Glenn Headley: the story of one actress

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Glenn Headley: the story of one actress
Glenn Headley: the story of one actress

Video: Glenn Headley: the story of one actress

Video: Glenn Headley: the story of one actress
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In 2017, actress Glenne Headley passed away at the age of 63. At one time, she became famous thanks to the films "Dirty Scoundrels", "Mr. Holland's Opus", "Deadly Thoughts" and many others. Throughout her adult life, the actress has worked hard, playing large and small roles in film and television. She has also received two Emmy nominations and a Chicago Film Critics Association Award.

How the film and television star spent her life can be found in the article below.

Gorgeous actress Glenn Headley
Gorgeous actress Glenn Headley

Young years of the actress

Our heroine was born in Connecticut, in the city of New London. On March 13, 1955, a daughter, Glenn, was born to loving parents. When she was little, she moved with her parents to New York, where the girl spent her entire childhood. From an early age, Glenn was involved in ballet and the study of modern dance. And after graduating from high school, she moved to Chicago, where she became interested in dramatic art with might and main. Very soon, the young actress began to perform on the stage.

Once in the theater troupe "Steppenwolf", the girl met actor John Malkovich, whom she later married. However, marriagedidn't last long at all. According to some reports, the husband cheated, which is why there was a break in relations.

Actress Glenne Headley
Actress Glenne Headley

Step by step on TV screens

Hadley's film debut took place in 1981, when the actress was 26 years old. She played in the film "Four Friends". This is a story about three guys who were in love with one girl. In 1985, the actress was lucky enough to work with Woody Allen in his film The Purple Rose of Cairo. This is a rather extraordinary picture, about how a movie hero comes to life and starts a relationship with a girl, almost all of whose life is spent at the blue screen.

The brightest films of Glenn Headley

Glenn has appeared in more than fifty different film projects. But there are a number of the most interesting pictures, each of which presented the actress in a special way, and thanks to her work in some projects, the actress received worthy awards.

The following is a list of actress Glenne Headley's best film credits:

  1. "Fandango" (1985). During the filming of this film, the actress managed to work on the same set with Kevin Costner.
  2. "Dirty Scoundrels" (1988). Star actors such as Steve Martin and Michael Caine took part in the comedy film, who played the main roles in tandem with Headley.
  3. The film "Dirty scammers" (1988)
    The film "Dirty scammers" (1988)
  4. Paper House (1988). The fantasy picture tells about a girl who loses the fine line between dreams and reality.
  5. Mini-series "Lonesome Dove" (1989). The actress was nominated for an awardEmmy for Elmyra Johnson.
  6. "Dick Tracy" (1990). In the film, the actress played the role of Tess Trueheart, and mega-star Madonna and Al Pacino became partners in the filming.
  7. Deadly Thoughts (1991). In the film, the actress met with the famous star couple - Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.
  8. "Mr. Holland's Opus" (1995). In the drama, the actress played the lead role of Iris Holland.
  9. "Dirty Love" (1996). For participation in this film, the actress was nominated for an Emmy.
  10. "Breakfast of Champions" (1999). Actors Owen Wilson and Bruce Willis again became partners on the set, and the actress played the role of Francine Pefko.
  11. "Crazy" (2004). Glenn played the character Katrina, and here she was able to work with popular actors Christopher Walken and Michael Caine again.
  12. Funeral Crazy (2004). In the comedy drama, Hadley got the role of Samantha.
  13. "Namesake" (2006). An interesting experience for an actress in an American-Indian film. Glenn got the supporting role of Lydia.
  14. Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Mystery (2008). The film starred young rising star Abigail Breslin, and the role of Lewis Howard went to the actress.
  15. "The Joneses" (2010). The film starred such celebrities as Demi Moore, David Duchovny, Amber Heard. And Hadley appeared as Summer Symonds.
  16. “Everything is just beginning” (2017). It was one of the last works of Glenn, and here she played the role of Marguerite.
  17. Gorgeous Glenn Headley
    Gorgeous Glenn Headley

Family Ties

In 1982, the actress married JohnMalkovich, whom she divorced in 1990. And in 1993, Glenn Headley again married Byron McCulloch, from whom she gave birth to a son, Stirling, in 1997.