The most hilarious comedies: a list of the best
The most hilarious comedies: a list of the best

Video: The most hilarious comedies: a list of the best

Video: The most hilarious comedies: a list of the best
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Comedy is a genre loved by many people, since it is funny movie stories that, like no other movie, save you from a bad mood and brighten up the evening. How have comedy standards changed, which comedies were popular decades ago and which are loved by viewers today?

Her Majesty comedy

Comedy is one of the first genres in filmmaking. "Splashed Sprinkler" was the first comic scene seen by the audience. However, if in 1895 this short film made the visitors of the cafe on Boulevard des Capucines laugh and left an indelible impression on them, today film lovers want to see even more spectacular and funny comedies, with bright and charismatic characters. The days of Charlie Chaplin as a naive simpleton are over, and now all viewers are watching comedies with Dwayne Johnson and Dmitry Nagiyev, whose witty and cynical characters will not miss the opportunity to laugh at others. Lists of the most hilarious comedies to tears will be presented to your attention below.

Funny Russian comedies

Russian comedies are classics of the genre. Filmed with soul, they tell about the lives of ordinary people, officials and businessmen. Their plot is simple and unpretentious -Whatever the situation in your life, the most important thing is to treat it with humor. What comedies of domestic film production are considered the best? Below is the Top 5 most hilarious Russian comedies:

  1. "Radio Day". The plot of the movie takes place on the radio station "Kakbyradio". The hosts urgently need to come up with a new topic for the radio marathon, as their competitors are already running a marathon on their previously chosen topic.
  2. "Christmas Trees". The film almanac tells how the citizens of Russia at different ends of the vast country are preparing for their favorite holiday - the New Year.
  3. "Love in the big city". A wonderful romantic comedy about how to find your love and how important it is in everyone's life.
  4. "Love is a carrot." The main characters are a married couple who have been thinking about a divorce for a long time. They suddenly wake up in the morning and realize that they have exchanged bodies.
  5. "Bitter". A young couple dreams of a European-style wedding, but their parents arrange a celebration spiced with national flavor for them.
the most hilarious comedies
the most hilarious comedies

The most hilarious Russian comedies, purely rural

Outback has repeatedly become a platform for plot development in Russian comedies. Ordinary people who work hard from morning till night, and their difficult life is the basis of the film. The Top 5 Russian most hilarious comedies about the village include:

  1. "Live in joy." The talented inventor Mityai Pryazhkin received a task from the collective farm management: to get special equipment forbridge construction. But before the gullible Mityai had time to leave the village, he fell into the clutches of crooks.
  2. "Wedding in Malinovka". The village is preparing for the wedding of the beautiful Yarinka and her chosen one, when suddenly Ataman Gritsian, who wants to marry a girl, confuses all the cards for young lovers.
  3. "About the businessman Foma". Another hilarious country comedy. After the collapse of the collective farms, the mechanic Foma decides to open a business in his village - to build a paid toilet.
  4. "Girls". Tosya, a graduate of the culinary school, comes to the timber industry. Having a rebellious character, she puts the first handsome Ilya in his place, who then argues with his friend that he will be able to win the heart of a proud girl.
  5. "Soldier Ivan Brovkin". The list of the most hilarious Russian comedies about the village would be incomplete without this film. Whatever work Ivan takes on the collective farm, he does not succeed. Soon the guy is taken to the army and there, finally, the guy begins to understand what a friendly team, dedication and hard work are. He writes love letters to his fiancee, but they are intercepted by his rival.
hilarious comedies to tears
hilarious comedies to tears

The best Soviet hilarious comedy films

The comedies of Soviet cinema have become a real legend, and today they do not lose their charm. What films are included in the list of the most hilarious comedies of the USSR? This is:

  1. "Operation "Y" and Shurik's other adventures". The warehouse keeper asks his lodger Shurik to marry him on the night shift. At the same timethe warehouses are going to be robbed by Dunce, Coward and Experienced.
  2. "Business people". Two unlucky friends decide to kidnap the son of a we althy businessman in order to demand a ransom. To the surprise of the kidnappers, the father is in no hurry to give money, and they soon understand why.
  3. "Dog Mongrel and an unusual cross". A gang of poachers goes fishing with dynamite and a dog.
  4. "Striped flight". A love story unfolds on a huge ship that transports caged tigers to the zoo - the beautiful Marianna can't win the favor of the commander.
  5. "Sportloto - 82". Beauty Tanya gives a lottery ticket to her fellow traveler Kostya and he loses it. After learning about the girl's winnings, the guy starts looking for him, and this becomes the beginning of incredible adventures.
  6. "For family reasons". Lida and Igor are a young married couple. They recently became parents. None of them can leave their job and devote themselves to raising a child, so the lovers hope for the help of mother Lida. However, being the boss, Galina Arkadyevna does not even think about staying at home. Because of this, conflict flares up in the family.
  7. "Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession." The scientist Shurik creates a time machine and accidentally Ivan the Terrible ends up in modern Moscow, and in Tsarist Russia - the manager of the Bunsh house and the thief Miloslavsky. Now Shurik must do everything possible to return the king to his time.
  8. "Prisoner of the Caucasus". Beautiful Nina comes to visit her uncle for the holidays. In the sametime student Shurik comes to the city, who collects old parables and legends. The guy is tricked into kidnapping Nina, convincing him that he is participating in the ancient Georgian ceremony of bride kidnapping.
  9. "Diamond Arm". During a foreign cruise, Gorbunkov, a Soviet citizen, breaks his arm. Thinking that there is a criminal in front of them, the smugglers wrap diamonds in plaster of paris. Immediately upon arrival, the hero goes to the police and becomes a member of a secret operation.
  10. "12 chairs". Dying, the mother-in-law informs her son-in-law that there are jewels in one of the chairs of the old set. The hero immediately begins to search for decorations, hunting for chairs that turn out to be in different parts of the country.
funny russian comedies
funny russian comedies

The funniest comedies of all time

These films entered the history of world cinema as the best comedy films. What does the Top 5 gold collection look like?

  1. "Only girls in jazz". Musicians Joe and Jerry witness a mafia showdown. To save their lives, they, wearing women's outfits, become members of a women's orchestra and go on tour with their charming soloist Darling.
  2. Groundhog Day. TV presenter Phil is caught in a time loop and is now forced to relive February 2 all over again.
  3. "Adventures of Italians in Russia". Olga's grandmother, an Italian emigrant, tells her granddaughter before her death that she once buried under a lion statue in Leningradjewels that she will now inherit. The girl not only needs to go to Russia and find the lion statue, but also protect the treasure from all those who witnessed her conversation with her grandmother.
  4. "Annie Hall". The comedy tells about the development of relations between a couple in love - Alvy and Annie.
  5. "Producers". The producer of musicals, in order to save his financial situation, decides to put on a deliberately failed play in order to write off everything as expenses, and appropriate the proceeds for himself.
list of the most hilarious comedies to tears
list of the most hilarious comedies to tears

The most hilarious American comedies

Top 5 best comedies of American production can be watched alone or with friends, turning off your head, and just enjoying watching. What are the best comedies according to viewers?

  1. "Dumb and dumber." Lloyd, a goofy limousine driver, falls in love with his passenger. When he sees her leaving a suitcase in the lobby of the airport, he thinks that as soon as he returns her loss, he will immediately win her love. It remains only to find Mary and return the loss to her. Lloyd takes his best friend Harry with him on the trip.
  2. "American Pie". Having decided to say goodbye to virginity, four high school students promise each other that they will sleep with the girls on the prom night. The problem is guys don't even know how to talk to the opposite sex.
  3. "Home Alone". Eight-year-old Kevin is left completely alone when his entire family leaves for Paris, and he is mistakenly left at home. Situationcomplicated by the fact that two bandits want to rob Kevin's house.
  4. "Cops in skirts". Two absolutely different girls - charming Sasha and impudent Shannon become partners. Together they need to catch the Russian drug lord.
  5. "The Hangover". The groom and his friends go to Las Vegas to have a bachelor party. In the morning, waking up after drinking, the heroes do not find the groom, but a tiger and a six-month-old baby are found in their room.
funny comedy list
funny comedy list

Subtle French humor

As you know, the French have a special sense of humor. The French comedy has everything - incredible adventures, a love line, and an unpredictable plot, but the most important thing is that every spectator is expected to have a wonderful game of actors and a great mood. What are the best French comedies?

  1. "1+1". Philip is a we althy aristocrat. After the accident, he remained completely paralyzed and every day he loses the taste of life more and more. Choosing his next nurse, he opts for a dark-skinned guy with a dubious reputation named Driss. It seemed that this person would not be able to take care of Philip, however, they soon become best friends.
  2. "Unlucky". After the disappearance of his daughter, the millionaire turns to Detective Campone for help. The girl has one feature, she literally attracts bad luck, so the resourceful detective decides to take on a partner, the same chronic loser as the one who disappeared.
  3. "Fantômas". AfterAfter the journalist Fandor publishes a fake interview with the elusive criminal Fantomas, he kidnaps him and demands that a true article be written about him. Not getting what he wants, the bandit begins to commit robberies, taking the form of Fandor. The latter has no choice but to cooperate with the police to stop the villain.
  4. "Asterix and Obelix against Caesar". The Roman emperor conquered all European countries. Only one small village, in which the Gauls live, did not submit. They are invincible warriors who are not afraid of Caesar's army. The secret is in the special drink. But what will two best friends, Asterix and Obelix, do if the secret of its preparation becomes known to the Roman legionnaires?
  5. "Daddies". When Tristan, Christine's son runs away from home, she asks for help in finding her two former lovers, Jacques and Francois. One of them may be Tristan's father, so the woman hopes that the dads can help bring their son back home. A serious confrontation begins between Francois and Jacques.
funny comedies to tears list
funny comedies to tears list

Best rom-coms of all time

If melodrama can be sad, then a romantic comedy is always a story with a happy ending, with many funny moments. The best comedies about relationships between a man and a woman are ideal for watching in the evening with your loved one.

List of such films:

  1. "Love and doves". Vasily, who lives with his family in the village, receives a ticket from workon the sea. There he meets Raisa. Her interesting stories impress the ordinary village man so much that he falls in love with her. Upon arrival from the sea, Vasily immediately settles with Raisa. At home, a wife with three children receives a letter stating that her father has found a new love and will not return to them again. Time passes and Vasya realizes that he cannot live without his family.
  2. "Office Romance". Wanting to get a promotion, on the advice of a friend, Novoseltsev decides to hit on his boss Lyudmila Prokopyeva, although he considers her a real scumbag. A principled careerist opens up to her subordinate from a new side and an office romance begins before the eyes of the entire team.
  3. "Love Potion 9". To fall in love with his colleague, the scientist Paul goes to a gypsy and she gives him a special potion. At first, he refuses the idea of making the girl fall in love with him like that, but after learning that her fiancé also uses the drug, he asks the gypsy for an even stronger potion.
  4. "Taming the Shrew". Elia is a confirmed bachelor and misogynist. When the beautiful Lisa appears on the threshold of his house and asks him to let him spend the night because of bad weather, he tries with all his might to expel her. Seeing that Elia, unlike other men, does not pay any attention to her, Lisa decides to do everything possible to tame the obstinate.
  5. "Runaway Bride". Maggie is afraid of marriage, so as soon as she reaches the altar, she immediately runs away from the wedding. To write an article about a runaway bride, a famous man comes to a provincial townjournalist from New York - Ike. The guy himself does not notice how he falls in love with a girl and proposes to her. With less time left before the wedding, Ike is constantly tormented by doubts - will Maggie run away from their wedding?
the most hilarious comedies to tears
the most hilarious comedies to tears

Best black comedies

When comedies with banal situations and cliches get bored, and you want to watch a movie with "black" jokes, it's time to turn on one of the most interesting films with black humor.

  1. "Burn after reading." Desiring a divorce, the wife steals from her husband, a CIA analyst, a disk, believing that his bank account numbers are stored there, which will be useful to her when dividing property. By chance, the disk falls into the hands of the instructor, who is sure that an important state secret is recorded on it and that one can earn money on its disclosure. No one suspects that the memoirs of a CIA agent are recorded on the disk and they are of no value.
  2. "Kick-Ass". The list of hilarious comedies to tears would be incomplete without this picture. Is it worth resigning to the fact that criminals and hooligans will always have an advantage over weak people? Schoolboy Dave is haunted by the fact that the superheroes he reads about in comics don't have followers in real life. The guy buys a tight-fitting suit and, taking the name Kick-Ass, takes to the streets of a big city to give crime no chance.
  3. "Seven Psychopaths". Trying to finish another novel, the writer, in search of inspiration, accidentally becomes one of the kidnappers of a small dog,which belongs to the local gang leader. A relentless hunt begins for him and his friends.
  4. "Welcome to Zombieland. Survivors of the zombie apocalypse are trying to find a way to live. The heroes have heard that zombies are not in the amusement park and go there, not knowing what an unpleasant surprise awaits them there.
  5. "Death suits her." In pursuit of beauty and eternal life, actress Madeleine takes the elixir of youth. Now she is not afraid of years or illness. Soon, her husband's ex-wife appears on her way. Trying to kill Helen out of jealousy, Madeleine discovers that her rival has also taken the elixir of youth.
funny comedy movies
funny comedy movies

Top 5 must-see domestic comedies of the last three years

Every year there are more and more new comedies. As you know, laughter is a must for a person who dreams of good he alth. What hilarious Russian comedies of 2015 - 2017 are must-see for viewers?

  1. "Walk, Vasya". Mitya, having inadvertently proposed to his girlfriend, immediately leaves for his hometown to get a divorce, since his not entirely adequate wife, Vasya, did not give her consent to the divorce. To convince his ex that he needs a divorce in order to get married, Mitya asks the bartender Asya to become his bride for a few days.
  2. "The last hero". Muscovite Ivan enters the world of fairy tales. Trying to find his way home, he promises Baba Yaga, Koshchei the Immortal and Vasilisa to help find the Sword. The treasurer, since, according to legend, only he is the last of the heroes, has enough strength to take him out of the stone.
  3. "Best day ever". Petya, a traffic police officer, proposes to his fiancee Olya. While she is preparing to meet the groom's mother and planning a wedding celebration, the man turns his attention to the visiting star - Alina Shepot.
  4. "Eight new dates". Really hilarious Russian comedy, worthy of the attention of every connoisseur of good cinema. Nikita and Vera have been married for several years. The couple has a lot of claims to each other. One morning, Nikita wakes up with a beautiful wife, and Vera with her caring oligarch husband.
  5. "SuperBeavers". After a fragment of a meteorite falls on the roof of the house, each of the Bobrov family receives a superpower. The heroes decide to use it for their own good and rob the bank.
list of the most hilarious comedies
list of the most hilarious comedies

Best Foreign Comedies 2015 - 2017

The best hilarious comedies to tears that have seen the world over the past few years will give you a great mood both on a weekday and a weekend. What comedies from world film production do critics recommend for viewing?

  1. "Take me by storm." After women are allowed to join the special forces and the police, the charming Frenchwoman Joanna decides to join the elite special forces. The unit commander is doing everything possible so that the girl leaves his team, since no one, but sentimental and whiny women, is not thereplace.
  2. "Killer's bodyguard". Michael is a top level bodyguard. The CIA turns to him for help - it is urgent to ensure the safety of Darius, a professional killer, who is an important witness in the case of accusation of the dictator of one of the countries. It seemed that Michael was no stranger to such responsible work, but only he and Darrius were mortal enemies and hated each other.
  3. "Baywatch". A newcomer joins the rescue team on the coast of Malibu - Matt, a swimmer with two gold medals. The self-confident type does not inspire confidence in the head of the rescue squad, Mitch, and he gives him one test after another to make sure that he does not let you down in a difficult situation.
  4. "Hello Dad, Happy New Year!". Dusty, after her divorce from Linda, comes to visit her children and meets their stepfather, soft-bodied and sentimental Brad. An unspoken competition ensues between fathers to determine which of them the children love more.
  5. "Very bad mothers". The list of hilarious comedies is knowingly completed by this film. She immediately captivated the modern audience. Annie is tired of the huge burden placed on modern mothers - they have to look great, run a house, raise children and earn money. Tired of being a good and understanding mother, she becomes a bad mother and gains allies - Kiki and Carla.

Do not waste time, watch the most hilarious comedies to tears with family and friends, raising your mood and charging with positive for the wholeweek.