Tver Theater for the Young Spectator: description, repertoire, audience reviews

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Tver Theater for the Young Spectator: description, repertoire, audience reviews
Tver Theater for the Young Spectator: description, repertoire, audience reviews

Video: Tver Theater for the Young Spectator: description, repertoire, audience reviews

Video: Tver Theater for the Young Spectator: description, repertoire, audience reviews
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Tver Theater for Young Spectators opened in 1932. Three years later, the theater was presented with its own house. From that moment his story began. The leadership and composition of the troupe have changed many times during this time, but the theater has retained its individuality so far, it is recognizable thanks to its productions. The viewer, who has visited the performance at least once, feels the special atmosphere of the flight of creative thought, freedom, courage.

Theatre today

Today there are 31 artists in the troupe, seven of them have the title of honored, two actresses are honorary workers. Many are in demand in the cinema: they can be seen in serials and films. There are also promising young people in the Tver Theater of Young Spectators, who, thanks to continuity, absorb the traditions of the older generation.

theater outside
theater outside


The repertoire of the Tver Theater for Young Spectators is based on children's and teenage literature. Children and young men love to watch the performances of "The Little Mermaid", "Peter Pan", "ProEmelyu", "Elena the Wise". There is also a place for adult productions with classical plots based on the works of Gogol, Bulgakov. The play "… Forget Herostratus!".


The stage director Ansar Khalilullin staged the play "Undergrowth" based on Fonvizin's comedy. They opened the theater season 2009-2010. This complex piece of the classics sounded not old-fashioned, but, on the contrary, modern: it combines sadness and laughter with instructiveness and thoughtfulness.

At the beginning of 2010, A. M. Kove became the chief director of the theater. His last production in 2009, after which he immediately got a position, was the play-parable "Of Mice and Men" by J. Steinbeck.

mice and people
mice and people

Theatrical season 2010-2011 was marked with two premieres. In March, the play "The Man and the Gentleman" based on the comedy by Eduardo de Filippo, as well as (on the anniversary of the Second World War) the play "Sanya, Vanya, Rimas with them" based on the play by the famous playwright Vladimir Gurkin, was presented to the audience.

The 2011-2012 theatrical season began with the premiere of the fairy tale "The Rooster in Half" based on the play by N. Voronov and V. Olshansky. In October, a benefit performance was held by the leading stage master G. A. Kazarian, during which the performance "Meteor" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt was shown. The New Year was celebrated with the production of "Miracles for the New Year" based on the movie "The Adventures of Masha and Vitya". In the spring, the premiere of the fairy tale "I Count to Five" by M. Bartenev took place. The audience was able to see her on the new chamber stage. The theatrical season ended with the bright premiere of "The Wizard of the Emerald City" by A. Volkov.

The next theatrical season was a discovery: director Roman Feodori created an innovative production of "Tartuffe", which excited the audience's opinion throughout Tver.

youth repertoire
youth repertoire

Premieres over the past 6 years:

  • "Chamomile" - April 14, 2016 (stage director Alexander Evdokimov).
  • "Puss in Boots" - May 16, 2016 (Irina Kondrashova).
  • "Beauty and the Beast" - December 20, 2016 (Irina Zubzhitskaya).
  • "King Lear" - November 24, 1917 (Natalia Lapina).
  • "Drosselmeyer's Nutcracker" - December 20, 2017 (Artur Oshchepkov).
  • "Dreams of Cats and Mice" - March 16, 2018 (Veronica Wigg).
  • "Chukovsky and all-all-all" - April 12, 2018 (Vitaly Lyubsky).


In January 2019, the following performances can be seen:

  • 26 "Waiting", director Alexander Romanov.
  • January 27 "Golden Chicken" (Irina Kondrashova).
  • "Inhale-exhale" (Roman Kaganovich).
  • 30 and 31 "The Tale of Tsar S altan" (Evgeny Zimin).

Blue Arrow

Tver Youth Theater January 2, 2019 presented to the public a performance for children "Journey" Bluearrows"" based on the fairy tale by Gianni Rodari. The project was created under the direction of director Andrey Gorbaty. With the actors of the Tver Theater for Young Spectators, he works for the first time. Carefully watching the progress of the rehearsals, he sometimes cannot restrain strong emotions and himself goes to the stage. After all, as he himself says, he feels happiness when he becomes one of the heroes of a fairy tale beloved since childhood. Rodari is a wonderful author, so his work is wonderful to work with. This is good literature that allows you to talk to children on serious topics without fear. Therefore, I like the material.

blue arrow performance
blue arrow performance

The set was designed by artist Vladimir Yakunin, also from St. Petersburg. Costumes for the toy team were made by local craftswomen. They took a lot of gabardine, velveteen and taffeta. The performance has interesting and amazing music, written in rock style especially for it. She goes straight to the heart of the viewer, leaving no one indifferent.

Blue Arrow Highlights

The performance-adventure is suitable for audiences of all ages. Justice, selflessness and true friendship are the main themes of this funny and at the same time touching story. Lively, without notes of edification and morality, the language teaches children tolerance and understanding of the importance of forgiveness.

After a successful premiere, this performance entered the repertoire of the theater for young spectators.

new repertoire
new repertoire

Christmas tree in an adult way

The Tver Youth Theatre's repertoire has been replenished with a new performance intended for an adult audience. itthe unique New Year's performance was not particularly advertised this year, but it was impossible to get tickets even a month before the start of the performance. Viewers of last year's show advertised it so much that tickets were bought in rows. A small champagne buffet was organized in the lobby, which was served to all visitors to cheer up.

The performance lasts four hours. It's hard to say what genre it belongs to. You can see in it the features of a skit, parodies, talk shows - all together they are very organic and create a festive mood. "Christmas tree in an adult way" is not an ordinary performance: it is based not on a script in its traditional sense, but on improvisation. Therefore, it is difficult for viewers to understand whether the action is going according to a pre-planned plan or the situation is out of control. But it also keeps the audience in suspense.

What is the improvisation performance about

The first act is similar to the program "SpotlightParisHilton". Three actors in the form of famous women from classical productions are riding a train and discussing the events of the past year, making plans for the future, and sharing news. They are served by a conductor: she treats them with tea with the aroma of cognac. The company jokes all the time. The plot revolves around rumors and recognizable people of Tver - this is the point of the program. Here everything is familiar and everyone is their own, so the audience has an incredible return. The characters on the stage meet the guests, who are also included in the process of improvisation. For example, Mikhail Borisov from "Russian Lotto" draws prizes and gives them with his own hands.

The program devotes a lot of time to communicating with the audience,who dance, express their opinion about what they see, portray heroes from classical works, receive gifts.

In the second part, a brass band in red caps performs stylized compositions in different genres. The band's singer starts with jazz, then moves on to Russian rock - this is how the skit begins.

The action ended with the song of the actor of the Tver Theater for Young Spectators "I stay", which was picked up by the dancing co-hosts. It seems that this composition is the meaning of the whole show.

"Christmas tree in an adult way" convinces the audience that it is possible to live in Tver, in addition, to create something extraordinary, to communicate with interesting people. It's easy to be stylish, fun and modern here. All it takes is a little bit of creative audacity and the ability to connect.


Young Spectator Theater in Tver can be found at: st. Soviet, 32.

Working hours: Tue, Wed - 9:30–15:00; Thu, Fri - 9:30–19:00; Sat, Sun - 10:30–17:00. Breaks daily from 12:30 to 13:00.


Viewers of the Youth Theater in Tver like not only the repertoire and new productions, but also its convenient location, no problems with parking. It is comfortable without feeling cramped. There are enough visitors, but the queues for public areas pass unnoticed.

The hall is small, comfortable lift, chairs are soft. Programs are offered right in the hall for a small price of 30 rubles.

Youth theater inside
Youth theater inside

Many are pleased with the traditional interior design. The buffet, for example, is made inunusual fairy-tale style and creates a pleasant atmosphere. The toilet is clean and the plumbing works well. Made a quality repair.

In the Youth Theater of Tver, the repertoire is designed for different age categories: there are performances for children, adolescents and youth, which cannot but rejoice. It's nice that the actors do not use microphones: after all, the "live" sound is perceived much better. The audience expresses their gratitude to the actors of the theater, as well as to the management, since it became possible to buy electronic tickets. I was pleasantly surprised by the prices for them.