Scenario for a theatrical performance for children. New Year's performances for children. Theatrical performance with the participation of children

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Scenario for a theatrical performance for children. New Year's performances for children. Theatrical performance with the participation of children
Scenario for a theatrical performance for children. New Year's performances for children. Theatrical performance with the participation of children

Video: Scenario for a theatrical performance for children. New Year's performances for children. Theatrical performance with the participation of children

Video: Scenario for a theatrical performance for children. New Year's performances for children. Theatrical performance with the participation of children
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Here comes the most magical time - the New Year. Both children and parents are waiting for a miracle, but who, if not mom and dad, most of all wants to organize a real holiday for their child, which he will remember for a long time. Finding ready-made stories on the Internet to create a celebration is very simple, but sometimes they are too serious, without a soul. After reading a bunch of scripts for theatrical performance for children, there is only one thing left - to come up with everything ourselves. In fact, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. And do not be afraid, the article is written in order to help every parent.

Heroes of the show

holiday performance
holiday performance

What is the most important thing when planning a holiday? Choose characters that your child will like. The easiest thing is to take heroes from your favoritesfairy tales, films or cartoons and use them. And, of course, the most important thing is the presence of Santa Claus, he is the symbol of magic on this beautiful day. It's actually not that hard to write a playful pageant for kids.

If the parents decide to work on the script themselves, then they will most likely be the actors themselves. So, you can combine several families and make a truly rich program. Very often they are looking for a theatrical performance script for children in an educational institution or kindergarten. By the way, age is also very important when choosing characters and writing the script itself. If both girls and boys are present at the concert, then you should not portray the Winx fairies or the heroes of the cartoon "Cars". Children under 5 years old are interested in short stories, while older children are interested in long ones and always with interactive and moments when you need to think. This should be taken into account when writing a script for a fabulous New Year's theatrical performance for children.

This article will use characters from the famous work "Alice in Wonderland":

  • Alice;
  • The rabbit that brought her to Wonderland;
  • Cheshire Cat with his crazy smile;
  • Brothers Tweedled and Tweedledee;
  • The Hatter;
  • two opposite queens;
  • Santa Claus;
  • Snow Maiden.

And there must be a person who is responsible for the musical moments and the change of scenery, if they are in the scenario of a theatrical performance for children. Yes, you certainly maychange the number of characters or take the characters of another fairy tale.

Theatrical performance script for children

theatrical performance script for children
theatrical performance script for children

When the parents have decided on what kind of fairy tale will be staged and what characters will play in it, you can start writing the script itself. Of course, you can take any option from the Internet as a basis. But it's better to just open the book and, inspired by it, start writing, borrowing episodes from the original source.

As practice shows, the most difficult thing is to start, and therefore the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" is required, but what do we have there? No head, or, as they say, no head. So you can tell the guys what will happen, what heroes they will see. And you can even use a short preface, for example, about how Santa Claus, walking around his possessions on New Year's Eve, saw a little hare, which led him to the beautiful Wonderland. And at this time, Alice herself wandered in to visit. This is a great start to a theatrical performance for school children. You can finish with the phrase: “And what happened next, you will see right now!”.

It is not necessary to prescribe the entire plot, it is enough to outline the picture and come up with dialogues, parents can easily come up with and improvise the details of a theatrical performance for children based on fairy tales.

Performance costumes

Each city has its own theaters and shops with fancy dress, so you can easily rent all paraphernalia forcharacters. But any parent does not want to spend a lot of money on things that, by and large, are not needed. It is better to buy fabric and small inexpensive decor, and spend the money saved on a child or on the whole family.

For a theatrical performance for children based on fairy tales, it is very easy to come up with costumes and bring them to life. Not every child, and even an adult, remembers that the rabbit had pink eyes, so there is no need to buy colored lenses. The only costumes you can't do without are Ded Moroz and Snegurochka. But they can also be borrowed from friends or rented inexpensively through advertising boards, for example, on Avito or Yulia.


A little girl with an apron and a fluffy dress. Any girl can play it, but, of course, it is better if she is small in stature. Lush attire is also an optional attribute, it can be replaced simply with a blue dress and put on a white apron on top. This can be found in any 11th grade schoolgirl or graduate.


The most important thing about this character is long ears and a pocket watch. It is best to use not a real accessory, but made, for example, from cardboard. This will emphasize the size of the watch, you can also wear blue shorts and a blue cape. And, of course, ears, you can buy them in any accessories store or in the children's departments. You can also buy cheaper if you buy from hand.

Cheshire Cat

Half-face smile and a huge tail - these are my documents! It is very easy to realize the character, it is enough to draw a hugegrin and eyes. Striped clothes will be a great addition, but this is not at all necessary, a plain T-shirt and jeans will not confuse young viewers. The tail can be bought in the same place as the ears for the rabbit.

Brothers Tweedledee and Tweedledee

Everyone remembers two chubby characters with suspenders, and the most important thing here is that they are comically presented. Men of the same height will play this role perfectly. You can take trousers and a sailor suit one size larger and put a pillow in place of the abdomen. It is not necessary to make everything exactly the same, if one brother has red suspenders and the other blue, it will not darken the picture. Young viewers will definitely laugh merrily when they see such heroes. You can buy cheap items of the wrong size in second-hand on sale, it will cost about 60-100 rubles per set for one brother.

The Hatter

Hatter for the cenarius
Hatter for the cenarius

White face, shock of red hair and tall hat - that's the image of the hero. A headdress can be made from cardboard and a lot of strange things can be hung on it, and hair can be made from woolen threads. Of course, ideally, you also need to prepare clothes, but the character’s clothes are so awkward that her tailoring will come out in a tidy sum. The only accessory that must be present is a scarf around the neck.

Black Queen

Black queen
Black queen

Sponges with a heart and shadows on half of the forehead - this is what the viewer remembers the most. The character must be presented in a black dress and with a magic wand. But when it comes to hair, it is not necessary to have red hair or spend money onwig. Having made a bouffant along the entire length, and then, having collected it in two bunches, you will get a suitable hairstyle that will be a great addition to the image.

White Queen

If in the previous case the hair did not matter, here they play an important role. If none of the acquaintances has a wig, but a girl with dark hair plays the role, then it is better to buy a can of paint that is washed off with water. It costs 150-300 rubles. The dress should be white, it is not necessary to look for a lush option. Dark lipstick will complete the look, and in no case should you paint with black or a color close to it. It is better to make dark scarlet or cherry lips.

Of course, each New Year's performance for children will be unique, so you need to think through the images from what is at hand. A good makeup artist or artist will be a key factor. If the faces of the actors are as similar as possible to the characters from the fairy tale, then even the costumes of neutral colors will not spoil anything.

Example of New Year's performance for children

All characters
All characters

Besides the fact that you can rewrite the fairy tale in a new way with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, it would be nice to come up with a continuation. For example, about how Alice should become the queen in Wonderland. But before that, you need to complete various tasks.

  1. At the beginning there should be a meeting with Alice and the Rabbit, who, as always, is late and constantly looks at his watch. It is he who informs the girl that she is the new queen in their state. But if she does not have time to sit on the throne before the New Year, then in the Countrymiracles will never come again tomorrow, but always will be yesterday.
  2. After that, the heroes meet the brothers Tweedledum and Tweedledum, who, as always, quarrel all the time and cannot come to one decision. Here you should definitely perform their favorite dance "Leapfrog". The audience should follow the movements of the actors and have fun together. The brothers ask you to take them with you on the road.
  3. Caught near a large tree, Alice remembers that it is already very familiar to her. And indeed, the Cheshire Cat lives here, who says he knows where the throne is. But just like that, he will not tell anything, first you need to solve all the complex riddles that he will make. But, as it turns out, the cat knows nothing, except that the Hatter can take Alice to the castle. Now Cheshire follows with our friends and shows the way.
  4. The Hatter doesn't like that some little girl thinks she's a queen. She needs to be checked out! Alice asks the audience for help, and together they solve a difficult problem from the Hatter. Now the six of them are on their way to the palace.
  5. And now, all the heroes are waiting for the most difficult test, the battle with the White and Black Queens, who do not want to give up their throne. But, as always, friendship wins and the Rabbit remembers that they forgot to call a very important person - Santa Claus! And all the actors and small spectators are calling the magical old man.

Musical Moments

New Year's performances for children
New Year's performances for children

The most striking, of course, are theatrical performances with the participation of children, so there should be a lotinteractive.

It's very good if during the performance there will be an off-screen voice of the narrator, who will explain some points. This work can be entrusted to the DJ. And if we talk about music, then there should be a lot of it, while you should not turn it on during dialogues, you can reduce it so that it does not overlap the voices.

The playlist should be made up of incendiary compositions, and for each scene, the plot should be chosen with its own music. For example:

  • The first episode takes place with Alice, so the music should be cheerful and kind, to which you can jump in the meadow or play likes or dislikes.
  • When the Rabbit starts to run fast, the music becomes very energetic with a fast tempo. In this case, you do not need to put on rock compositions or turn on the track very loudly. It is better that all songs are children's.
  • Tweedledum and Tweedledee are very funny guys, so the music is chosen appropriately so that you can waddle to it. And when they dance "Leapfrog", the track should change to a dance song.
  • The Cheshire Cat is a mystery in itself, and his appearance must be accompanied by a similar composition. You can even let the actor dance a little in front of the audience. But you need to do this very lazily and impressively.

Many compositions are taken from the movie "Alice in Wonderland". Such explosive theatrical performances for preschool children will also appeal to the actors themselves.

Interactives with young viewers

performance with Alice
performance with Alice

First of allyou need to add repetition dances, and the younger the children, the more mobile they should be. Everyone knows that kids are restless, so it is difficult for them to sit still for a long time. If the performance is 45 minutes, then you need to dance at least 3 times.

Examples of dances can be found on various resources or come up with your own. The movements should be light and funny to keep the guys in a good mood at all times.

If parents decide to create a theatrical performance for children based on a book, then it is best to take quotes from it when compiling dialogues. This will add energy without having to spend a lot of time thinking through the words.

It's so easy to come up with a script for any event, even create a theatrical performance on Children's Day.