Romantic films: the best list
Romantic films: the best list

Video: Romantic films: the best list

Video: Romantic films: the best list
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Romantic films amaze the imagination with a gripping plot and insanely beautiful stories of true love. Sometimes heroes can carry their feelings through the years and endless trials, showing incredible fortitude. Love is not always exactly the way it is usually seen. The following are unusual films that tell about cult love stories that have become true legends.

The list of the best romantic movies is as follows:

  • "Vanilla Sky";
  • "Hurry to love";
  • "P. S. I love you";
  • "Office Romance";
  • "Love and doves";
  • "Girls";
  • "Station for two";
  • "Moscow does not believe in tears";
  • Pearl Harbor;
  • "Ghost";
  • "The Fault in the Stars";
  • "See you soon";
  • "She";
  • "My boyfriend is crazy";
  • "Moulin Rouge";
  • "Titanic";
  • "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind";
  • "Last love on earth";
  • "Diary of Memory";
  • "Roman Holiday".

Worth a closer look at each of these beautiful love stories.

Vanilla Sky

David was an absolutely happy man. He had everything one could dream of. I managed to create my own publishing house, get rich, find a lover and live in luxury. It seemed that nothing could interfere with endless happiness. A terrible accident completely changed the life of the hero. Having received serious injuries, he was severely mutilated. I had to hide my face under a kind of mask so as not to scare others. A new life seems like a nightmare to him, from which he cannot wake up.

romantic movies
romantic movies

Hurry to love

Landon is everyone's favorite, the first handsome man in school and the dream of all girls. Quite by chance, he draws attention to the quiet and squishy Jamie. The girl agrees to help the guy in an important matter, but takes a promise from him that he will not fall in love with her. Self-confident Landon agrees, but soon begins to realize that he has feelings for the quiet one. True love is born between young people. However, Jamie is very sick and has serious he alth problems.

P. S. I love you

The heroine was extremely happy to meet her soul mate. Beloved managed to replace the whole world around her, becameclosest and dearest person. An insidious fate intervened. The loss of a beloved husband was a terrible blow for the poor thing. Unable to endure loneliness, she finds his messages. The deceased does not leave her even after death. Even during his lifetime, he left several messages, with the help of which the unfortunate widow will be able to restore the joy of life and get rid of loneliness.

best romantic movies
best romantic movies

Office Romance

This is a cult romantic film about love in our country. Anatoly Efremovich can hardly be called a businesslike and decisive person. He is a simple worker, does his job every day and hurries home, where his two sons are waiting for him. He dreams of getting the vacant position of the head of the department, but he understands that the strict and despotic boss will not allow this. Friend and colleague Samokhvalov gives him unexpected advice. He offers to start courting Lyudmila Prokofievna in order to earn her favor. A harsh and cold woman turns out to be a tough nut to crack with a kind soul.

romantic comedy movies
romantic comedy movies

Love and doves

In the life of an ordinary married couple, there is a real drama. Having received a minor injury, Vasily receives a ticket to the south from his superiors. He goes there alone, unexpectedly meets a beautiful woman. The resort romance with Raisa Zakharovna turns the hero's future life upside down. Inspired by feelings, he writes a letter to his wife, in which he says that he will not return home. That's just a new life, without his beloved wife Nadia, children and adored pigeons, it seems to himhell. Vasily's family cannot forgive him for such a betrayal.


This film is a romantic comedy that every connoisseur of good cinema should watch. Young cook Tosya goes to a distant and cold Siberian village. A young girl faces a harsh climate and the unfriendliness of those around her. Optimistic and cheerful by nature, she does not lose heart. Overly curious, she interferes in other people's affairs, tries to help and more often spoils everything, which does not improve the situation. The local handsome man Ilya cannot forgive Tosya for her act. He argues with the guys that he will definitely have an affair with her. That's just feelings become real.

Station for two

A touching story unfolds in the life of an ordinary station barmaid. Vera sincerely dreamed of finding true happiness. But her acquaintance with the pianist Plato from Moscow became a real disaster for her. As a result, the woman lost her fiancé, but managed to find true love. Numerous trials appear on the way of the beloved. A brave woman is ready to do anything for her beloved. She follows him to prison, where the hero is serving a sentence for a crime he did not commit.

Moscow does not believe in tears

This is truly a wonderful Russian romantic film that won the hearts of the audience. Arriving in Moscow, three young provincial women make big plans for the future, being sure that they will find true happiness here. However, fate develops according to their actions and characters. Antonina finds happiness in her personal life,marries and becomes an exemplary housewife. Lyudmila does not lose heart and tries to achieve her ideal. Katerina is faced with the betrayal of her beloved, but does not despair and raises her daughter on her own. Only at the age of forty does she meet a truly worthy man.

Russian romantic movies
Russian romantic movies

Pearl Harbor

At the center of events are two devoted friends who share a cruel fate. As pilots, they risked themselves daily. Faced with personal dramas, they found themselves in the abyss of hostilities. The Second World War made its changes, forever changed the lives of the guys. In an atmosphere of complete destruction, chaos and fear, they harbored in their hearts a great love that helped them survive. The heroes faced disappointment, betrayal and loss.


The endless happiness of an ordinary couple is disrupted by the attack of robbers. Trying to protect his beloved, Sam dies from a knife wound. However, having become a ghost, he cannot leave Molly. The hero learns that his beloved is in great danger. He intends to stop this from happening, but he can't tell her. Salvation is the appearance of Oda May Brown. A woman has unusual abilities and turns out to be a kind of mediator between the two worlds. With her help, Sam intends to save Molly.

The Fault in the Stars

Hazel Grace is terminally ill. Cancer is killing her, but the 17-year-old doesn't despair. She goes to a support group, tries not to upset her loving parents with depressive thoughts and tirelesslyreread your favorite novel. Acquaintance with Augustus becomes a real miracle. The young man was ill with cancer, but is in remission. Strong and lasting feelings are born between young people. However, an inexorable disease interferes with the situation, unwilling to let them go.

most romantic movies
most romantic movies

See you

This is a foreign romantic film that won the hearts of millions of viewers. It is impossible to watch without tears. Having lost her favorite job, Lu is forced to turn to the labor exchange. She urgently needs a job, because the family needs money. It is possible to become a nurse in the house of rich people. Her ward is a young and completely paralyzed guy. Will needs a person who can diversify his leisure time. A cheerful and cheerful girl finds a way to cheer up a guy. Initially sullen and angry, he softens a little and agrees to endless adventures. Louise becomes very attached to him, not imagining that Will has long decided his fate.


Theodore is a talented writer. He managed to achieve success, but never found his happiness. Being very lonely, the hero hopes to find a life partner. Completely desperate, he buys the latest invention of scientists. It turns out to be a special system with intelligence. To the surprise of the hero, romantic feelings arise between him and the computer. Having found true love, Theodore begins to look at the world differently. His life completely changes with the advent of his beloved.

My boyfriend is crazy

Catching your beloved withto others, Pat went literally mad. After spending some time in a psychiatric hospital, he was released. Parents are very concerned about the behavior of their son, they hope that he will be able to cope with grief. While jogging daily, he meets an unusual girl named Tiffany. It turns out that she lost her beloved husband, for which she continues to blame herself to this day. Initially, the two do not get along, but later they realize that they cannot live without each other.

Moulin Rouge

Events unfold in the famous club of Paris in 1899. In this place, people can feel absolutely happy, but you will have to pay a substantial amount for this. Two people fight for the heart and love of a beautiful courtesan. One of them is a poor writer, and the second is a rich duke who is ready to buy the whole establishment in order to reunite with his beloved. That's just to decide with whom to be, only Satin will be. Being under pressure from fans, the girl is confused.


"Titanic" is one of the most romantic films of all time, which has not left anyone indifferent. Two completely different people meet on board the ship. Rosa is engaged, besides the daughter of we althy parents. She arrives on the ship with her mother and fiancé. Jack is a poor young man who lives on the streets, but has incredible creative abilities. Having met, young people fall in love. They are ready to go against social statuses, but they have to confront a terrible catastrophe. By the will of fate, a shipwreck occurs that separateslovers.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Science has reached incredible heights. There was an opportunity to erase unnecessary memories. It can help people forget what hurts them. Having quarreled with her lover, Clementine wants to forget him forever. Joel forgets past hurts and realizes he can't let go of the love of his life. It turns out it's too late, she's already forgotten him. But the guy is not going to give up. He will find a way to bypass the computer and make his beloved remember everything that connected them.

romantic movie best list
romantic movie best list

Last love on earth

A terrible catastrophe is happening on earth. An unusual disease literally deprives people of their senses, takes everything bright and good from them. They turn into insensitive and cold creatures that experience nothing. In the current situation, Michael and Susan meet. They fall in love, but soon realize that feelings will inevitably pass. Heroes do not want to part with their love. They understand that they will simply die without each other. However, the cruel disease is already very close.

Memorial Diary

The list of the best romantic films would be incomplete without this movie masterpiece. Having met in a hot summer, Noah and Ellie were inflamed with mutual feelings. The girl's parents were unwilling to accept the poor boy as their daughter's choice. Through intrigue and deceit, they managed to separate the heroes. Ahead was the Second World War and big changes. Ellie heard about Noah a few years later. He became a successful businessman and she was marriedfor the unloved. Unable to resist feelings, the girl rushes in search of her beloved. Fate gives lovers a second chance to find true happiness.

romantic films foreign
romantic films foreign

Roman Holiday

Our list of romantic movies ends with this beautiful and touching story. The young Princess Anne arrives in Rome for an official visit. The day of the girl is scheduled by the minute. Not wanting to take part in endless meetings and social events, she runs away to walk around the city. Quite by accident, the heroine meets an American journalist. Joe finds a sleeping girl on a bench. He has to attend a conference with Princess Anne the next morning, but he has no idea what a royal person looks like.