"Dom-2": how one of the most popular TV shows is filmed

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"Dom-2": how one of the most popular TV shows is filmed
"Dom-2": how one of the most popular TV shows is filmed

Video: "Dom-2": how one of the most popular TV shows is filmed

Video: "Dom-2": how one of the most popular TV shows is filmed
Video: Dom-2. The longest and biggest reality show on TV! 2023, December

It is already obvious to everyone that the leader of longevity on domestic television today is "Dom-2". How is the show filmed, who can become a participant and where are the filming locations? These are the most frequently asked questions from fans of the TV project. We will try to satisfy their curiosity.

A bit of history

Initially, the idea of the show was borrowed from the British. At first, the authors of Under Constraction even received roy alties from a project in which couples actually built a cottage for themselves.

But the reality show of 2003 was replaced by a radically new program in May 2004, where young people were offered to find their love. How to correctly answer the question, how many years have they been filming Dom-2?

Show "Dom-2", Lobnoe mesto
Show "Dom-2", Lobnoe mesto

Sixteen. For with the release of the reality show of the new format, % of the Under Constraction fee was no longer paid. You can talk about a completely independent project, which over the years of its existence (13 seasons!) has never suspended its broadcasting. Although they changedvenues, rules for the participants, producers and presenters.

Project curators

In the first 10 years, structures belonging to Valery Komissarov were responsible for the Dom-2 show. The older generation remembers him from the program "My Family" and deputy activities in the State Duma. He was the founder of the "House of Television and Radio Workers" - a company that is still listed in the Rosreestr Mass Media. She owns the land on which the first telestroy site was located.

In 2004, Dmitry Troitsky, who knew Komissarov from the Okna talk show, was the general producer of TNT. He offered the ex-deputy to take on the project. Komissarov agreed, although he never advertised his connection with the scandalous reality show. I tried to solve all key issues remotely.

The show cost about $2 million a month, but was profitable. The peak of its popularity came in 2010-2012, after which the rating of the program began to steadily decline. After Igor Mishin came to the leadership of TNT in 2014, it was decided to make the show more modern.

On the night of April 24, the participants of the TV show moved, freeing the old site. According to management, the move was associated with the 10th anniversary of the project. "Polyana-2" was rebuilt as a gift. In fact, the management did everything to no longer conclude an agreement with Komissarov's structures.

Alexander Karmanov, who supplied pipes for Transneft, becomes the new curator of the project. As of 2015, its assets amounted to 51.3 billion rubles. When itparticipation, it became possible to equip new venues by investing about $50 million.

Where are the shootings of "House-2"
Where are the shootings of "House-2"

Main Filming Locations

We will answer the question of where the shooting of "House-2" takes place today. Firm "ETK-Invest" for a new site, referred to as "Polyana-2", was purchased by a land plot near the cottage village "Letova Roshcha". Its area was 2.9 hectares. It is only 10 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road along the Kaluga highway. The place is so picturesque that it was here that the top managers of Sberbank and Gazprom chose their summer cottages for themselves.

In the summer of 2018, the Moscow Mayor's Office spread information that, in connection with the construction of the Salaryevo-Marino road, the Doma-2 film set would be demolished, and a similar plot of land would be allocated in return for Polyana. By agreement, at the end of 2018, an area of 1.6 hectares and 4 buildings was transferred to the mayor's office.

Glade "House-2" near the village of Leshkovo
Glade "House-2" near the village of Leshkovo

The second platform is "City Apartments". Since 2014, they also moved to a new address - to the premises of the Megasfera bowling club, which previously belonged to Karmanov. A one-story house on Samora Machel Street is territorially located near the building of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. Currently, it is here that the castings of everyone who wants to get to "Dom-2" take place.

How is a show filmed in the Seychelles? The appearance of an additional site is due to the fact that Karmanov is engaged in importing seafood from this territory. Since 2015a villa was built on a small island 100 meters from Mahe, where some of the show participants were placed.


The first hosts of the project, who acted as the "foreman" and "commandant" of the TV set, were two Ksenias - Sobchak and Borodina. For the first it was a debut on television. She left the TV set in 2012, deciding to go into business, journalism and politics.

Borodina remained faithful to the reality show to the end, releasing two books and simultaneously participating in other projects. The ranks of the presenters were also joined by former participants. Since 2008 - Olga Buzova, since 2015 - Viktor Golunov (Vlad Kadoni), since 2017 - Andrey Cherkasov.

In May 2017, the ex-soloist of the "Brilliant" Olga Orlova also became a full-fledged host. Her appearance on the TV set was a big surprise for many, but the singer is the ex-wife and mother of her son Alexander Karmanov, which explains a lot.


For 16 years, more than 2 thousand people have passed through the show. Some spent only a few days on it, others - years. The leader in staying on the project is the Pynzari family. Daria and Sergey met on a TV set, they created a family here, and now they are the parents of two charming children. In total, they gave the reality show 9 years of life.

Show "House -2"
Show "House -2"

During the existence of the project, more than 18 married couples have been created, but most of them have not stood the test of time. Often young people strive to get on the TV screen for the sake of fame and high fees, andrelationship building is just an added bonus. If you're lucky.

At the casting, participants are selected who can speak well, present their story in an interesting way, and spin the intrigue. Their task is to attract new fans of the Dom-2 show. How is the next episode filmed?

There are cameras around the perimeter of the television set, which are installed even in the toilets. Participants get used to this pretty quickly, realizing that no one is going to show intimate details on the screen. Everyone has a microphone to speak into. The new episode, where the most interesting moments are selected, is edited with a delay of six days from real time.

Every day you stay in the perimeter increases the number of subscribers in social networks by about 5 thousand, which in itself is already attractive. Participants receive payouts for participating in advertising, as well as roy alties, which become a reality approximately 4 months after appearing in the perimeter. "Dom-2" has long turned into a business project that brings a monthly income of 260 million rubles.

Is there a script

In "House-2" the day starts at 10:30. The admins are forced to wake up the members on speakerphone because that's when filming starts.

There is no scenario that many former members try to convince viewers of. Young people live their usual lives, discussing real problems. However, admins can adjust conversation topics based on events that resonate with viewers.

Is there a script in"House-2"
Is there a script in"House-2"

During the day, participants have free hours. But at the frontal place, which is recorded at 20:00, everyone must be present. Due to the delay of the hosts, shooting is sometimes postponed to a later time, and competitions, such as "Person of the Year", are held at all at night. Therefore, it is not uncommon for participants to have to sleep for 2-3 hours.

Despite such strict regulations, the number of people wishing to visit "House-2" does not decrease. How the show is filmed, you know. Have no desire to go to the casting?