Actress, singer, fitness guru Sidney Rom

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Actress, singer, fitness guru Sidney Rom
Actress, singer, fitness guru Sidney Rom

Video: Actress, singer, fitness guru Sidney Rom

Video: Actress, singer, fitness guru Sidney Rom
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Throughout history, the canons of beauty have constantly changed. Almost every type of appearance and figure at one time or another was considered the standard that girls aspired to. The temperamental actress, model, fitness guru, singer Sidney Rom firmly established herself on Soviet television in the 80s. Admiring glances were riveted to the screens, men adored this beauty, and women strove for the ideal, looking at her.

sydney rom songs
sydney rom songs

Short biography

Sidney Rom was born in Akron, Ohio, USA, in the family of an industrialist on 1951-17-03. Her father was the president of the largest plastics manufacturer in the world. She moved to Italy in 1970 and still lives in Rome.

Sydney inherited her beautiful slender figure, bright appearance, sophisticated features, temperament and energy from her Italian ancestors. This is what contributed to her rapid popularity and success on the stellar path in the 70s.

Bright charismatic blonde won the love of millions of viewers. Considering that in the mid-80s television became not only a source of information, but also entertainment, Sydney Rom became a real"queen of TV", especially after appearing on the cover of Playboy magazine a couple of times.

She skillfully combined acting and vocal abilities, physical development. In America, European countries, the USSR was known as an aerobics star.

Actress married twice:

  1. First marriage in 1973 to Emilio Lari.
  2. Since 1987, she has been married to Italian architect Roberto Bernabei. They are raising two adopted children.

Film career and filmography

On the big screen Sydney Rom made her debut at the age of 18 (1969) with the role of Flicka in the film "Some Girls" directed by Englishman Ralph Thomas. Some film critics believe that the actress performed her best roles in the 70s:

  • "What?" - 1972 film by Roman Polanski;
  • "Carousel" - 1973 film by Otto Schneck;
  • "Master Race" - 1974 film by Pierre Granier-Defer;
  • "The Babysitter" - 1975 film by René Clement;
  • "The Madness of the Bourgeoisie" - 1976 film by Claude Chabrol;
  • "Monster" -1977;
  • "Stop calling me baby!" - 1977 France;
  • "Beautiful Gigolo, Poor Gigolo" - 1978 film by David Hemmings;
  • "Red Bells" - 1982 film by Sergei Bondarchuk.

Since the mid-80s, Sydney has been actively filming in Italian TV shows. Throughout her career, she has played major and minor roles in more than four dozen films (detectives, thrillers,comedies, melodramas, erotic, historical films, westerns, horrors):

  • Quo vadiz? - 1985 - France;
  • "The Last Romance" - 1986 Spain;
  • Land of Rules - 1999 Spain
  • "Lourdes" - 2001 film by Ludovico Gasparini;
  • "Pope Giovanni - John XXIII" - 2002;
  • "Callas and Onassis" - 2005 - a film by Giorgio Capitani;
  • "Shelter" - 2009;
  • "Big Girl's Heart" - 2009;
  • "Anna Karenina" - 2013
sydney rom biography
sydney rom biography

Her film partners were: Marcello Mastroianni, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Jean Yann, Lucia Bose, Alain Delon, Claude Brasseur, Enrico Maria Salerno, Franco Nero, Aldo Maccione, Bernard Giraudeau, Maria Schneider and others. She participated not only in Italian and American film projects, but also starred in France, Russia, Spain, Great Britain, Germany.

In addition to working in films, Sydney Rom performs as a singer. She also recorded a video course of aerobics, which was broadcast on television.

Vocal data

In the 1980s, Marty Balin's first solo album appeared, with the compositions Angelo ptepotente and Hearts, written by Jersey Neil Barish, enjoying particular success. Sydney gained her fame as a singer thanks to the performance of a cover version of the song Hearts.

sydney rom biography
sydney rom biography

The clip with the blond curly beauty flew around almost the whole world, she became a favorite of music lovers, and on Soviet screensher songs gained popularity.

"Sydney Rome" (Sydney Rome) - sometimes there is such a spelling of her name, but it is wrong, right - Sydney (Sydne).


80s Fitness Guru

Aerobics has become the main direction among all sports "female disciplines" of the last decades of the past century. Tight, slender supermodels are considered ideal, and in Russia and Europe the boom of this sport has just begun. Among the founders of this fitness movement was Sidney Rome. After she recorded her workouts on video and began to broadcast them on various TV channels, Sydney became a fitness guru and rival of the equally famous Jane Fonda.

Sidney demonstrated an aerobics program to rhythmic music along with her assistants. The training sessions were later released as audio and video recordings. The CD was produced by Frank Farian, while the vocal trio LA MAMA and several guest performers created the musical accompaniment. Aerobic Fitness Dancing went platinum, and Let's Move Aerobic was soon released as a single.

Passion for plastic surgery

A bright actress, a spectacular woman, a sexy model over time could not come to terms with age-related changes in appearance. Therefore, Sydney Rom became an ardent fan of all kinds of anti-aging procedures and plastic surgery. The biography of the actress, unfortunately, includes the bitter truth of disappointments and failures of plastic changes.

sydney rum
sydney rum

Aftera series of endless braces and Botox, the actress lost not only her former natural charm, but also began to resemble a doll with an unnatural expression. She is one of the 10 most famous women who have been victims of plastic surgery. Now Sidney practically does not appear in public, leads a secluded life.