The best DJs and their music
The best DJs and their music

Video: The best DJs and their music

Video: The best DJs and their music
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Choosing the best club music artist is mostly a battle of tastes. There are many areas that are fundamentally different from each other. However, general ratings are compiled annually, which include the best DJs. Let's find out who is now the leader of this list in Russia and in the world.

By what criteria are the best DJs chosen

There are several ways to be among the best. In most cases, ratings are based on the number of listeners and fans. You can call it a popular vote. However, it cannot be said that such a rating is objective, because people listen to those who often speak and have the opportunity to rotate on the radio.

the best DJs
the best DJs

It is customary in the world to select DJs in the lists of the best in terms of fees. Russia cannot yet compete with European and American club performers, as their fees are measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The most truthful rating of DJs is when the performers choose the best of their colleagues on their own. Everything is taken into account here: from the playing style to the use of unbanal sound combinations. SuchThe lists often list up-and-coming artists who have every chance of becoming famous throughout the country.

Top 5 DJs in the world

When we hear the phrase "the best DJs", the names of world celebrities immediately come to mind. This year, the professional media published the following list of the best:

  1. Tiësto is the most popular DJ. He is one of the highest paid performers.
  2. The Skrillex (Sony John Moore) has done what few DJs in the world have been able to achieve. He has won several Grammy awards and has won similar commemorations in Europe on numerous occasions.
  3. Swedish House Mafia is a group of several DJs, today they have already completed touring activities, but have not lost popularity.
  4. David Guetta is almost a legend among DJs. He was able to achieve unprecedented popularity, in particular thanks to videos on Youtube.
  5. Steve Hiroyuki Aoki is actively touring. Despite his Asian origin, he spends most of his time in the US and Europe.
DJs of the world
DJs of the world

All the listed DJs of the world have high fees and prestigious music awards. Their tracks can be heard on almost all radio stations in the world, and the clips collect hundreds of thousands of views.

The most famous DJs in the world

The above ranking does not include the best DJs of the last decade. For example, Paul Van Dyck from Germany. He is not only a talented performer, but also the owner of his own clothing brand Dirty Couture. He is also the host of a television show. More than one generation of club music lovers has grown up on his work.

Russian DJs
Russian DJs

Deadmau5 (Thomas Zimmerman) attracts attention with his stage costume - he puts on a huge Mickey Mouse mask for performances. At the same time, he was able to interest fans in his work, which allows him to receive fabulous fees.

Popular Russian DJs

It is worth talking separately about which Russian DJs are included in the rating of the best this year:

  1. DJ Lvov. It can be heard in the metropolitan club "NEO". Performances take place every weekend.
  2. DJ Riga from Moscow is the favorite of millions. Performing since 1998, now a DFM resident, has his own show.
  3. DJ Romeo has been performing for over 17 years. During that time, he managed not only to acquire fans, but also to launch his own clothing line. Owns several clubs and restaurants.
  4. DJ Kubikov is currently working on the SCSi-9 project in Europe. Perhaps soon we will meet him in the world rankings.
  5. DJ Leonid Rudenko is already world famous. He began his journey under the auspices of manager Paul Van Dyke. It can often be found on the European charts.
dj oneill sax
dj oneill sax

All these DJs have the opportunity to become world famous. They have crowds of fans and high fees for Russia.

Who will be ranked soon?

While the venerable Russian DJs retire or move to Europe,young and promising performers appear in domestic show business. They are not afraid to experiment with sound and record interesting tracks. For example, Dj ONeill Sax from St. Petersburg, which combines electronic music and playing the saxophone. Perhaps he is not yet as widely known as Rudenko, but many European stations have already included his tracks in the rotation lists.

The Swanky Tunes quartet from Saratov has earned popularity due to its playing technique. The participants of this project set a real record - a remix for the song "Spring" (performer "Dolphin") was included in the rotation on all radio stations of popular music in Russia. Later remixes set download records. Swanky Tunes are the best DJs in the country according to professionals. The quartet received recognition from other DJs, which is extremely important.

Why do not everyone agree with the ratings

The ratings given by us may not please everyone. There is no need to argue about tastes. Among the world and domestic stars of the club scene there are many talented people. Everyone will be able to find the artist that will appeal to him. Some create only their own tracks, while others prefer to do remixes. Almost any track can find its listener.

DJ rating
DJ rating

Many people may not agree with the lists of the best because of the love for a certain musical style. After the heyday of club culture, a huge number of directions appeared in it. If earlier any electronic music was called "techno", now a person who is far from club life can get confused in styles. Despite some subjectivity, lists of the best musicians are compiled with enviable frequency.