Georgina Chapman - model and fashion designer

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Georgina Chapman - model and fashion designer
Georgina Chapman - model and fashion designer

Video: Georgina Chapman - model and fashion designer

Video: Georgina Chapman - model and fashion designer
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Georgina Chapman is a British actress, director, model and fashion designer.

Known as the creator of the Marchesa brand. This label was launched in 2004. They worked together with a friend she has known for quite some time - Karen Craig.

Their main concept is luxury and femininity. In 2004, all the designers were carried away by geometric lines, and Georgina and Keren focused their attention on the Hollywood classics of the past period. It was this concept that gave them celebrity and we alth. Fluffy skirts with a lot of draping - that's what all fashionistas wanted for a spectacular exit.

Georgina Chapman. Biography

She is the daughter of we althy businessman Brian Chapman. He is the owner of a large company that trades and manufactures pure and organic coffee.

Georgina Chapman, whose photo can be seen in the article, was born on April 14, 1976 in an area that is included in the list of one of the most prosperous and beautiful areas of London.

georgina model
georgina model

At the age of thirteen in 1989, she organized her own group and called it Jesus and Mary Jane.

When she turnedtwenty years old, Georgina decided to try herself as a model. She was offered to star in an advertising program for one of the famous shampoos around the world Head & Shoulders.

Graduated from the School of Design and Arts, where she met her business companion, Keren, who was also a student at this school.

In 2001 she graduated from the School of Art in Wimbledon, after which she decided to start a career as a costume designer. But besides that, Georgina Chapman tried herself as an actress and a participant in the shows that were broadcast on television.

Her acting career began in 2001 when she was cast as Eve in Alexander Snelling's short film Wish.

Private life

Her first choice was Michael Chinn, they met in 1997 for six years.

Three years before the wedding, she was in a relationship with American producer Harvey Weinstein. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Academy Award and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Model and fashion designer
Model and fashion designer

And on December 15, 2007, they legalized their relationship. She bore him two children: a daughter and a son. On August 30, 2010, India Pearl Weinstein was born, and three years later, on April 11, 2013, Max Robert Weinstein was born.

After ten years of marriage, they broke up. There was information that her husband sexually harassed the girls, promising them movie roles.

Famous brand

The Marchesa brand was founded togetherwith her friend Craig. Two years later, in 2006, the label was included in the top ten finalists of the Vogue Foundation and the Fashion Council of the USA.

Two years later, in 2008, they made a chic dress for the bride of football player Wayne Rooney. It was one of the most expensive dresses made by this brand.

This label already has a decent amount of fans. These include Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Naomi Watts, Sienna Miller, Ann Hetuey and many others. The stars appeared in dresses on red carpets and other social events.


Many people are familiar with the series "Gossip Girl", which was released from 2007 to 2012. In this series, Georgina Chapman plays herself.

She was also a guest in one of the seasons of the famous Tyra Banks show "America's Next Top Model".

Hollywood fashion designer
Hollywood fashion designer

But in the movies, she played not only herself. In the American film "Grindhouse" in 2007, she played a woman, but, unfortunately, she was not listed in the credits.

In addition, she played in seventeen more films: "Sons and Lovers", "Shanghai Knights", "Bride and Prejudice", "Match Point", "The Price of Treason" and others.


Georgina Chapman is a famous person in the world of Hollywood. She is not only a wonderful mother of two children, but also a great actress. Georgina directed the 2013 short A Dream of Flying.

But she is best known as the model and creator of the Marchesa brand.