How did the International Day of KVN appear?

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How did the International Day of KVN appear?
How did the International Day of KVN appear?

Video: How did the International Day of KVN appear?

Video: How did the International Day of KVN appear?
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If you look at the calendar, you can find holidays for every day. But there are dates that we celebrate, and there are forgotten and useless days. Fortunately, November 8 is still a popular celebration in certain circles. International KVN Day is celebrated by all cheerful and resourceful people. It does not matter here whether you are a participant or just an ardent fan, if you have a sense of humor - this is your holiday. When did KVN appear and why did they create a separate red day of the calendar?

International KVN Day congratulations
International KVN Day congratulations

History of the holiday

Congratulations on the International KVN Day pour in from all open sources: radio, TV, the Internet. But this was not always the case, once this program was even banned from broadcasting.

In 2001, the first celebration of the Day of the Club of the Merry and Resourceful was held, despite the fact that the program itself has existed since 1961. For 40 years, it has managed to spread around the world. Even in distant America or Australia, joker competitions are held. Therefore, the celebration was declared international, but it is celebrated most often in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus - the progenitor countries.

With International KVN Day, everything is clear, but wheredid the reason come from? Let's get into the details.


Back in 1956, a new format program "Evening of funny questions" appeared on Soviet TV screens. This was the first time when not only artists, but also guests of the program took part on the air. Since the show was a comedy show, the members were asked funny questions that they had to answer.

A sample of such programs was brought from the Czech Republic. A special feature was the live broadcast, so the respondents had only one chance to come up with a witty phrase. The founder was the first edition of the youth “Festival Edition of the Central Television”.

Who could have expected such a success from a novice TV show? However, people of all ages watched it, everyone wanted to laugh and get a boost of positive energy.

International Day of KVN script
International Day of KVN script

Unfortunately, despite the success, the program appeared on the screen 3 times and closed. The presenters decided to draw a prize for their fans. They promised a gift to those who come to the next issue in winter felt boots, a hat, a coat and with a newspaper for December 31st. Only the speaker accidentally forgot to announce the last one. Imagine how many people flipped their closets, took out their winter clothes and came to the show? According to stories from old newspapers, even the police did not stop those wishing to receive a bonus. On that day, the broadcast of "Hilarious Questions Night" ceased forever.


Four years later, the editors release a more promising project. Guess which one? That's right, KVN is born here.

The concept was alreadychanged. Now there were several teams that competed with each other. The audience liked this idea, and more than half of the country watched the broadcast. The contingent was of different ages, as everyone wanted to laugh.

The most interesting thing is that KVN was not considered as the "Club of the Cheerful and Resourceful", but was associated with the TV model "KVN-49".

This is where the history of International KVN Day begins, for the first time the program was released on November 8, 1961.

But the happiness did not last long, soon the authorities, including the KGB, paid attention to the show. The program was forbidden to be shown live and was allowed only in recordings where jokes that did not comply with censorship were cut out. The rules became more and more rigid, it was no longer possible to play a man who had a beard. It was a direct insult to Karl Marx. And in 1971, the transmission was banned altogether.

But in 1986 Andrey Menshikov dared to save the Soviet humor and give a chance for the International KVN Day. He launched the TV show again and returned the favorite teams to the viewers. There were no more pitfalls here, the program survived the collapse of the USSR and survived to this day.

For many team members, this is a huge boost in their careers. The experience of working on one of the most popular TV shows in Russia is highly valued for artists. Therefore, many after the resignation have permanent orders and invitations.

International KVN Day November 8
International KVN Day November 8

In addition to the main show, similar events are held in schools and institutes, every person with a sense of humor has a chance to take part. at major universitiesselection rounds are being held, so there is an opportunity to get on TV.


Despite such a long journey, KVN had only 4 presenters:

  • Albert Axelrod - opened the first broadcast, it is with him that the story begins. However, he did not work for long, already in 1964 Albert left the program.
  • Alexander Maslyakov was called in his place. This person is familiar to everyone since childhood. At the beginning of his career, he was still a student at MIIT and had no idea what awaited him. In 1986, Alexander was again called to the position of presenter, he agrees and remains on the show to this day. It was he who proposed the celebration of the International KVN Day on November 8.
  • Before the closing of 1971, the program had two presenters. The second was the beautiful Svetlana Zhiltsova, but after the resumption of the program, she did not return.
International KVN Day
International KVN Day

Maslyakov Jr. ends this list. It has hosted the Premier League since 2003

Interesting facts

Maslyakov has the nickname "Barin", which corresponds to his status in the program

International KVN day history
International KVN day history
  • The host himself wrote the first scripts for the International KVN Day.
  • There are even entire books devoted to team competition.
  • KVN numbers are often political in nature. Fortunately, now everything is not as strict as in the USSR.
  • Participants are not paid a fee, they perform at their own expense or at the expense of a sponsor.


So, the International Day of KVN was already celebrated 17 timesaround the world. Now you know the origins of the holiday, as you can see, the program has come a long and hard way to carve out the right to popularity. But after the falls, the creators rose again and walked stubbornly towards their goal. The result - they brought their project to the world level.