Theatres for children (Moscow): addresses, repertoire and reviews

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Theatres for children (Moscow): addresses, repertoire and reviews
Theatres for children (Moscow): addresses, repertoire and reviews

Video: Theatres for children (Moscow): addresses, repertoire and reviews

Video: Theatres for children (Moscow): addresses, repertoire and reviews
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Children's theaters in Moscow are in great demand today. Parents, grandparents, classes from school and groups from kindergarten take children to their performances. The theater plays an important role in the aesthetic and spiritual education of the child. Their repertoires are diverse and multi-genre.

Children's theaters of the capital

Children's theaters in Moscow offer young audiences a varied and interesting repertoire. These are fairy tales, and performances based on plays from the school curriculum, and musicals, and New Year's performances. There are about 40 children's theaters in Moscow. In such troupes today, boys and girls play along with adult artists. Theaters for children now offer performances for adults as well.

List of children's theaters in the capital:

  • Chamber Puppet Theatre.
  • "Magic lamp".
  • Musical theater of the young actor.
  • "Firebird".
  • Natalya Sats Theater.
  • "Surprise".
  • Puppet Theatre.
  • "Fit and Steel".
  • Children's variety theater.
  • "Fanny Bell House".
  • "Russian Terem".
  • Theaterdolls named after S. Obraztsov.
  • "Petrushkina Sloboda".
  • Mimicry and Gesture Theatre.
  • "Figaro".
  • Shadow Theatre.
  • "Albatross".

Puppet Theatre. S. V. Obraztsova

theaters for children
theaters for children

Many theaters for children are puppet theaters. Young viewers love this genre the most. In this theater, children's dreams come true. Namely, the dolls come to life. They dance, they sing, they talk.

The most famous children's puppet theater in Russia is the State Central Theater Theater named after its founder S. V. Obraztsov. It is the largest in the world.

Here you can not only watch performances, there is a library and a museum dedicated to puppets.

SACTK address: Sadovaya-Samotechnaya street, house number 3.

Theater repertoire:

  • "Snowman".
  • "Gulliver's Travels".
  • "Our Chukokkala".
  • "Humpbacked Horse".
  • "Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro".
  • "Scarlet Flower".
  • "Someone's Nose".
  • "Hedgehog Summer".
  • "An extraordinary concert".
  • "The Great Journey".
  • "The Divine Comedy".

And many other performances.

Reviews about the theater:

GATSK makes a positive impression on children and adults. Spectators leave mostly rave reviews about this theater. The audience loves his performances. The dolls are beautiful. The actors play their roles wonderfully. Apart fromperformances, here you can see the puppet museum, which makes it interesting and useful to spend time during the intermission.

Puppet Theater

children's puppet theater
children's puppet theater

Moscow Children's Marionette Theater has existed since the beginning of the 20th century. It is led by Irina Kryachun. The repertoire is intended primarily for children. Although there are performances for adults. Before the start of each performance, animators and artists in life-size puppets play with small spectators.

Moscow Children's Puppet Theater has preserved the traditions of the past and at the same time creates new and non-standard productions. He is loved not only in Russia, but also abroad, as evidenced by the fact that the troupe is often invited on tour to other countries. Some performances are held in a form called "Improvisation Theater for Children". That is, it is extremely fashionable today interactive. During the performance, the characters play with the children any games that fit the meaning of the plot. The kids like it very much, as they have the opportunity to become heroes of fairy tales themselves.

Address of the theater: Abelmanovskaya street, house number 17a.


  • "Swan Geese".
  • "Miracle Doctor".
  • "Frost".
  • "Teremok for flowers".
  • "Three happy little pigs".
  • "Hedgehog, Bunny and Topty".
  • "Winter's Tale".
  • "Aunt Lusha and Vanyusha the gingerbread man".

And others.

Reviews about the theater:

According to parents, very largePlus, this theater is suitable for kids from two years old. There are few troupes that put on performances for this age. The dolls here are very bright and beautiful. Many performances include interactive, which is very popular with children. Many viewers write that going to this theater is a real holiday for them.

Firebird Puppet Theater

improvisational theater for children
improvisational theater for children

Moscow State Puppet Theater "Firebird" opened its doors 25 years ago. Initially, his repertoire included only Russian fairy tales. Today, there are also performances staged based on works created in different countries of the world. The repertoire is designed for children from 4 to 14 years old.

Theater address: Stromynka street, house number 3.


  • "Merry turnip".
  • "Inheritance of the wizard Bahram".
  • "The sun and snowmen".
  • "The Little Mermaid".
  • "About Petrushka and the Frog Princess".
  • "Where is the fox taking me?!"
  • "Plih and Plukh".
  • "Forest Trouble".
  • "Frozen".
  • "The Three Little Pigs".
  • "King of Laughter".

And others.

Reviews about the theater:

Viewers say that, first of all, it has a very convenient location and is easy to get to, since it is next to the subway. The repertoire is designed for kids, which is undoubtedly a big plus. The performances are optimal in time, it is interesting for children to watch and they do not have time to get tired. Dolls participating inproductions are cute. Actors play roles with soul.

Chamber Puppet Theater

theater for kids
theater for kids

Moscow Children's Chamber Puppet Theater is still very young. He was born in 1990. The theater was founded by Vitaly Eliseev, a student of Sergei Obraztsov. Since 2009, Anatoly Alexandrov has been the director. The foyer of the theater presents models of performances that are included in the repertoire today. In the buffet - glass tables, inside which live fish swim. The troupe employs artists who are excellent at puppetry and acting skills.

Address of the theater: Bazhov street, house number 9.


  • "Kashtanka and Vanka".
  • "Ludwig + Tutta".
  • "Colorful pranksters".
  • "The Canterville Ghost".
  • "A Thousand and One Nights".
  • "How the fox deceived the bear".
  • "The lion, the witch and the wardrobe".
  • "The Frog Princess".
  • "The parable of the tree son".
  • "Hello hello".
  • "On the green hills of the ocean".

Reviews about the theater:

According to the audience, the theater is good, the performances are interesting. But the hall is not very comfortable, the chairs have high backs. And one more minus is that there are few performances in the repertoire for the smallest ones.

Moscow Puppet Theater

Moscow children's theaters
Moscow children's theaters

The Moscow Puppet Theater has been around for over 80 years. Today he hasthree stage venues: Children's, Small and Large. The repertoire includes performances for children from 1 to 16 years old, and for adults. The theater also has a "Gallery". Puppet exhibitions and master classes are held here. Backstage tours are organized for schoolchildren.

MTK address: Spartakovskaya street, house number 26/30.

The Moscow Puppet Theater presents a diverse repertoire to the audience. The playbill offers the following performances:

  • "Legend of Dragons".
  • "Parsley".
  • "Magic Nut".
  • "Krabat".
  • "Cipollino".
  • "Alexander the Great".
  • "Masha and the Bear".
  • "Fairy tale with closed eyes".
  • "May night".

And others.


Many viewers used to go here when they were kids, now they bring their little ones here. The public expresses the opinion that the theater has very cute and touching dolls. Performances are accompanied by beautiful music. Children after visiting this theater are impressed for a long time.

Moscow Regional Puppet Theater

Moscow Children's Puppet Theater
Moscow Children's Puppet Theater

Such theaters for children as the Moscow Regional Puppet Theatre, which spends almost its entire creative life on wheels, are very important. They give their performances not only to the residents of the capital, they delight children and adults living in the most remote corners of the country, where there are no troupes of their own.

This theater was opened in1933. Created by Viktor Schwemberger.

Address of the theater: Pestovsky lane, house number 2, building 1.


  • "Frost".
  • "A Lynx named Lynx".
  • "Buka".
  • "Not a Hedgehog".
  • "Snow flower".
  • "The Secret of the New Year's Clock".
  • "Masha and the Bear".
  • "Tales from different pockets".
  • "Golden Chicken".
  • "The sun and snowmen".

And other performances.


The theater is small and modest, but very cozy, according to the audience. His performances are very bright and are liked not only by children, but also by adults. The hall is quite small, the stage is located close to the audience, due to which the effect of involvement in the action is created.


moscow state puppet theater fire bird
moscow state puppet theater fire bird

This children's puppet theater opened in 1996. It was founded by V. K. Mikhitarov, an actor of the S. V. Obraztsov State Central Television and Television Theater. The theater is unique in that its repertoire includes performances in which the characters speak a foreign language. There is a 20% discount for performances for families with many children.

Address of the theater: Izmailovskoye highway, house number 69G.


  • "Kolobok".
  • "Caravan".
  • "Who's wearing boots?".
  • "One wolf, two hunters and three pigs".
  • "Good Ivan".
  • "Shall we play theater?".
  • "Christmasperformances at a smart Christmas tree".
  • "Bear and Girl".


According to the audience, the theater is excellent. The performances are exciting and delight not only children but also adults. The actors here are amazing. The interactive performances of this theater are very popular with children.

Children's book theater

Some metropolitan puppet theaters for children are known all over the world. The first of them is the S. Obraztsov SATsTK. Of the young troupes of the capital, the theater of the children's book "Magic Lamp" is famous all over the world. It was created in 1989. The theater sets itself the main task - to educate boys and girls interest in and love for books. Therefore, all performances are based on the best literary works for children. Actors can not only drive puppets, but also sing, dance and even perform circus tricks.

Address of the theater: Sretensky Boulevard, building No. 9/2, building 1.


  • "Cat House".
  • "A kitten named Woof".
  • "The Tale of the Dead Princess".
  • "Winnie the Pooh and all, all, all".
  • "Magic tree".
  • "Tales of Horton the Elephant".
  • "The Princess and the Pea".


According to the audience, this theater is wonderful. Children love that before the performance, an artist works in the foyer to carve portraits in a few minutes. Babies cling to him. All performances are smart and kind. It is noticeable that in this theater they love the audience. The actors are real wizards.