Gloria Gaynor: a star is born

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Gloria Gaynor: a star is born
Gloria Gaynor: a star is born

Video: Gloria Gaynor: a star is born

Video: Gloria Gaynor: a star is born
Video: Gloria Gaynor Performs "I Will Survive" | A Capitol Fourth 2022 | PBS 2023, December

The famous American singer has gone down in history as an integral part of disco's golden heritage. Gloria Gaynor's song I will survive not only topped the Billboard list, it has become a true anthem for women's emancipation. Although the legend has not been seen on stage for a long time, her work still delights and motivates young performers.

Gloria Gaynor
Gloria Gaynor

Biography of Gloria Gaynor

Future American disco - Gloria Fowles, was born in New Jersey, Newark, September 7, 1949. Despite the fact that the girl's family was large and they lived poorly, Gloria grew up in love and understanding.

Her first vocal experience was at school, where she learned to overcome stage fright. Her teacher actively helped her in this, who inspired Gloria with words of support: do not be afraid and sing.

After high school, Gloria Gaynor wanted to go to college, but her family's lack of money prevented her from doing so. In order to somehow help her relatives, a young girl graduates from secretarial and accounting courses, thanks to which she gets a job at a local Bamberger store.

The beginning of her vocal career can be consideredprovidence of fate. One evening, returning home with her brother Arthur from the cinema, Gloria decided to drop by the Cadillac Club. Having agreed with her acquaintance, the administrator, she performed, together with the group The Pracesetters, who performed there, the song by Nancy Williams Save Your LoveFor Me. The end of the performance was marked by thunderous applause and ovations.

After that performance, Gloria joined the band. After some time, she was noticed by singer Johnny Nash, who invited her to record for his own company. It was he who suggested that Gloria take the pseudonym Gaynor. Collaboration was the starting point for Gloria Gaynor. After this recording, she changed group after group, worked with various record companies. Finally, in 1974, the first solo single Honey Bee was recorded, which became a real club hit.

By the end of the year, the first solo album Never can say goodbye was born, which was sold in huge circulation. It became the first ever album with a non-stop disco program.

The story of the appearance of the song I will survive

Gloria Gaynor
Gloria Gaynor

Gloria Gaynor recorded the main song in her career in 1978. When preparing to record a new album, she was asked to perform the hit Substitute, which was famous at that time in the UK. Producer Freddie Perren was invited to make the recording, agreeing to work on the condition that Gloria record his song for the back of the record.

The author of the text, Dino Fekaris, that day forgot the sheet with the text and wrote it down from memory on some oldenvelope. After reading the lyrics, Gloria Gaynor realized that the song would be a real hit. That was I will survive. Once in the hands of DJs, the song blew up the dance floors.

Realizing the undeniable success of the track, Polydor swaps singles(A-side I will survive, B-side Substitute). The song starts its movement in the hit parade from 87th place, and after 2 weeks I will survive topped the Billboard list. Such a significant event in the life of the singer took place in March 1979.

The album Love tracks, the main single of which was the song I will survive, became the best in the singer's career. With 14 million records sold worldwide, Gloria Gaynor received a Grammy for it as a token of total recognition.

Even after almost 40 years, this song is considered a hit. It was very often covered and recorded by many performers, including Gloria herself. And in 2000, the experts of the famous music TV channel VH1 put the single I Will Survive on the leading position in the top of the best dance hits of the 20th century.

Gloria Gaynor
Gloria Gaynor

Gloria Gaynor Albums

  • Never Can Say Goodbye ("Never Can Say Goodbye", 1975);
  • Experience Gloria Gaynor ("The Experience of Gloria Gaynor", 1976);
  • I've Got You ("I Got You", 1976);
  • Glorious ("Great", 1977);
  • Love Tracks ("Love Songs", 1978);
  • I Have a Right ("I Have a Right", 1979);
  • Stories ("Stories", 1980);
  • The Power of Gloria Gaynor ("The Power of Gloria Gaynor", 1986);
  • Love Affair ("Roman", 1992);
  • I'll Be There ("I'll be there", 1995);
  • The Answer ("Answer", 1997);
  • I Wish You Love ("I wish you love", 2002);
  • We Will Survive ("We Will Survive", 2013).