How to draw cartoon eyes? Step-by-step instruction

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How to draw cartoon eyes? Step-by-step instruction
How to draw cartoon eyes? Step-by-step instruction

Video: How to draw cartoon eyes? Step-by-step instruction

Video: How to draw cartoon eyes? Step-by-step instruction
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The eyes are known to be the window to the soul. For cartoon characters, their portrayal is a key factor in creating a character, and it is also a powerful tool for expressing an emotional state.

Why are eyes the most important part of a character?

Most illustrators, before drawing eyes in a cartoon style, think over the character of the future character. The character is conveyed through the eyes. In addition, without a ready look, it is impossible to draw a pose. Through the eyes it is possible to convey not only the category of the character, but also his gender, occupation and style of behavior.

emotions through the eyes
emotions through the eyes

How to draw cartoon eyes?

Scheme for drawing cartoon eyes, whether anime or Disney-style character, comes down to the following steps:

  1. The upper curved line is drawn with a thickening in the area of the bend. For eyes that repeat the geometric shape, you need to draw it. It can be a circle, an oval, a rectangle with rounded corners.
  2. Drawing the lower part. At the junction, the line is drawn thicker.
  3. The iris is drawn. Choice of oval or roundshape, the upper part overlaps with the eyelid. If there is no need for a detailed drawing of the iris, then full color filling is used and a dark pupil is immediately drawn.
  4. The location of highlights relative to the main light source. With this detail, you can enhance the emotional coloring of the character. For simpler cartoon eyes, this step is omitted.
  5. Detailing. Eyebrows, eyelid folds are drawn if necessary. Due to the location and shape of the eyebrows, the cartoon character is able to convey a wide range of emotions.
  6. Eye shapes
    Eye shapes

Types of eyes of cartoon characters

Among the many looks that can be given to a character, there are:

  • Women's eyes. By grouping eyelashes into one line, drawing arrows and raised corners of the eyes, you can convey the image of a young seductress or fatal beauty. Soft almond-shaped shapes suit the character of a girl-friend, and round eyes with large pupils are often used to depict caring mothers.
  • Men's eyes are usually drawn without eyelashes, and the character is conveyed by the size and position of the eyebrows.
  • Anime eyes are considered the best way to express a character's emotionality. They are characterized by the presence of glare and a more detailed drawing of the iris.
  • anime eyes
    anime eyes

Thus, the character's eyes are one of the main tools for conveying character. Having figured out how to draw cartoon eyes, due to variations in shape, degree of roundness, locationeyelashes and eyebrows can convey a wide range of emotions, manners and reactions.