The best Turkish dramas: list and reviews
The best Turkish dramas: list and reviews

Video: The best Turkish dramas: list and reviews

Video: The best Turkish dramas: list and reviews
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Turkish dramas have long gained popularity not only in their homeland, but also in our country. Spectators are attracted to the screens by a fascinating plot, raging passions, professionally playing actors.

The Magnificent Age

Turkish dramas
Turkish dramas

The most famous among all Turkish dramas is "The Magnificent Century". It is believed that its authors were inspired by real historical events. The series recreates the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent in Turkey. He is considered one of the great reformers and commanders of the entire Ottoman Empire.

This historical Turkish drama tells about the most significant events of the reign of Suleiman, as well as his relationship with his concubine Alexandra. A girl of Slavic origin converted to Islam and received the new name Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska. She was taken prisoner during one of the raids of the Crimean Tatars on the Russian city in 1522. Viewers in the reviews note that much attention is paid to the love weaves and relationships of the characters in this drama. The Turkish series in Russian with good dubbing quality has been gaining more and more fans for more than a year.

Alexanda's story is unique. Once at the court of the Sultan, she first became his favorite concubine, and eventually his wife.ruler of the Ottoman Empire. Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska has power ambitions, with the help of palace intrigues, she neutralizes anyone who tries to interfere with her.

In the reviews, Russian viewers call "The Magnificent Century" the best Turkish drama. In addition to the fascinating plot, many are attracted by the beautiful costumes of the characters and the historical accuracy of the series.

Korolok - songbird

Among the Turkish dramas in Russian, the film "Korolev is a singing bird" stands out. The first season, consisting of only seven episodes, was filmed back in 1986. Its broadcast was a success on domestic television.

This Turkish drama series takes place during the First World War. The main character's name is Feride. From early childhood, she was nicknamed the king, as those around her noticed the girl's liveliness and her passion for various innocent pranks.

As a teenager, Feride meets her cousin Kamran at her aunt's house. She immediately falls in love with him, although she does not show her mind, on the contrary, she behaves as if she cannot bear him in spirit. Over time, Kamran learns this secret. He immediately makes the girl an offer of his hand and heart, because he, too, was in love with her for a long time. He did not confess only because he was sure that he would be rejected. To Kamran Feride's great joy, he agrees to the offer.

Russian audience followed with interest the developments in this Turkish melodrama drama. The film was re-shot in Turkey in 2013. The new film adaptation has 30 episodes, and the plot exactly repeats the novel by Reshat NuriGuntekin, on which the first Turkish drama was filmed.

Kurt Seit and Alexandra

best turkish dramas
best turkish dramas

Historical dramas such as "Kurt Seit and Alexandra" are very popular in Turkey. In two seasons of this series, Kurt Seit is told about Kurt Seit, who grew up in a we althy family of a large landowner.

The main character is successful in all areas: in the military field and in civilian life. At one of the balls, he meets a Russian girl Alexandra from a noble family. Kurt falls in love with her without a memory. Turkish drama series almost never do without a romantic storyline. In this story, which stretches over two seasons, their feelings will be seriously tested more than once. Spectators, among whom the majority are representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, watched both seasons with pleasure. In reviews of this series, they write that the actors coped with their task brilliantly.

Love and Punishment

historical turkish dramas
historical turkish dramas

From 2010 to 2011, Turkish television aired the action drama Love and Punishment. This is a story about a young girl who almost completely loses her faith in love. It comes after she catches her fiance in the bedroom with another woman a few days before their wedding.

Turkish TV series - melodramas, dramas often tell about the complex love relationships of the characters. This one is no exception. The main character does not want to leave everything as it is. She wanttake revenge. So, she spends the night with a random acquaintance whom she finds in a bar. It turns out that this lover was a representative of a rich and noble family. He was imbued with a sincere feeling for the girl who disappears in the morning, and begins to search for her. All that he has from a night stranger is a pendant in memory of a beautiful night.

This businessman appears to the audience as an honest and decent person. He takes an active part in the family business, but when he realizes that it is based on violations of the law, he decides to fix everything. He modernizes the company, carries out innovative reforms and declares that from now on it will only work in an honest manner.

The paths of the main characters cross from time to time, but only those who watch this Turkish drama in Russian to the end will find out whether they will stay together. A large number of reviews on the Internet about this series testifies to the popularity of "Love and Punishment" among Russian viewers.

Smoldering Cocoon

Turkish dramas in Russian
Turkish dramas in Russian

From 2005 to 2007 TV series "Smoldering Cocoon" was released on Turkish screens. It has three seasons and a total of 68 episodes. This is a Turkish drama film about entrepreneur Asaf Çelebi, who installs the most advanced machines in his textile workshop. After that, almost all over the world will learn about his enterprise. Orders come from Europe and even from America. The company is also very successful in the domestic market.

This Turkish drama is about the vicissitudes of a family business, the relationships of native people who oftenare being severely tested. The Celebi family is well-known and respected in society. Both the father and his son Victor are hardworking and charismatic. But in order to achieve happiness in this life, they have to overcome more than one obstacle. In the reviews, viewers note that with many of the problems raised in the series, they meet in everyday life.

A Thousand and One Nights

Turkish dramas in Russian
Turkish dramas in Russian

A Thousand and One Nights, a classic Turkish romantic drama filmed from 2006 to 2009. In total, three seasons were released on the screens, in which there were 90 episodes.

The main character of this picture is called Shehrazat. She works as an architect. The girl is talented, self-confident and achieves certain successes. But misfortune awaits her. The husband dies in a car accident. After that, she has to raise her son named Kaan alone.

In order to be able to support himself, Shehrazat finds a new job in a large holding. In this company, everyone is so obsessed with productivity that they forbid their employees from having children. The girl has to carefully hide her own son in order not to lose her job.

Additional difficulties arise due to the fact that from the first day the relationship with the director of the company, who finds fault with her on every little thing, does not add up. Only with talent and professionalism does she manage to prove her worth.

Hyurrem Sultan

turkish series melodrama drama
turkish series melodrama drama

Another Turkish series about a strong woman - "HyurremSultan". It tells the fate of the legendary Roksolana, the concubine, and later the wife of the famous Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. This film describes the same historical period as in the series "The Magnificent Age", and the audience sees the same beloved actors.

Russian girl Alexandra is captured by the Crimean Tatars, who hand her over to the Ottoman Empire. Once at the court of the Sultan, she achieves unprecedented heights. The Sultan gives preference to her and distinguishes her from the rest of the girls.

It is expected that she will have an influential and skillful rival in the harem. Her name is Mahidevran, most recently the Sultan considered her the most beautiful and desirable woman. Mahidevran is quite influential. The fact is that she is the mother of Suleiman's eldest heir named Mustafa. Then Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska also has children from the Sultan. This strengthens her influence and power at the palace and in the heart of the ruler of the Ottoman Empire.

Roxalana, under this name this wife of Suleiman was known in Europe, is on a thorny path to power. She has to sacrifice a lot, but she knows what she is achieving. Roxalana gets rid of the main enemy of her sons, but at the same time she herself loses three of her own children. The series ends with the death of Roksolana in the arms of the Sultan, who doted on her. The audience, judging by the reviews, followed the fate of the beautiful Hürrem with close attention. According to some of them, the series helps to forget about their own problems and experiences.

Black Love

The series "Black Love" appeared on the screens in 2015. He wasfilmed in the genre of action drama.

The theme of this story is eternal: love between a man and a woman. Kemal was born into a middle class family. His relatives live modestly, their main we alth is love for each other. Everyone around has high hopes for the young man. He, a talented and educated person, after school receives a speci alty of a mining industrialist at the university.

Viewers see his main problem as being too practical. Kemal does not believe in miracles, his thoughts are limited by the reality around him. But one of those miracles is love. This is the feeling he encounters when Nihan comes into his life. With her appearance, his life is literally turned upside down.

He finds it difficult to understand Nihan. She lives in a luxurious mansion in a prestigious district of Istanbul. The girl never needed anything. Therefore, at first it is difficult to imagine that some feelings may arise between Kemal and Nihan. Viewers are watching with genuine curiosity the further development of this complicated love relationship.

Black Rose

Four seasons of the Turkish drama series "Black Rose" viewers watched from 2013 to 2016.

This film tells about the life of a real Turkish outback. For many years people have been living here, strictly observing ancient traditions and rituals. Viewers write in reviews that the main thing that this film tells about is how hard it is to live a lie. Moreover, this lie will come out sooner or later.

The mainthe heroine of the series Ebru. Her young man named Murat once did not return from Halfet, where he was leaving on business. After that, the girl's life changes dramatically. She is left alone with three children in her arms. Ebru will have to not only provide them with everything they need, but also try to find out the secret of his spouse, the reason why he disappeared. The girl starts a real struggle, the goal of which is only one - her personal happiness.

Her three children make Ebru become strong and ignore small difficulties.

Urgently looking for love

Among the serials released in recent years, it is necessary to note the serial film "Urgently looking for love".

The main character of this painting is Sinan. He works as a doctor in a hospital, where he can disappear for days on end. He doesn't have time to meet his friends. He is helped in everything by an assistant who suddenly starts to be late, make mistakes, and eventually loses this place.

Nisan becomes Sinan's new assistant. She is a very diligent, but extremely absent-minded girl. It is difficult for them to get along in the workplace, the girl reacts very violently to every remark or claim: she begins to be impudent and scandalous. At first, it's hard to believe that a spark will one day slip between these two people that will change everything in their lives.

Love for hire

According to the opinions of viewers and critics, one of the best Turkish series of recent years is "Love for Rent".

At the center of the story is a successful big businessman named Omer. He is engaged in the production of shoes, his business is going likecan't be better. He spends almost round the clock in his office, not noticing life outside the window.

He doesn't even pay attention to his assistant - charming Yasemin. Omer does not even think about starting a family, which is very disturbing to his aunt, who replaced the young man's parents after their death.

At one point, the aunt decides on a risky trick. She introduces him to an attractive American named Sezen. Omer agrees to come to this impromptu date, but decides for himself in advance that this foreign woman is definitely not a match for him.

At the first meeting, this feeling only intensifies, especially when a girl begins to brag about the number of her fans on social networks, while calling herself a style icon. It means nothing to Omer. But young people do not even suspect that this is only the beginning - a stormy relationship awaits them ahead.

Relationship Status: Confused

Another popular Turkish melodrama series is Relationship Status: Confused.

In it, the audience gets acquainted with two couples in love, in whose life a difficult period has come. This is a funny in places, but very sincere film that has found many fans in Russia.