornov was the following. The satirist analyzed the texts of popular songs. The irony here is that the words of these works of art are studied on a par with high poetry. You can do the same with friends.

Irony is sometimes contained in short everyday jokes. For example, when you see a neighbor dressed in a formal suit, you can say: “Yes, I see you are going to the gym.”

Holiday Jokes

What joke to come up with on April 1st? Millions of people ask this question every year.

laughing emoticon
laughing emoticon

But it's easy to do. Such jokes are usually based on elementary deception and are designed to shock the interlocutor. A striking example of this is the old joke when a personthey say that his whole back is white. You can also say that you found a wallet with a large amount of money on which his phone number was written. I wonder how the interlocutor will behave: will he say that the wallet belongs to him, or will he be honest?

These are just a few of the joke-making techniques. You can use them or come up with your own.