Documentary film "Earthlings" - reviews, actors and features

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Documentary film "Earthlings" - reviews, actors and features
Documentary film "Earthlings" - reviews, actors and features

Video: Documentary film "Earthlings" - reviews, actors and features

Video: Documentary film "Earthlings" - reviews, actors and features
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The film "Earthlings", (2005), according to the authors of the picture, is one of the most realistic documentary projects of cruel exploitation of animals by humans. Viewers gave their own name to the tape - the creator of vegetarians.

The history of the creation and release of the film on the screens

It took 6 years for screenwriter and director Sean Monson to film and launch the film. The film was produced by Maggie Q, an American actress of Vietnamese origin.

Interesting fact! In the United States, only the Laemmle cinema chain has agreed to show the film on a wide screen.

According to the author, the release of the film project in wide distribution was hampered by the lack of interest of distributors, as well as the resistance of pharmaceutical giants and food production enterprises. The film was first presented to the audience on September 27, 2005 at the San Diego Film Festival.


The film "Earthlings" (year of release 2005) is not the first and not the only film dedicated to the problems of cruelty to animals. But in this picture, the ethical problem of the exploitation of the animal worlda person is revealed from all sides.


In the introduction, the director talks about the difficulties and dangers involved in making the film and moving it to the big screen.

Thematically, the plot of the main plot of the tape is divided into several independent parts, some of which are divided into smaller episodes:

  • Pets - the plot deals with the problems of breeding and selection of animals, abuse in shelters for homeless pets, irresponsible attitude towards tamed animals.
  • Animal food - tells about the unethical attitude of a person towards animals when they are bred for human consumption.
  • Clothing production is a plot about the violation of the rights of animals to life in order to use them for the production of consumer goods.
  • Entertainment - about unacceptable measures used by a person in order to force an animal to participate in circus performances, horse races, races, etc.
  • Science experiments - about the cruel methods of testing drugs and cosmetic products, the effects of nicotine and other dangerous substances.

The conclusion of the film is a story about the negative impact of man on the environment. Also at the end are recommendations for each of the viewers. They provide information on how to help eradicate gender discrimination.

The value of the documentary film "Earthlings" (2005) is that it allows us to consider the problem of ethics in relations between people and animals from all sides. It does not affect a single aspect of operationanimals, but talks about all possible options for human dominance over the animal world.

Thanks to positive reviews, the film "Earthlings" has been repeatedly re-released and translated into several languages of the world.

The work of actors

The main actors of the film, they are also the main characters, are animals.

Interesting fact! Everyone involved in the making of the film is a staunch vegan activist.

Animals are the main actors in the film Earthlings 2005
Animals are the main actors in the film Earthlings 2005

The only human actor to appear in the film is Shawn Monson, writer and director. The voice-over, commenting on what is happening, belongs to Joaquin Phoenix, an American actor of Puerto Rican origin.

Joaquin Phoenix at work voicing the film Grounders 2005
Joaquin Phoenix at work voicing the film Grounders 2005

For the entire duration of the picture, the commentator never appears in the frame.

Director's work

Successful directorial work brought a lot of positive reviews to the film "Earthlings".

Sean Monson Writer and Director of The Grounders 2005
Sean Monson Writer and Director of The Grounders 2005

The film reel consists of disparate audiovisual segments of varying length, filmed in a variety of conditions. According to the director, about two thirds of the film are documentaries. The low quality of the footage, the shaky picture, the details of the clothes falling into the frame give the impression of being shot with a hidden camera.

Voiceover comments on what is happening. Periodically, text is displayed on the screen commenting on the main points of the film.or containing calls to action. In some scenes, statements by famous personalities are displayed over the video, as well as information about where and under what circumstances the footage was filmed.

frame from the film Earthlings 2005
frame from the film Earthlings 2005

For a more effective presentation of the material, Sean Monson alternates scenes of cruelty with shots demonstrating the beauty of wildlife and the harmonious existence of animals. The author achieves a contrast between the image of a cruel person and natural harmony. In this way, it helps the viewer to cope with emotional stress, creates a feeling of liberation and non-acceptance of violence against animals.

It is difficult for the viewer to distance himself from what is happening due to the inclusion of newsreels of the Holocaust in the plot. He is forced to draw a parallel between this tragic event and animals that have become victims of human violence.

With this film format, the role of the film operator is reduced to a minimum. Decorations and special effects are not used.

Despite the positive reviews and reviews of the film "Earthlings", there are some shortcomings in the presentation of the material.

The main idea of the film is in the title. Earthlings is a concept that unites all life on the planet. Such a concept should make the viewer perceive animals as equals. Showing the suffering of animals, the director makes people empathize, feel the rejection of what is happening and the need for change both in society and in oneself.

The film begins with a description of life on Earth, while man and the natural worldare opposed. This does not contribute to the perception of humanity as an equal part of all life on the planet.

The author manages to achieve an emotional reaction, but in this context it is not clear what goal the director is pursuing by showing domestic footage of atrocities against animals. While pharmaceutical and food companies have a legal basis, individual cruelty to animals is considered immoral and often illegal in most cultures around the world.

Music in the film

Various scenes of the film are united by similar-sounding musical themes, specially written for the film by composer and performer Moby.

Moby (moby) composer and performer the author of the music for the film Earthlings
Moby (moby) composer and performer the author of the music for the film Earthlings

The film also features works by the following lesser-known composers and performers: Libra Max, Brian Carter, Natalie Merchant, Gabriel Mauncey, Barry Wood.

Movie Highlights

The main features of the film are documentary and non-commercial orientation of the project. The director openly announces his intention to change the attitude of man towards the animal world. He tries to achieve this goal by showing violent paintings collected around the world.

Shot from the film Grounders 2005 by Sean Monson
Shot from the film Grounders 2005 by Sean Monson

It should be noted that the director does not use the technique called "talking heads" in the film. Such a move is actively used by the authors of paintings similar in subject matter. The absence of comments from experts, specialists and ordinary people allows the viewer todraw conclusions yourself from what you see.

In addition, no alternative points of view on the issue are voiced or considered during the course of the story.

Critic score

Joaquin Phoenix was awarded the Humanitarian Award for his voice acting comments. The film "Earthlings", according to the audience, causes a strong emotional reaction largely due to the work of the actor. The presentation took place at the San Diego Film Festival.

Interesting fact! The US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences advised the director and maker of the film not to present it at film festivals.

At the 2005 Boston International Film Festival, the documentary "Earthlings" won the Best Content Award from film critics.

Reviews for the film Earthlings 2005 critics and celebrities
Reviews for the film Earthlings 2005 critics and celebrities

At the 2005 Art Festival, the filmmakers won the Best Animal Rights Documentary Award.

Movie experience

The film "Earthlings" is a legendary picture for vegans from all over the world. Her viewing produces an extremely painful and depressing impression. Documentary footage of animal suffering will not leave any viewer indifferent.

Watching a movie is not recommended for pregnant women and children, as it can cause a strong emotional reaction, negatively affect physical and mental well-being.

The picture may be of interest not only to vegans, but also to people who are only thinking about giving upanimal products.

Reviews about the film "Earthlings" can be left on the official page of the film. It also presents the tenth anniversary version of the film, which differs from the original shortened plot.