Actor Taylor James: roles, films, biography

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Actor Taylor James: roles, films, biography
Actor Taylor James: roles, films, biography

Video: Actor Taylor James: roles, films, biography

Video: Actor Taylor James: roles, films, biography
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Taylor James is a movie actor. A native of the English city of Sevenoaks, he played in 16 cinematic projects. For the first time he appeared on the set in 1988, when he played a cameo role in the serial film "Red Dwarf". In 2018, he played the main character in the feature film Samson.

Movies and genres

Actor Taylor James starred in such significant television projects as "Winter's Tale" and "Sirens". In the latter, he played Marvin.

The filmography of Taylor James is represented by films of the following genres:

  • Action: Justice League.
  • Comedy: "Christmas Eve", "Hotel Babylon".
  • Crime: "No compromise".
  • Musical: Mama MIA!
  • Talk Show: Made in Hollywood.
  • Fiction: "Red Dwarf".
  • Drama: "Winter's Tale", "Mercantile Girl", "Sirens", "Sex and Another City".
  • Short: Howard's Happy Place.
  • Melodrama: "Romeo andJuliet".
frame with taylor james
frame with taylor james


Taylor James starred alongside famous actors such as Dexter Fletcher, Jennifer Beals, Amanda Seyfried, Paddy Considine, Meryl Streep, Ben Affleck, Miranda Raison, Henry Cavill, Billy Zane, Jason Statham and others.

Called to projects directed by Zack Snyder, Phyllid Lloyd, Amanda Boyle, Rose Troche.

About person

Taylor James was born on January 26, 1980 in the English town of Sevenoaks. The family of the future actor first lived in South Africa, and then moved to the UK in 1986. Taylor James first attended Northamptonshire High School before transferring to Northampton College to study acting there. Later he studied at the London Studio Centre. During the first phase of his creative career, Taylor James performed in musical theater productions shown in London.

photo by Taylor James
photo by Taylor James

Role in the project "Samson" in 2018, which was based on the biblical legend, Taylor James calls the most important in his life. The actor liked the attitude of director Bruce MacDonald, whom he calls an expert in his field, towards him and his colleagues. According to Taylor James, in working on his role, he was impressed by the fact that he happened to play the same hero, but of different ages. He thinks the opportunity rarely comes along.