Actor Vladimir Zemlyanikin: biography, personal life, family, films
Actor Vladimir Zemlyanikin: biography, personal life, family, films

Video: Actor Vladimir Zemlyanikin: biography, personal life, family, films

Video: Actor Vladimir Zemlyanikin: biography, personal life, family, films
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Everyone who has seen the film "The House I Live In" can hardly forget the role of Vladimir Zemlyanikin. He very convincingly played the boy Seryozha Davydov, who immediately became his own for everyone. However, the other roles of the actor were not so brilliant. What happened to Vladimir?

The difficult life of an actor

Vladimir Zemlyanikin was a positive person not only on stage, but also in everyday life. It was very important for him to always be a person you can rely on. Modesty and pride, skill and passion, ups and downs, disappointment in love, he alth problems, fortitude and high moral principles - these are the character traits the actor embodied.

Vladimir Zemlyanikin
Vladimir Zemlyanikin

Behind him are dozens of films and hundreds of performances, but only one significant role that brought him fame and, as often happens with actors, drove him into the framework of one stereotype of behavior. He was endlessly offered to play himself - good and reliable, on the board of his boyfriend. But, like any actor, Vladimir Zemlyanikindreamed of acting, not just living on camera.

Disappointment in love and illness, which doctors considered incurable, could not break his character and discourage the desire to be in demand as an actor. Perhaps the woman who eventually became his real companion in this life helped him survive many hardships. But more on that later.

Military childhood

The biography of actor Vladimir Zemlyanikin does not mention the years of early childhood. He was born on October 27, 1933. Until the war he lived in Moscow. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he was evacuated with his mother. About this period of his life, Zemlyanikin recalled that they constantly had to hide from air raids, listen with anxiety to the howl of air sirens. From experiences, his mother stopped walking. How the boy lived at that time, one can only imagine. But they survived. Moreover, the happiness of his father's return home awaited him. When the war ended, Volodya was twelve years old. His father went to work at a car factory, his mother was sick. The boy, left to himself, could well go astray. However, despite his father's fears, he did not join a single bandit gang, of which there were a great many after the war.

Vladimir Zemlyanikin color photo
Vladimir Zemlyanikin color photo

Vladimir went to the Palace of Pioneers and was engaged in amateur performances there. Then he moved to the ZIL House of Culture, which at that time was considered very strong in the preparation of amateur performances. His artistic director, Sergei Stein, was sure that Vladimir would make an excellent actor. Don't believe itit was impossible for a person, since he brought up many stars for our cinema.

Choice: actor or builder

Zemlyanikin Vladimir dreamed of becoming an actor since childhood. However, innate modesty did not allow him to hope that he had a chance to enter the university of acting. Having applied to three of them, he simultaneously applied for admission to the construction institute. In those days, acting was not considered a profession that could feed a man and his family. Therefore, Volodya, like many young people at that time, chose a profession suitable for himself, which he could master in case of failure with acting dreams.

Vladimir Zemlyanikin young
Vladimir Zemlyanikin young

And yet he was admitted to the Shchukin school. As a student, he already starred in films. When the actor was supposed to play a role in the play "Intruder", Vladimir's mother died. This was a big blow for the student. He was offered to refuse to participate in the play. But Zemlyanikin decided to play. Fortitude, discipline and dedication to his work were manifested in the actor in the earliest years of his creative activity. The question of a possible mistake in choosing a profession was no longer raised.

Friends for life

In the early photos, the actor Vladimir Zemlyanikin is often shot with a quiet and kind smile on his face. His friends, with whom he made friends back in the ZIL Palace of Culture, Vasily Lanovoy and Lev Borisov, played with him in the film "Certificate of Maturity". The roles were well known to them, since they played this performance more than once in the Zilovsky House of Culture. The movie is so high quality.that it was hard to believe in the unprofessionalism of the actors. The honesty with which the guys played their roles captivated many.

Vladimir Zemlyanikin film frame
Vladimir Zemlyanikin film frame

Their friendship, which only grew stronger over the years, and numerous tests of distance, time, fame were truly worthy of praise. For many years, until the death of Vladimir, the actors remained the closest friends.

Actor Role

Vladimir Zemlyanikin began to play the role of "his guys" with whom you want to be friends. He himself was such a person. Therefore, positive roles were given to him easily. Sometimes he himself understood that he was not playing, but simply remaining himself. This could not but alert Zemlyanikin. After all, his talent in these roles was not revealed. This depressed the actor, but he could not get other roles, since the directors simply did not see him as a villain or at least a bad guy. In some projects, he tried to play the formation of a good person from a bully, but the paintings themselves did not receive recognition from the public, which did not allow him to show off his skill.

First difficulties

As often happens, roles that make actors famous ruin careers in the bud. For his fame after the film "The House I Live in" Zemlyanikin paid with many acting failures. The actor considered many roles to be a personal failure, as he played them rather mediocrely. Basically, these were supporting roles that were poorly remembered due to the smoothness of the character. Chauffeurs, neighbors, love-struck losers who rained down from the screens performed by Zemlyanikin did him a disservice.

Vladimir Zemlyanikin work in the theater
Vladimir Zemlyanikin work in the theater

People recognized Vladimir on the street, but only Seryozha Davydov was recognized in him. Yes, and the directors attributed any of his wishes rather to whims, they did not take them seriously. He was reined in, put in his place, made comments. Vladimir, being a modest and at the same time proud man, silently endured the vicissitudes of fate, which in an instant lifted him up, but immediately forgot about him. The biography of Vladimir Zemlyanikin is like a mountainous area: peaks, cliffs, plains …

Films featuring the actor

  • "Abitur";
  • "Test of loy alty";
  • "Son";
  • "Different Fates";
  • "The house where I live";
  • "A Tale of First Love";
  • "Street of Youth";
  • "Soldier's heart";
  • "Chernomorochka";
  • "Resistant";
  • "Noisy Day";
  • "Voices of our quarter";
  • "Young green";
  • "Cheryomushki";
  • "Silence";
  • "Traveler with luggage";
  • "Bridge under construction";
  • "Red Sun";
  • "Eternal Call";
  • "Big change";
  • "Step forward", etc.

Work in the theater

And yet, it cannot be said that Vladimir Zemlyanikin suddenly turned out to be unclaimed. He acted less successfully in films than he played in the theater. The audience loved the young actor, took him soecstatic that many of his colleagues were outraged. At that time, in any kiosk you could buy a photo of Vladimir Zemlyanikin. It was a success that could not be ignored. When there was a discord in Sovremennik, and Efremov left, he invited many actors with him, but not Zemlyanikin. The actor himself spoke about this without pretense, that he would follow him if he were called. But he did not know how to impose.

Women in the life of an actor

Vladimir Zemlyanikin's personal life at the very beginning was somewhat unsuccessful. His first love was classmate Nina Doroshina. Their relationship developed harmoniously. The young man accompanied the girl home after class. Everyone considered them a couple. Once the lovers were attacked by hooligans, from whom Vladimir had to fight back. In the heat of the fight, a fur hat flies off Zemlyanikin, which is immediately grabbed by one of the hooligans and runs away with it. Buying another one from Vladimir was not possible. Then Nina told the guys on the course exactly how Vladimir lost his hat. In the course of the whole course, they bought him a new hat. And everything would be fine, but Nina fell in love with the talented director Oleg Efremov. She honestly told Vladimir about this. They broke up. Vladimir came to Sovremennik for her and was forced to endure a lot of nit-picking from the director, who considered his triumph his failure.

Vladimir Zemlyanikin with an actress
Vladimir Zemlyanikin with an actress

Soon Vladimir met Lyubov Lifentsova, who became his wife. Their happiness did not last long. Lyubov met Oleg Strizhenov, left Zemlyanikin and became Lyubov Strizhenova.

About your failuresVladimir did not like to talk, preferring to leave rubbish inside the hut. However, being a public person, he could not hide many facts of his life. So the case of his acquaintance with his last wife, Lyudmila Egorova, was not told by the actor himself, but by one of his friends. It turns out that she was the girlfriend of his close friend Mark. A friend introduced them, not suspecting a rival in Zemlyanikin. But Vladimir was captivated by the beauty and intelligence of the girl, honestly told a friend that he intended to fight for her. After some time, Lyudmila became his wife.

Children of the actor

Personal life and children in the biography of Vladimir Zemlyanikin were a very important link. From his first wife, Lyubov, he had a daughter. When she left him for the sake of Oleg Strizhenov, for a long time it was not clear with whom her daughter would remain. She lived for a long time with her father, then with her mother, then again returned to her father. Soon Lyubov gave birth to a son from Oleg, and the girl finally moved in with her mother and brother.

Lyudmila Egorova could have become the mother of a child from Vladimir, but she had to terminate the pregnancy.

Terrible news

The news they received from the doctors was almost a verdict: Vladimir Zemlyanikin has an open form of tuberculosis. In conditions of close proximity with such a patient, it is unacceptable to bear a child. This became a verdict, since then Vladimir and Lyudmila had no more children. Vladimir had to fight the disease. He was suggested to have an operation and remove the lung, which was especially affected by the disease. However, the actor did not agree to the operation, which did not give him any guarantees that the disease would recede. Hedecided to run. Starting from two hundred meters, a year later he completely defeated the disease.

Vladimir Zemlyanikin in old age
Vladimir Zemlyanikin in old age

He alth is the main we alth

Since then, he began to pay attention not only to his profession and his wife, who supported him in the days when many despaired, but also to his he alth. Thanks to the correction in terms of taking care of his own body, Vladimir lived for more than forty years. In his films, Vladimir Zemlyanikin plays heroes full of he alth. But only a few close ones knew that he had stood on the edge of the grave several times and could have died.

Return to stage

The biography of Vladimir Zemlyanikin is full of surprises. After a year of illness, his fame is almost over. People no longer recognize him. It was extremely difficult to return to the stage, as new actors, new names came. Then Vladimir received a strange proposal from the KGB, who insisted that Zemlyanikin denounced friends who were dissatisfied with the authorities. In return, he was offered a rise up the career ladder, roles to choose from, work in any troupe. Vladimir refused. He told the persistent KGB officers that he suffered from a nervous breakdown and often spoke in his sleep about what tormented him during the day. In such a situation, it was not possible for him to keep the secret of his cooperation with the authorities. Everything that Zemlyanikin achieved after his illness, he received with even greater difficulty, since now the KGB was also persecuting him.

Death Diagnosis

And yet, even the most talented people cannot get away from fate. The title of Honored Artist of Russia, hereceived only in 1994. And in 2011, he was diagnosed with third-degree cancer. He was getting worse, but the actor was in no hurry to be examined. Only at the very insistent request of his wife, he passed blood tests, which confirmed the terrible diagnosis. Chemotherapy treatment led to hair loss and increasing weakness. Friends advised me to change the situation and go to the sea. The Zemlyanikins did just that. They left for the Crimea. The sea, the sun, the sand, and the support of his wife helped him survive for several years.

Vladimir Zemlyanikin in adulthood
Vladimir Zemlyanikin in adulthood

Until the last month of his life, he went to performances at the Sovremennik Theater and remained an active actor. Each time it became more and more difficult for him to play roles, but, as on that very first time, when the news of the death of his mother could be a reason not to work, he continued to work with the confidence that only work prolongs his life. Short moments when the disease receded, he devoted to his family: his wife, daughter, three grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. In the last photos, it is difficult to recognize in an elderly, emaciated man a cheerful guy who could be a friend for every person.

The actor died on his birthday, when he was 83 years old. Such a coincidence could not be accidental, like his whole life. After him, there were many films left in which the actor played both great guys helping the main characters achieve their goal, and not very kind people thinking about personal gain or malicious intent.

The filmography of Vladimir Zemlyanikin has more than fifty paintings. his roles,most often of the second plan, remain in the memory of fans as a unique kaleidoscope of faces, both good-natured and frankly negative.