Anastasia Goryacheva: biography, photo, participation in performances

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Anastasia Goryacheva: biography, photo, participation in performances
Anastasia Goryacheva: biography, photo, participation in performances

Video: Anastasia Goryacheva: biography, photo, participation in performances

Video: Anastasia Goryacheva: biography, photo, participation in performances
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Anastasia Goryacheva is one of the most charming ballerinas of the Bolshoi Theatre. Both professionals and fans see her as a girl who continues the traditions of the Moscow ballet school - she is able to subordinate dance to acting.

The start of the journey

Future ballerina Anastasia Goryacheva was born in 1980. She was born not far from the capital of the Soviet Union - in the city of Lyubertsy. There was not a single artist in her family, her father worked in the field of engineering, her mother was an economist.

From her youth, the girl was talented, very hardworking and active. One day, after seeing a ballet on TV, little Nastya found her dream - to become a professional ballerina. She began dancing at home, which greatly amuses her family members, and then talked about how she wants to dance more professionally somewhere.

At first, the girl studied in a dance club, and at the age of 10 she entered the Moscow Choreographic School, which she graduated in 1998.

In the same year Anastasia Goryacheva came to the Bolshoi Theatre.

Anastasia Goryacheva
Anastasia Goryacheva


From the first days Anastasia took partin the ballet "Flower Festival in Genzano" along with major ballet stars. It was a shock for her, because she was so young, one might say, inexperienced, but nevertheless the girl was not at a loss and danced her part with a bang.

In 1999 she performed "Mazurka" on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre. In the same year, she was one of the ladies at the ball in the ballet Fantasy on a Theme of Casanova, danced the Radish in Cipollino, she had a solo part in the ballet Agon. The girl's success grew rapidly, she was even awarded the Moscow Debuts award. It was a good start, they began to look closely at the young and talented ballerina, noted her extraordinary gift.

After a while, Anastasia Goryacheva danced the main female role - the part of Masha in the ballet "The Nutcracker".

In 2000, the girl, along with a group of soloists of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater, went on tour to Bermuda.

Anastasia quickly became one of the leading ballerinas of the Bolshoi Theatre.

She still dances very actively. Everyone knows Nastya as Sylphide or Giselle. It is worth noting that these are the two most beloved and most famous roles of a ballerina.

Anastasia Goryacheva in a jump
Anastasia Goryacheva in a jump

About Anastasia

Anastasia Goryacheva said that her parents were initially very cool about her passion for ballet and wanted the girl not to waste her life on various dances, to find something more serious for herself. However, when they saw how serious Nastya was, they reconciled themselves and realized that this was not the worst of the existing professions. Stubbornnessgirls, by the way, an excellent quality for her profession. After all, you have to work seriously here, even if there is absolutely no desire, mood, some troubles appear.

While the girl was studying at a choreographic school, she was a little afraid of what awaits her in the future, she was afraid that she would not succeed, she would not be able to fully realize herself in her chosen profession. Having entered the service at the Bolshoi Theater, Anastasia was convinced that there was nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, she gets real pleasure, even despite heavy physical exertion.

In her roles, Anastasia Goryacheva sometimes expresses what she cannot express in life. For example, Giselle is a very complex dramatic character,. As the artist herself admitted, it was very difficult to recreate this image because, fortunately, the girl did not experience such serious tragedies in her life. Nevertheless, she did a great job, showing that she could succeed not only in ballet, but also in the acting environment.

Anastasia never wanted to be either an actress or a singer. From early childhood, she decided for herself that she would be a ballerina or nothing.

In 2010, the girl was hospitalized with acute pain, her fans and friends were very excited about this fact. However, everything worked out, the ballerina had renal colic. Thanks to the prescribed treatment, Anastasia quickly recovered.

Creative evening of Anastasia Goryacheva
Creative evening of Anastasia Goryacheva

Participation in performances

During her career, Anastasia took part in a large number of performances, namely:

  • "The Nutcracker";
  • "Cipollino";
  • "Swan Lake";
  • "Fantasy on a Casanova theme";
  • "Giselle";
  • "Balda";
  • "Agon";
  • "Sylph";
  • "Chopiniana";
  • "Raymonda";
  • "Symphony in C";
  • "A Midsummer Night's Dream";
  • "Corsair";
  • "Flames of Paris";
  • "Russian seasons";
  • "Coppelia";
  • "Onegin";
  • "Jewels".

And even if her role in the performance is small, she still impresses the audience with her beautiful dance and great acting.