Funny jokes about Anton

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Funny jokes about Anton
Funny jokes about Anton

Video: Funny jokes about Anton

Video: Funny jokes about Anton
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Despite the fact that the name Anton is not one of the most common in our time, jokes have been invented for him no less than for such famous names as Natasha, Sveta and Seryozha. This is mainly due to the fact that the name Anton rhymes with a not very censorship synonym for the word “condom”, and therefore most jokes and jokes about Antonov somehow revolve around quite understandable sensitive topics. Let's try to choose the most decent ones from the total number of these jokes and anecdotes.

Jokes about Anton

Need Anton
Need Anton

Most often jokes about Antonov look like jokes. We've got a few not-so-vulgar ones in store for you.

Judging by the fact that with the surname Darned, the mother decided to name her newborn child Anton, she really hated his dad, and everything connected with him…

Recently, the lieutenant has taken the fashion of calling all subordinate hussars used condoms. But with Natashahe limited himself to the expression "Anton spanked."

At the appointment with the gynecologist, the girl decided to ask:

- Dear doctor. Can you advise me what are the ways to avoid pregnancy?

The doctor listed with a smile:

- There are many of them. Condoms, coils, suppositories, pills. Well, by the age of fifty, women begin menopause at all. You can go there without contraceptives…

Having received a detailed consultation, the girl left, but, as it turned out, not forever. After 25 years, an angry woman burst into the office of an elderly gynecologist with a bunch of children and, to his exclamations that, they say, this is not pediatrics, but a women's consultation, exploded with the following monologue:

- Nonsense advice you have here! I demand compensation! Here, marvel: this is Anton - a torn … condom, this is Valka, a fallen out spiral, this is Senechka - a defective candle, this is Svetka - an undissolved pill, and this is Vanek, cuff you on the back of the head after a fifty kopeck hit!..

Behind the wheel of a car for the first time, a young and not yet experienced driver Anton was forced to listen to third-party drivers rhyme to his name for days on end.

Poems about Anton

I'm just Anton
I'm just Anton

There are a lot of those too. And in the form of ditty couplets, and separately. Here are a couple of jokes about the name Anton in poetic form.

Sadness in the eyes again, Test shows - ah!

Because our Anton

Forgot to put on… a condom!

Nice guy our Anton, He is in the theater - a balleron!

He throws girls to the sky, And forgets to catch them…


But Antons shouldn't complain about such jokes in his address. They are still lucky enough that they are not Natasha - three rubles and ours, or not Sergey, hold on … In short, perhaps, we will end here.