Quotes, statuses and aphorisms about betrayal

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Quotes, statuses and aphorisms about betrayal
Quotes, statuses and aphorisms about betrayal

Video: Quotes, statuses and aphorisms about betrayal

Video: Quotes, statuses and aphorisms about betrayal
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Betrayal is one of the most insidious acts among people. A person who has been betrayed experiences incredible mental pain. Especially if he was betrayed by loved ones. Aphorisms about betrayal will help you express your feelings and your feeling. Then this pain can be endured at least a little easier.

Aphorisms about treason and betrayal

  • There are no minor betrayals.
  • Traitors are one of the toughest judges.
  • If someone acts like a pig, he says: "I'm sorry, but I'm only human." But if someone treats such a person like a pig, he immediately becomes indignant: "How is it possible? I am also a person!"
  • As easy as it is for a person to betray a loved one, it is so difficult to forgive his betrayal.

Here are some more statuses and aphorisms about betrayal:

  • Most of the trips you get from the "midgets", because this is their low level.
  • He has the qualities of a dog, everything but loy alty.
  • Only those you betrayconsider close people.
  • A sincere soul can never become treacherous.
  • For a small price they betray very low…
  • Thanks to all those who left me in trouble. It made me so strong that it's better for us not to cross at all anymore.
pretending to be a friend
pretending to be a friend

Statuses and quotes about cheating

When a person is treacherously changed, he experiences incredible mental anguish. This state is described in aphorisms about the betrayal of a loved one:

  • If you live with a person together, but you think that nothing connects you with him, this is already treason.
  • Betrayal is a weakness of character.
  • Every backstab has a face.
  • If you keep your partner on a leash, then don't you dare expect devotion from him.
  • The hardest thing to forgive is your own infidelity.
  • You can forgive the betrayal of the body, but if the soul has changed, you can not forgive. You just need to let this person go.
  • How many days and nights does it take to forget betrayal? After all, it is impossible to forgive her, no matter how much time passes.
  • Treason and betrayal are universal, they hurt everyone around, even the offender.
  • You can't forgive betrayal. The person who cheats is looking for someone better than you, which means he will never appreciate you.
  • Don't lose your head in love, otherwise you won't notice that you are being used.

Quotes and aphorisms about the betrayal of friends

  • The one who dared to betray his friends will never find peace.
  • You can't be friends with traitors again, even if it's vital.


Don't leave your friends, you can't replace them, Don't cheat on your loved ones - you won't get them back.

After all, you will notice over time, You betray yourself by betraying yourself!


  • No matter what I was promised and guaranteed, I still will not betray my friends.
  • I always want to see a dog in my friends. Because she never betrays.

This is not all aphorisms about betrayal:

  • There are several types among the friends of scoundrels. Those scoundrels who are ashamed of their actions. Those who naively believe that they are doing meanness for good. And there are ordinary scoundrels, purebreds, so to speak, they don't care.
  • Selling out friends doesn't mean going bankrupt, it means building a career.
  • The main thing is to see in time which of your friends will betray you next.
  • Smiling a friend can be misleading. First you need to make sure that she is sincere.
  • It's hard to predict if the hand that shakes your hand will suddenly stab you in the back.

Original statuses about traitors

  • I like cheating, but not cheaters.
  • Traitors betray themselves first.
  • Often a person's betrayal indicates a lack of dexterity.
  • Unfortunately, honest kind people always lower their eyes when they see meanness and impudence.
  • I ask the Lord to keep me from those I trust. After all, those whom I do not believe, I willbeware yourself.


And a person will find the circumstance

And the desired logical thread, To manage a petty betrayal, Explain in beautiful words.


knife in the back
knife in the back

Here's a note a few more aphorisms about betrayal:

  • The worst thing that can happen is when you are not even sold, but simply given away.
  • Even those who are favored by traitors eventually become despised.
  • Do not look for obvious scoundrels. After all, they are ordinary people, they just often commit meanness.
  • If someone betrayed you, it means he is simply betrayed by someone else.
  • It's a pity that the ones we protect with our breasts are most often stabbed in the back.
  • If you're a traitor, don't flatter yourself that this is original.
  • The more a person knows about you, the stronger their temptation to betray you.
  • Nothing lifts the spirit like defeating a scoundrel.
  • The main thing in life is not to betray yourself.