Lawrence Harvey is an English film actor who starred in Hollywood

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Lawrence Harvey is an English film actor who starred in Hollywood
Lawrence Harvey is an English film actor who starred in Hollywood

Video: Lawrence Harvey is an English film actor who starred in Hollywood

Video: Lawrence Harvey is an English film actor who starred in Hollywood
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English film actor Laurence Harvey was born on October 1, 1928 in Lithuania. At the age of five, together with his father and mother, he moved to South Africa, the city of Johannesburg. During the Second World War, he traveled to the fronts as part of an artistic brigade, served in the Italian army, visited Egypt, but eventually returned to Johannesburg. In the post-war years, the young man graduated from high school and got a job as a cutter at a diamond processing company. This occupation brought him a small income, and the family was already able to make ends meet in the difficult post-war period.

Theatrical stage

In 1946, Lawrence Harvey entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts scholarship draw, won a bonus and entered the directing department. After graduating from the Academy, he worked in theaters in Manchester, London and Stratford-upon-Avon. However, theatrical activity did not bring satisfaction to the young actor, he dreamed of a big movie. And soon his dreams came true, after another casting, Harvey received an invitation.

Laurence Harvey
Laurence Harvey

Movie career

Lawrence Harvey debuted onbig screen in 1948, in a film directed by Oswald Mitchell called The House of Darkness. The game of the young actor did not make an impression, and he received the next prominent role in the cinema only in 1954. Lawrence Harvey played Romeo in Shakespeare's famous play Romeo and Juliet. With good external data, the actor still did not cope with the role of the Montague's heir in love. His character looked pale and unconvincing.

Nevertheless, Lawrence R. Harvey, whose films could be counted on the fingers, was invited to Hollywood by Warner Bros. for the lead role in the film Richard the Lionheart. How successful the actor played in Hollywood is unknown.

After settling in America, Lawrence Harvey took part in several productions on Broadway. His role in the play "Goat Island" was awarded the International Theater Prize, despite the fact that the production itself failed. Then Lawrence Harvey played in a comedy called "Provincial" and in the drama "Henry V".

The first truly successful role of the actor was the character of Joe Lampton in the film "The Way Up", filmed in 1959, directed by Jack Clayton. The picture received good reviews from critics. Harvey Lawrence, whose films have become increasingly popular, has become a well-known actor.

harvey lawrence movies
harvey lawrence movies

Summary of the film "The Way Up"

The film tells the story of a not-too-lucky provincial named Joe Lampton, who, in the hope ofsuccess comes to a nearby town. He makes a plan to get acquainted with the pretty daughter of a fabulously we althy and influential city dweller, Mr. Brown.

The girl's name is Susan and she plays in the local community theatre. Joe enrolls in this theater and along the way meets Alice Aisgil, a beauty in her years, but still retaining her freshness. Lampton becomes close to a new acquaintance, and they become lovers. He then remembers his plan, leaves Alice, and has an affair with Susan. She responds to Joe's advances and spends several nights with him.

However, having become closer to his daughter, he does not become closer to her father. Moreover, Mr. Brown immediately saw through Lampton and showed him the door. He sends his beloved daughter to Europe for a while, away from sin.

Lampton's plans fail and he returns to Alice. Susan returns unexpectedly and confesses to her parents that she is pregnant. Mr. Brown is preparing the wedding.

Alice gets drunk in a bar out of grief and dies in a car accident. Joe hardly survives what happened, as he loved Alice with all his heart. After drinking, Lampton goes for a walk and is beaten to a pulp in the street. Nevertheless, the wedding with the pregnant Susan took place.

lawrence r harvey movies
lawrence r harvey movies

Private life

The actor's first love was actress Hermione Baddeley. Then, in 1957, Lawrence Harvey married Margaret Leighton, also an actress. The couple lived together for four years, then a divorce followed. Harvey's next wife was millionaire Joan Perry, with whom he also lived for four years. And lastLawrence's wife was Paulina Stone, a model. She gave birth to an adorable daughter, whom they named Domino.

actor Laurence Harvey
actor Laurence Harvey


During his career, Harvey has appeared in more than fifty films, some of which are distinguished by the depth of the plot and can be attributed to the best examples of cinema.

The following is a list of selected films featuring Lawrence:

  • 1948, "House of Darkness", "Dancing Years".
  • 1949, "Man from the Past", "Man on the Run", "Failure".
  • 1950, Black Rose, Road to Cairo, Othello.
  • 1952, "The Walking Assassin", "I Believe You".
  • 1953, Knights of the Round Table, Women of Twilling, Innocents in Paris.
  • 1954, "King Richard", "Romeo and Juliet".
  • 1955 Storm on the Nile
  • 1956, "The Man in the Boat".
  • 1959, "The Way Up".
  • 1960 Fort Alamo, 8 Butterfield.
  • 1961, Short and Long Stories, Two Loves, Summer and Smoke.
  • 1962, "Walking in the Dissolute Quarter", "The Manchurian Candidate".
  • 1963, "The Ceremony".
  • 1964, Anger, Darling.
  • 1968, Winter's Tale, Battle for Rome.
  • 1969, "Wonderworker".