Nightclubs in Arkhangelsk are a great place to have a good time

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Nightclubs in Arkhangelsk are a great place to have a good time
Nightclubs in Arkhangelsk are a great place to have a good time

Video: Nightclubs in Arkhangelsk are a great place to have a good time

Video: Nightclubs in Arkhangelsk are a great place to have a good time
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There is nothing better than getting together on the weekend with friends and going to some nightclub after working days. Here you can just sit and listen to good music, you can break away to the fullest. Everyone has fun the way they want. This article will consider which nightclubs in Arkhangelsk you can visit, where to have fun and forget all the problems and troubles.

Fun all night long…

Night places have become a favorite place for young people. And this is not surprising. The reigning unusual atmosphere of nightlife, the original interior, the services provided allow visitors to relax and enjoy a variety of drinks, treats and great music. The city's nightclubs are popular with both residents and guests from other cities and regions.

Night club for relaxation
Night club for relaxation

Performances of famous artists in show programs, discos to the music of popular DJs, stripper dances, an abundance of food and drinks,the opportunity to sing karaoke, holding themed and retro parties, comfortable conditions and reasonable prices attract young people to entertainment clubs.

Arkhangelsk is a city where there are a lot of such centers. Below is a selection of the most popular clubs.

Night clubs in Arkhangelsk

Let's look at some of them:

  1. "Paratov" is a night club-restaurant, which is located on the embankment of the Northern Dvina, house 80A. Works from 12:00 to 24:00. Friday and Saturday until 05:00 am. Many come here because the institution is located on the water. The club offers excellent dishes of Russian, European, Japanese and Italian cuisines. Prices vary on average from 1000 rubles. But this is not an obstacle for lovers of a good restaurant and club. According to numerous customer reviews, they are satisfied with the good service of the establishment. A wide range of hookahs of the East, an excellent view of the Dvina, theme parties, convenient parking all this attracts many visitors. And various promotions and discounts are an additional plus for servicing the club.
  2. night club exclusive in arkhangelsk
    night club exclusive in arkhangelsk
  3. The Pelican night club in Arkhangelsk has also become a popular place for recreation and leisure. It is located near Paratov, along the Dvina embankment, house 82A.
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    The only negative is that the institution opens only three times a week: Thursday, Friday - from 22:00 to 06:00, and on Saturday - from 22:00 to 10:00 in the morning. Special discounts on birthdays, free admission for girls - great promotions forattracting visitors. European and Japanese dishes will delight all food lovers. For those who want to sit in a secluded place, there are special booths where no one will disturb. Here you can listen to the wonderful performances of your favorite artists, you can dance incendiary.

  5. A cozy atmosphere and quality service are also offered by the night club "Exclusive" in Arkhangelsk, located on Uritskogo, house 12 k1. Opening hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 21:00 pm to 06:00 am. Modern interior, spacious hall, good cuisine, a wide range of different cocktails, incendiary music, reasonable prices will leave an indelible impression on every visitor.


As you can see, there are many options for those who want to visit nightclubs in Arkhangelsk. In addition to those listed, there are also clubs such as:

  • "Moon" on Obvodny Canal Avenue, house 18;
  • "Kakadu" on Voskresenskaya, 7;
  • Empire Plus on Moskovsky Prospekt, 1 and so on.

Each of them has a lot of visitors who return to their favorite place every week.

nightclub in arkhangelsk
nightclub in arkhangelsk

Nightclubs in Arkhangelsk offer excellent service and high level service.