"Funny guys": actors and plot

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"Funny guys": actors and plot
"Funny guys": actors and plot

Video: "Funny guys": actors and plot

Video: "Funny guys": actors and plot
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In the comedy film "Merry Fellows" the actors did their best and accurately conveyed the mood of each character. The described musical comedy was the first film in this genre in the USSR and today is a classic. The picture directed by Grigory Alexandrov received unprecedented success both at home and abroad.


A humorous musical story tells about the life and adventures of a talented shepherd named Kostya Potekhin. The boy understood music and wonderfully performed compositions on musical instruments.

funny guys actors
funny guys actors

Once a youngster was mistaken for a famous foreign celebrity who was touring the territory of the USSR. Konstantin did not lose his head and gathered a surprised audience near his bright personality. The simple-hearted boy, thanks to his talents, later got a job as a conductor of a jazz orchestra.

Not only the shepherd received recognition. Also, a housewife named Anna has become an incredible singer.

And the most entertaining fact. Preparatory rehearsals for an important performance at the Bolshoi Theaterguys spend at the funeral.

Film "Funny Boys": actors

The following legends left their mark on the comedy musical:

  • Kostya Potekhin - Leonid Utyosov. Soviet entertainer. He sang, participated in filming and led the orchestra.
  • Anyuta - Lyubov Orlova. Theater and film actress, wonderful dancer and equally virtuoso pianist.
  • Elena - Maria Strelkova. Ukrainian actress and sensitive teacher.
  • Elena Tyapkina's mother. Honored Artist of the RSFSR.
  • Torchman - Fyodor Kurikhin.
  • Music teacher - Robert Erdman.
  • Paraguayan conductor G. Arnold.
funny guys movie
funny guys movie

Actors of "Merry Fellows" who are not listed in the credits: Emmanuil Geller, Sergey Kashtelyan, Nikolai Otto, Alexander Kostomolotsky and Valentin Parnakh.

The film itself causes good laughter and awakens warmth in the heart. Therefore, for those who are tortured by severe winter frosts, this picture is a must-see.