Under the shadow of the muses: theater of the young spectator of Irkutsk

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Under the shadow of the muses: theater of the young spectator of Irkutsk
Under the shadow of the muses: theater of the young spectator of Irkutsk

Video: Under the shadow of the muses: theater of the young spectator of Irkutsk

Video: Under the shadow of the muses: theater of the young spectator of Irkutsk
Video: Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - What I Am (Official Music Video) 2023, October

They call themselves "a young theater with 90 years of history". And it's hard to argue with this statement. Always remaining relevant, interesting for viewers of different generations, the Theater of the Young Spectator in Irkutsk has been operating for more than nine decades.

From history

In 1928, the Komsomol Committee decided to create a young proletarian theater. Approximately 400 people responded to the appeal published in the Vlast Truda newspaper. A competitive selection went on for several days, then a troupe was formed. The theater developed from scratch. The preparation of the premiere performance was not easy, there were no conditions for full-fledged rehearsals. And yet, in 1929, the revolutionary play "The Grumpy Cohort" was staged.

Over time, the repertoire has changed and expanded. In 1937, the organization received a new status - the Theater of the Young Spectator in Irkutsk. In 1987 he was named after the playwright A. Vampilov. The permanent repertoire of the theater included his plays "Last Summer in Chulimsk", "Farewell in June", "We Fled from the Sunset" and many others. Performances based on the works of Valentin Rasputin were often staged.

in the auditorium
in the auditorium

Theatre today

During its long history, the theater has hosted hundreds of performances of various genres and directions, from strict classics to modern avant-garde. In total, over 8 million spectators attended the performances.

Today, the theater's repertoire includes 26 performances for children and teenagers and 22 performances for adults. There are 40 actors in the theater troupe, some of them are Honored Artists of the Russian Federation.

Address of the theater for young spectators. Vampilov: Irkutsk, Lenin street, 23.


The theater's productions have repeatedly received prizes at Russian and international festivals and competitions. The Youth Theater is among the laureates and five-time diploma winners of the Golden Knight, the Moscow International Theater Competition. Twice he became a laureate of the international competition "Wandering Harlequin", held in Italy. The theater also has prizes from the All-Russian Youth Theater Festival "Post-Efremov Space" and the interregional festival for children and teenagers "Siberian Cat".

Head - Honored Worker of Culture V. S. Tokarev.

children's performance
children's performance

The Theater for the Young Spectator of Irkutsk: repertoire

When forming the repertoire, the artistic directors of the theater try to take into account the interests and tastes of spectators of different age categories and creative preferences. Performance categories range from 4+ to 16+.

In the piggy bank of the tetra of a young viewer there are classical productions by famous Russian and foreign playwrights, as well as plays by young authors.

The theater presents performances based on the works of Vladimir Sologub, Ivan Turgenev, Valentin Rasputin, Mikhail Lermontov, Evgeny Schwartz, Anton Chekhov, Alexander Vampilov, Alexander Pushkin, Marina Tsvetaeva, Nikolai Gogol and many others., "Humpbacked Horse", "Little Muk" and others.

on the theater stage
on the theater stage


The playbill for the next month is very busy. Young viewers will be able to plunge into a fairy tale by visiting performances:

  • "Goat Dereza";
  • "Hello, miracle in feathers";
  • "Scroll for Morozko";
  • Suraz;
  • "Ruslan and Lyudmila";
  • "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors";
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

The older audience will be interested in productions based on the works of M. Lermontov, I. Turgenev, A. Bukreeva. The last two are among the prime ministers.

“King Lear of the Steppe” is a performance based on the work of Ivan Turgenev dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the writer. According to the plot of the play, the Shakespearean tragedy unfolds in Russian reality.

“Gandhi Was Silent on Saturdays” is a rather avant-garde production by the young playwright Anastasia Bukreeva in the style of a trash drama.

Tickets for the Theater of the Young Spectator of Irkutsk can be purchased at the city box office, on the website and from public distributors.

theatrical performance
theatrical performance


Youth Theater provides its guests with the opportunity to become not only spectators, but also direct participants in the creative process. Drama, vocal and dance studios work at the Theater for Young Spectators in Irkutsk.

Alexandria Studio. Invites young people aged 8 to 24 to take acting classes. The main course is designed for 3-4 years of study, representing an adapted program of theater universities. Studio students will get acquainted with such disciplines as:

  • stage speech and movement;
  • ensemble singing;
  • acting.

Professional theater teachers introduce children to different creative schools, conduct trainings and master classes.

Vocal studio "Larks". Created in 1997. The program of classes is combined with the musical part of the theater productions. Studio students (from 5 to 14 years old) are involved in performances.

Plastic and dance studio "Moth". The director and choreographer of the studio is A. Ya. Veliyev. Dance routines are also becoming an important part of theater productions.