A wise parable about love and separation

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A wise parable about love and separation
A wise parable about love and separation

Video: A wise parable about love and separation

Video: A wise parable about love and separation
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There are many parables about love and separation in the world. All of them are filled with deep meaning, romantic feelings, the power of love, before which barriers are destroyed. What is love? How long does this feeling last? Do the slightest obstacles and difficulties grind burning emotions and feelings into powder? The parable of love and separation shows the meaning of true love. And happiness awaits those who learn to listen to these wise stories.

A parable about love and separation

Met once Love and Separation. They were watching a couple in love.

Separation grinned:

-Hmm, I bet I can break them up.

To which Love replied:

-Good. But first, I will make one single approach to them… You can approach them as much as you like after that.

Separation nodded in agreement. Love rushed to the couple. She took their hands, looked into their eyes, which at that moment sparkled with tenderness and happiness. Love touched their hearts and departed.

couple in love
couple in love

-Now, she said to Separation, it's your turn.

Separation shook her head:

- No, I'll visit them later. Now their hearts are filled with love and there is nothing I can do.

Time has passed. Separation came to the house of a young couple. Through the window, she saw a tired girl with a baby in her arms and a young father. Separation crossed the threshold of the house, hoping that love had died out in the hearts of lovers, but noticed how Gratitude glowed in their eyes.

-No, said Separation, I'll come back later.

It's been a few years. Separation crept up to their house again. Children were noisy and running in the rooms, the woman was cleaning the house, preparing dinner, a tired husband returned from work. Separation hoped that Gratitude should have left the hearts of lovers, but she saw Understanding and Respect in the eyes of the couple.

- I'll come later, Separation decided.

After some time, Separation returned to this family. The children grew up, the gray-haired father was telling them something, the elderly mother was cooking in the kitchen. Separation looked into their eyes and felt disappointed: the look of the elderly husband and wife shone with Trust.

-Well, I'll check back even later, - Separation said with annoyance.

She came back after a few years. Little grandchildren played in the house. A sad old woman was sitting by the window.

-Excellent, said Separation, my time has come.

She wanted to look into the eyes of the old woman, but she got up and left the house. Separation followed her. The old woman rushed to the cemetery and mournfully sat down by the grave. It was the grave of her beloved husband.

Separation sighed:

- I was late… Time instead of me separated this couple.

She looked into the old woman's tear-stained eyes and was amazed at what she saw in them. The memory of Love, Gratitude, Respect, Understanding and Trust flowed from the eyes of an old woman along with tears.

Love is like a dream

A touching parable about love and separation conveys the very truth that is beyond the control of the minds of many modern people: Love does not pass. Real feeling does not know disappointment, bitterness, composure, hatred, boredom. Love struggles with fatigue, sadness, lack of money and other life difficulties. People in love will not give in to various circumstances. And in joy and in sorrow, they are ready to walk side by side, hand in hand, enduring any adversity.

love and separation
love and separation

Test of time

The parable of love and separation presents a young couple who carried their feelings in their souls for many years, like a crystal vessel. They loved each other and enjoyed family happiness: the birth of children, joint everyday life, gradually coming old age. They were always next to each other in Love, Understanding, Trust and Respect.

elderly couple
elderly couple

Modern Love

The parable of love and separation tries to convey to young people the idea of what true love should be. After all, many modern couples experience a temporary flash of emotions and sexual attraction to each other.

false feeling
false feeling

They converge and diverge, do not forgive the insults and shortcomings of the partner, are looking for new experiences andtake change lightly. The parable of love and separation shows the difference between a real feeling and "love", which, unfortunately, is losing its value and significance in recent times.