Rina Zelenaya: biography, personal life, photos, films
Rina Zelenaya: biography, personal life, photos, films

Video: Rina Zelenaya: biography, personal life, photos, films

Video: Rina Zelenaya: biography, personal life, photos, films
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An actress with a strange name and an equally unusual appearance enjoyed phenomenal popularity. Rina Zelenaya - both adults and children adored her. The article, which tells about the biography of the actress, her creative path and personal life, invites readers to remember this extraordinary woman once again, look at her photo.

Brief biography of Rina Zelena: the beginning of life's journey

The heroine of this story has come a long way of life, almost 90 years long. She was born in 1901, at a time when Russia was ruled by a tsar. She survived the revolution, the overthrow of the monarchy, the formation of Soviet power, the birth and flourishing of the USSR, the Great Patriotic War, the years of repression, the Khrushchev thaw and Gorbachev's perestroika.

All this time in her life there were many events: she studied, worked, fell in love. How to put a story about such a busy life in one small article? Let's try to briefly introduce the reader to the biography of Rina Zelena.

So, the future star was born in 1901 on November 7, in Tashkent. She was the third child of her parents. Mother's name was HopeFedorovna, father - Vasily Ivanovich. The newborn girl was named Katya. Yes, the real name of the actress does not sound at all like we are used to. Her full name is Ekaterina Vasilievna Zelenaya.

In Tashkent, Katya Zelenaya entered a real school, but did not study there for long, as the family moved to Moscow, and her father sent her beloved daughter to a women's gymnasium for girls from we althy families.

In 1918, Vasily Ivanovich was assigned to Odessa and went there at first alone, without a family. When the wife, along with Katya and her sister, came to her husband, it turned out that he already had another woman. Katerina decided to look for a job in order to start earning and help her mother settle in a new place.

Accidentally, the girl saw on the wall of the house a leaflet with an announcement about the recruitment of young people in a theater school and decided to go to the address indicated. Presenting herself before the admission committee, she began to recite a dramatic poem.

She struggled to convey the tragedy of poetry with her voice and facial expressions, but the more she tried, the louder the theater teachers laughed. Katya was accepted unanimously. How could you miss a girl with such incredible comedic talent!

A few years later, Katya graduated from the Moscow Theater School. The girl had a long creative journey ahead of her.

rina green in her youth
rina green in her youth

The beginning of an acting career

In 1921, Zelenaya began to play in the Odessa KROT theater, located in an old basement. It happened that in one evening she had to play five roles. On stage shewas universal: she sang, danced, uttered monologues.

The performances of the girl have always been accompanied by a resounding success. Soon she decides to move to Moscow, having learned about the opening of new theaters there. Arriving in a big city, Rina Zelenaya quickly realized that no one was waiting for her here. For some time she could not find a job and was in a depressed state of mind.

One day she caught the eye of a catchy theater sign "Don't cry!". It turned out that it was not a theater, but a night cabaret, and very popular and expensive. The metropolitan bohemia gathered there at night: musicians, artists, actors and writers. The basis of the repertoire of the entertainment establishment was made up of funny parodies, comic couplets, romances.

This time, actress Rina Zelena was lucky - she was accepted into "Don't Cry!". There she began to perform songs specially composed for the cabaret by composers Matvey Blanter and Yuri Milyutin, based on poems by poets Vera Inber and Nikolai Erdman.

Rina's restless nature did not allow her to stay long in one place. The actress goes to Petrograd and gets a job there at the Balaganchik theater, then at the Bat. And yet she returned to Moscow. At that time, the Moscow Theater of Satire was being created there, where the actress was taken with pleasure. After all, her talent perfectly matched the creative direction of the newly minted theater.

When she first appeared on the big stage, the audience did not even notice this fragile, unremarkable girl. But as soon as she began to speak the words from the role, all the attention of the audienceinstantly switched to it. Moscow audience fell in love with a bright actress. In the article on the photo Rina Zelenaya in her youth.

Rina Zeleny's biography
Rina Zeleny's biography

Origin of the unusual name

Once Katerina, an actress of the KROT theater, together with her colleagues drew a poster for the play where she was to perform. It was required to write in large letters the name of a young comedy prima who did not want to fit completely on the sheet.

The young actress acted decisively, she boldly cut off the first part of the name Ekaterina, it turned out - Rina. Everyone liked the unexpectedly arising creative pseudonym. From now on, the actress began to be called exclusively Rina Zelena.

Variety artist

Once the actress was supposed to perform at a concert in a club, but her accompanist did not come. The administrator, in desperation, asked Rina Zelenaya to come up with something to keep the bored audience busy.

The artist took the stage and began to read "Moydodyr" by Chukovsky in a childish voice. The audience liked it so much that they again and again asked to repeat the impromptu number. So the actress discovered a new role for herself and began to perform regularly on the stage.

At this time, such popular children's poets as Agniya Barto, Samuil Marshak, Sergey Mikhalkov specially wrote poems for Rina Zelena. The actress wrote some texts for her pop numbers herself. She often spoke on the radio, the children sent her letters.

Working in movies

Of course, the cinema could not ignore such an interesting creative personality as Rina Zelenaya. ATIn 1931, the actress first tried her hand at cinema, playing the role of a singer from Zhigan's gang of thieves. The tape included a very small episode with the participation of the actress, but it was only the beginning! From now on, films with Rina Zelena will delight the audience all the time.

In 1935, she starred in an episode in the film "Love and Hate". In 1939, Zelenaya, together with Agniya Barto, wrote the script for the film comedy "The Foundling" and played the funny role of Arisha's housekeeper in it.

The actress loves cinema and the filming process, therefore, without hesitation, she agrees to the most insignificant roles. But she plays in such a way that the attention of the audience is always riveted on her character. And this is always the case, no matter what movie she appears in.

Here are some of Zeleny's most memorable movie roles:

  • make-up artist ("Spring);
  • Secretary ("Light Path");
  • old Nadia ("The Tale of Lost Time");
  • restaurant singer ("Give me a plaintive book");
  • Aunt Ganymede ("Three Fat Men");
  • Elizaveta Timofeevna ("Girl without an address");
  • grandmother ("About Little Red Riding Hood").

But there were 2 more roles that became especially important in the work of the actress. For them, many called Rina "the queen of the episode."

actress rina green
actress rina green

Star roles of Rina Zelenaya

In 1975, on New Year's holidays, Soviet schoolchildren were shown a new film "The Adventures of Pinocchio" on TV. The success was resounding. And an adult movieloved it just as much as the kids. A small role of Tortilla turtle was played by Rina Zelenaya.

And how organically she performed this role! Since then, many began to call the artist nothing more than "Turtle Tortilla", which could not but irritate the star, but popularity has its own laws that cannot be resisted.

It was hard to foresee that soon fate would give the actress another star role. However, a few years later, the actress is offered to play Mrs. Hudson in the serial film "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson". Of course, she gave her consent. The success of the image of the old English lady - the landlady of the famous detective, surpassed even the popularity of the unforgettable Tortilla.

The first series of "Sherlock Holmes" was released on television in 1979, the last - in 1986. We enjoy watching this film even now. We invite you to take a look at the photo of the unforgettable Mrs. Hudson performed by Rina Zelena.

mrs hudson rina green
mrs hudson rina green

Literary talent

From a very young age, the actress kept a diary, where she wrote down the most interesting events of her life, and the actress had a lot of those. Subsequently, based on these records, a book called "Scattered Pages" was published.

Judging by how easy these memoirs are to read, how interesting the actress tells about various funny life episodes, we can conclude that the actress had a remarkable literary gift.

The private life of the "episode queen"

Our heroine got married very early - at the age of 18, to a lawyer VladimirBlumenfeld. The first husband was much older than Rina, perhaps because of this, the married life of Rina Zelena soon fell apart. But after the divorce, the former spouses maintained friendly relations all their lives.

The second husband of Rina Zelena was the architect Konstantin Topuridze. The actress lived with him for more than 40 years. The couple did not have common children, but Rina adored her husband's two sons from her first marriage and her nephews. In the photo you can see what the happy couple looked like.

Personal life of Rina Zelena
Personal life of Rina Zelena

Interesting facts

Despite the fact that Rina Zelena's personal life can be called happy, she has never been a good housewife and did not know how to cook, sew, or clean at all. All this was done by the housekeeper.

When the actress gave away concerts at the front during the Great Patriotic War, she could not even sew on the buttons that had come off her coat. The boys helped the actress to solve this overwhelming task.

Rina didn't know how to save money, didn't save anything for a "rainy day" and always wondered how her colleagues in the acting department had money for expensive antiques or fashionable things.

She was very fond of sports. In her youth, she was actively engaged in rowing and played billiards all her life until old age. Yes, that was the tireless Rina Zelenaya.

The personal biography of the actress is approaching a sad ending.

rina green biography personal life
rina green biography personal life

Last years of life and death

In the late eighties, Rina Zelenaya began to live in the House of Cinema Veterans. She badI could see and move with difficulty because of the injury. But despite the poor he alth, the aged actress still started every day with "lying" morning exercises.

In the House of Veterans, Zelenaya did not communicate with anyone much, old age annoyed her. However, her sense of humor never left her. Once, while walking, the actress fell. It was not possible to get up on her own, and she was not visible behind the bushes. To draw attention to herself, she said loudly: "Pay attention! Rina Zelenaya is lying here! She fell!".

The people's favorite died on April 1, 1991. She was buried at the Vvedensky cemetery in Moscow, next to her husband, Konstantin Topuridze.

the role of rina green
the role of rina green

Filmography of the actress

List of films starring Rina Zelenaya:

  • "A trip to life";
  • "Foundling";
  • "Love and hate";
  • "Old Yard";
  • "Light Path";
  • "Composer Glinka";
  • "Spring"
  • "Poet";
  • "Hypnosis session";
  • "Precious gift";
  • "Funny Stars";
  • "Girl with no address";
  • "Totally serious";
  • "Seven nannies";
  • "Groom from the other world";
  • "Key";
  • "Cain XVIII";
  • "Cheryomushki";
  • "Bicycle Tamers";
  • "The Tale of Lost Time";
  • "Give me a complaint book";
  • "All for you";
  • "Operation Y" and Shurik's other adventures";
  • "Three fat men";
  • "Foreigner";
  • "In C City";
  • "New Year Kidnapping";
  • "Yellow Suitcase Adventure";
  • "Attention, turtle!";
  • "How we searched for Tishka";
  • "12 chairs";
  • "Hello Warsaw!";
  • "Telegram";
  • "Fire";
  • "Nylon 100%";
  • "Starling and lyre";
  • "The Adventures of Pinocchio";
  • "One hundred grams for courage";
  • "Eleven Hopes";
  • "About Little Red Riding Hood";
  • The series "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson";
  • "Citizens of the Universe";
  • "Valentine and Valentina".

Also, the actress worked a lot in the field of voicing cartoons. Her voice sounds in the following animated films:

  • "Who said meow?";
  • "Naughty cat";
  • "Firefly No. 4. Our pencil";
  • "Rooster and paint";
  • "Mouse and Pencil";
  • "The frog is looking for dad";
  • "Vovka in Far Far Away";
  • "About the evil stepmother";
  • "Cranky Princess";
  • "Beavers are on the trail";
  • "The Canterville Ghost";
  • "Cherished dream";
  • "Wizard of Oz";
  • "How the goat held the Earth";
  • "Dunno in Sun City";
  • "Alice in Wonderland";
  • "A mother for a baby mammoth";
  • "Mrs. Vinegar and Mr. Vinegar".

Closing word

It's nice to remember the great actress, read about the biography, personal life of Rina Zelena, take another look at her photo. I would like to mentally thank the talented artist for the joy that her work in the cinema still brings to people!