Filmography and biography of Artem Osipov

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Filmography and biography of Artem Osipov
Filmography and biography of Artem Osipov

Video: Filmography and biography of Artem Osipov

Video: Filmography and biography of Artem Osipov
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Artem Osipov is a Russian actor who is known for his acting in detective and melodramatic serial films, but, thanks to his creative potential, he can easily get used to the images of a wide variety of characters. The attractive appearance of Artem Osipov also has the most positive effect on his career, due to which any of the roles will receive a warm welcome from fans.

artem osipova
artem osipova

The beginning of life and the creative path

Osipov Artem Aleksandrovich was born in the city of Saratov. His date of birth is January 29, 1983. From childhood, the boy was attracted to theatrical life, for this reason his parents sent him to a theater group. During his school years, Artem Osipov studied at the Saratov Conservatory and was in good standing with teachers. At this time, the young man hesitated in choosing between the professions of a musician and an actor, but after graduating from the conservatory, he nevertheless settled on the latter.

Artem Osipov's further education took place at the Moscow Art Theater School, where he successfully entered, passing all the exams the first time. The study took place in the acting workshop under the guidance of Konstantin Raikin (son of the legendary and talentedactor Arkady Raikin).

First steps on the theater stage

Already from the second year of study at the Moscow Art Theater, Osipov began performing on the stage of the famous Satyricon Theater (whose director at that time was his mentor). Shakespeare's tragedy "Macbeth" is the debut performance in which Artyom played his first role on stage. And after graduation, Osipov was officially invited to work at the Satyricon.

artem osipov actor personal life
artem osipov actor personal life

Artem Osipov: filmography from "A" to "Z"

The first appearance of Osipov in the world of cinema fell on 2005. The artist was offered the role of an episodic character in the serial film "Lawyer-2", which he immediately agreed to.

And in the same year, the actor starred in the film "Love is like love."

In 2007, Alexander Osipov was invited to star in the serial film "Liquidation", which later received not only great public recognition, but also a lot of film awards. But only after participating in the mini-series "Sasha, my love!" Artyom felt the first taste of glory.

From 2008 to 2011, the actor starred in the following films:

  • “Alexander. Battle of the Neva”;
  • "One Night of Love";
  • "How can the heart be";
  • "Own truth";
  • "Stradivari Pistol";
  • "Petersburg holidays";
  • "Gangs";
  • "Bros-2";
  • "Travel ticket".

During this time, Osipov simultaneously participates in theatrical life. Together with Raikin and Butusov, he is working on the development of every detailperformance "King Lear".

In 2011, Osipov starred in the serial film "The Life and Adventures of Mishka Yaponchik." This was followed by shooting in other films and series:

  • "Son of the Father of Nations";
  • "Right to Truth";
  • "Terms of the contract-2";
  • "Dumplings";
  • "I remember everything";
  • "Priceless Love";
  • "Mine";
  • "Temptation";
  • "Under the heel";
  • "Bones";
  • "Life Circumstances";
  • "Election Day-2";
  • "Londongrad. Know ours!”;
  • "It doesn't get better";
  • "Pearls";
  • "From the first to the last word";
  • "Marry at any cost";
  • "Genie";
  • "Substitution";
  • "Bad Joke".
artem osipov filmography
artem osipov filmography

In one of the interviews, Artem Osipov was asked to single out his participation in the films he liked the most. The actor named the following pictures:

  • "Marry at any cost";
  • "Love is like love";
  • "One Night of Love";
  • TV series "Bones".

When asked how they differ from everyone else, Artyom replied that great actors took part in their creation, so he gained great experience watching them work in front of the camera.

The life of an actor outside the theater

Artem Osipov is an actor whose personal life has its own secrets and mysteries. Like any aspiring artist, he had practically no time for his personal life, and therefore he did not have a beloved woman for a long time. Osipov was very worried about this, but in 2009 Artem still found his love,whose name does not advertise.

After a while, the couple played a modest wedding. Currently, Artem, along with his wife, who is not related to the acting profession, live in a happy marriage and raise three sons, two of whom are relatives, and the eldest is a stepson.