Namikaze clan: history of creation, plot, heroes, symbols and insignia of the clan

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Namikaze clan: history of creation, plot, heroes, symbols and insignia of the clan
Namikaze clan: history of creation, plot, heroes, symbols and insignia of the clan

Video: Namikaze clan: history of creation, plot, heroes, symbols and insignia of the clan

Video: Namikaze clan: history of creation, plot, heroes, symbols and insignia of the clan
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The founding of the Namikaze clan is credited to one of the strongest warriors in the shinobi world that ever existed in the country of the Blank Leaf - Minato Namikaze.

He was the father of the main character and currently the strongest shinobi - Naruto Uzumaki. Minato also studied with his father, the legendary teacher Jiraiya ("Lightning of Konoha").

Representative of the Namikaze clan
Representative of the Namikaze clan

The insignia of the Namikaze clan looks like the insignia of the Uzumaki family (because they are the same group of shinobi).

Who was first?

Despite the reputation and loud fame of Minato, the first representative and founder of the Namikaze clan was Ashura, who was the son of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, the creator of the shinobi world.

The creator of the Namikaze clan is Ashura
The creator of the Namikaze clan is Ashura

Ashura's chakra continued to be transmitted even after his body was destroyed. So, the last and current bearer of power is Naruto Uzumaki.

Namikaze Clan: Minato

Minato is one of the most gifted shinobi of all time and the brightest representative of his clan. According to his teacher Jiraiya, such geniuses are bornat least once every 10 years.

fourth hokage
fourth hokage

Due to his innate genius, willpower and kind pure soul, Minato becomes the fourth hokage, whom to this day he is already an adult and who has taken the place of his father Naruto from the Namikaze clan.

Minato died like a true hero, defending his homeland from destruction. For the sake of saving all mankind, the fourth hokage had to make terrible sacrifices: through the seal of death, which entailed death, to close the fiercely strong and ferocious nine-tailed beast in the newly born son.

This sacrifice caused irreversible sad consequences, which Naruto was eventually able to cope with, and the world found a balance with security.

According to Jiraiya, Minato was very perceptive and could match a person's actions with their true personality. Perhaps that is why the fourth hokage made such sacrifices with his son, because he knew that only his young Naruto and the future hero could carry this cross to the end and be able to take it off their shoulders.

A little bit about the theory of Namikaze clan techniques

Many of the clan's techniques were created by Minato himself. He left behind several unfinished jutsu. One of them is the challenge of the Shinigami (seal of death). However, in return, the user gives away not only their soul, but also their body, which Minato was forced to do by sealing the jinchūriki into his son.

minato and naruto
minato and naruto

Some techniques even belonged to shinobi Jiraiya.

Teach the secrets and martial arts of the Namikaze clan canonly his direct representative.

List of Moves

Ayatsuito no Jutsu (shadow winding technique):

  • requires a wire that can be used both for a sharp blow and to lower or stop the enemy;
  • threads are so strong that only the sword of Gamabunta (the toad of Mount Mieboku) can cut them.

Shihouhappou Shuriken (All Directional Shuriken):

  • using the creation of shadow clones, you can attack both one target and several;
  • the more shurikens, the less likely the enemy is to dodge.

Rasengan (Rasengan):

  • due to the rapid movement of the chakra and perfect control over its shape, the technique transforms energy into a kind of ball;
  • the ball acquires the power of a colossal destructive scale.
Rasengan technique
Rasengan technique

Uzumaki Naruto Rendan (Naruto Uzumaki combo):

  • using shadow clones, one throws the other up;
  • if the opponent could not dodge, then he has no chance to escape from the next attack due to taijutsu;
  • the clones take turns hitting, then one is thrown up, and he finally delivers the final blow, driving the enemy's body into the ground.

Chou Chakra Rasengan (Super Chakra Rasengan):

  • increases damage;
  • used by up to five people;
  • one of all creates a small, slightly modified rasengan;
  • the rest, touching with a hand, add their chakra, thethereby increasing the power of technology.
minato with naruto
minato with naruto

Fuuton Rasensuriken (finalized Rasengan):

  • wind element added to rasengan;
  • deals significant damage with microscopic wind-element needles;
  • In hermit mode, a perfect rasengan can be directed at the enemy, resulting in a lethal outcome.

Tajuu kage bunshin no Jutsu (Multi Clone Technique):

  • creating an exact copy of yourself;
  • clones have chakra and strength, so they can use all the techniques and abilities of the original;
  • when the clone's chakra is lost, the energy of the present does not decrease.
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki

Forbidden Techniques

Techniques marked "forbidden" can only be mastered by those who have received some special merit to the population or the clan itself.

Rasen Rasengan (Rasengan Shuriken):

  • who uses forever will be doomed to lose 30 percent of chakra and 10 percent of power;
  • adding wind element to the rasengan gives you deadly power;
  • when hit, the technique cannot be stopped or blocked;
  • applies a maximum of 3 times per battle;
  • after maximum use, the shinobi will lose the ability to fully use his hands during the battle, as they will be in a completely wounded state.

Fuuka Houin (sealing fire):

  • with the help of technology it is possible to block the fire,even in cases of amaterasu;
  • after applying the seal, the fire attack will be completely sealed.

Shiki Fuudjin (seal of death):

  • calling for help the god of death - Shinigami;
  • with the help of a Shinigami, it becomes possible to extract the soul from another's body and seal it in one's own or another's body, as Minato of the Namikaze clan did in his son Naruto.

Clan Features

Sun palm:

  • divine healing - rapid healing of their own and others' wounds, as well as regeneration of limbs;
  • mana absorption - the ability to swallow mana by placing a hand inside the body;
  • copying the genome - the ability to repeat the improved someone else's genome, if the hand is also inside someone else's body.

Tenseigan, or vessel of energy:

  • a sacred gift from the Ōtsutsuki clan that could seal Kagui Ōtsutsuki, the first chakra user who lived long before the hidden villages existed during the time of humanity's endless struggle against each other;
  • contains infinite chakra.

The emblem of the Namikaze clan is depicted in the form of a circle and visually looks like the picture below.

Emblem of the Namikaze clan
Emblem of the Namikaze clan


The distinctive feature of the clan is blue eyes combined with yellow hair.

  • Ashura Namikaze is the son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki and his heir. He is the very first representative and directly the founder of the Namikaze clan. After his death, mana became hereditary.
  • Jiraiya's father's eldest ancestor is his grandfather.
  • Jiraiya's parent is his father.
  • Jiraiya.
  • Minato's father and Naruto's grandfather Jiraiya
    Minato's father and Naruto's grandfather Jiraiya
  • Minato (Jiraiya's son).
  • Naruto (son of Minato, godson of Jiraiya).
  • Now born Boruto (son of Naruto, grandson of Minato).